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  1. Tyrant103

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  2. DSA_Corsair114

    Seems legit.

    (Do I need a sarcasm tag there? Doesn't seem necessary, but this is the internet....)
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  3. Key Pusher

    SoE still can't prevent script kiddies and exploiters from ruining their games.
  4. NCDaniel

    What a shame.
  5. Ronin Oni

    but how? I don't... wha?

    But yeah, obvious hack is obvious, but seriously, how did he fool the system and how can you not expect that to get spotted hella fast and banned?
  6. FateJH

    I'm still trying to figure out how he did this. He spent all of this time as an Infiltrator; but, if you divide the amount of experience he has in that class by the experience cost of a cert, the number of certs he has is too small. He should have earned over 5 times as much.

    Edit: actually, I may be missing some math here because even my own experience does not directly translate into my total cert earnings. The numbers are not as far off, at least.
  7. Tyrant103

  8. kadney

    I would ask him if he was online.

    But I guess the statpage is bugged. "Time Played: 0d 2h 44m"
    Even that one session screenshot says 2h 56m.
  9. RawLucidity

    The guy also only has 93 kills. That means that he almost has a ratio of killing only one person per BR. Maybe he is just really objective based? :p

    Wait... No... He only has 3 captures and 7 defends....

    Obvious hack.
  10. Neodymius

    Perhaps this is an issue brought about by the account migration from PSG to SOE, that has caused a loss of character data from before a certain date? Given the timing, it seems like a reasonable explanation.
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  11. Plunutsud pls

  12. IamDH

    I think something is wrong with the stat page, not him.
  13. PromptCritical Developer

    Deleted characters get rebuilt by customer service all the time.
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  14. klanderso Developer


    Don't always assume the worst!
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  15. Solidpew

    I've always been paranoid about the delete character button on the start screen. It's just sitting there, hoping to steal my mouse by accident.. yes, yes, closer! no, no.. not play. come here. :mad:
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  16. Boildown


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