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  1. Ximaster

    Man,this game have a lot of problems. First the launcher doesnt run,and kick me every time i log in. Later when finally i log in,after 10 minutes playing the game disconnect from the server. Ps4's Planetside 2 does this too????
  2. 0vrdrv

    Same here, every 5-10min i spend in game then a Disconnect occurs. Let's see how much time it will take BD to address this.
    Something else that is weird, I was playing at Esamir and just 4-5 sec after we conquered ELLI AMP STATION i got the "You have been disconnected" error. When i logged back in (took me like 2min) i saw on the map the ELLI AMP STATION was under siege ? and needed 4~5min till it get to our hands !!!! also noticed that the number of certs i gained for capturing the Elli Amp at the 1st time were gone ! Seriously DB ? What is going on here ?
    Either way i smell a "Server is about to come down..." etc soon.
    I'm out for today hope they fix this so we can at least enjoy the game tomorrow.
  3. Shiaari

    I've started a thread about it over in support.
  4. BlueSkies

    Servers are crashing.

    Breaking the game just as a double XP weekend begins is sort of a tradition.
  5. tijolo

    1- If your launcher is crashing/disconnecting either the server is offline/on maintenance or you have a YOU problem. How's your connection status, packet loss and etc?

    2- Can your connection/pc handle a big battle? I don't know how much speed you need to handle it without any issues but I have 1.7mbps down and 120kbps up and can't handle battles larger than 200-300. This is also heavily influenced by any packet loss at all.

    3- The servers can't handle peak hours for several reasons:
    -The servers.
    -The overall usage of internet in your area or your ISP. During peak hours (not talking about the game) I get at least 20 extra ms to anything due to overall traffic. Plus it gets a lot worse on weekends.