WTF people balance harassers!

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  1. Werkitten

    It's all about the bonus to damage in the rear of the tank, which harasser does not have. If there was just a weaker armor - it wouldn't be a problem, but it looks like there is a damage multiplier. In any case, one Viper magazine is enough to make lightning start to burn if fired at the stern, although the damage amount is only 1,500 out of 4,000 health.
    That is, harasser de facto has more powerful armor than tanks. At the same time, it is damaged by light infantry weapons.

    To quote major Payne: "- I don't feel logic! "That's because she's not here!""
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  2. Johannes Kaiser

    Wish I could drop multiple likes. :)
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  3. McToast

    You have to look at it another way: The Harasser basically has rear armor all around. Generally speaking, the overall healthpool of a Harasser without CA is lower than a Lightnings healthpool in the rear. With CA you can bump it up to Lightning side armor.
  4. Werkitten

    No. Harasser has just weak armor. It doesn't have a damage multiplier.
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  5. gunnner10

    Yea, Harraser's out gunning tanks is 1 of 12 reasons I don't waste Money on this game
  6. TankBuster

    While driving lightning with AP rounds - most harassers in a duel gonna die or run away, its quite possible to counter them, though not easy. But with other guns you have way less chances, with default viper - you are 100% dead. But damn, i feel like nobody in this game use AV ligtning, all i see is high ranked players spamming HESH versions to farm infantry or newbies with viper.
    for now all harasser need is a cost nerf, 300-350 nanites will do fine
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  7. Botji

    The main issue I have with Harassers is the speed they can be repaired, a burning harasser that parks behind cover is ready to go again in like 4 seconds even with just 2 engineers.

    Being able to abandon the gun and repair(slowly) while running away is also a big part of the problem since even when you do manage to really threaten a Harasser they suddenly become really tough to actually finish off. Not just once or twice a Harasser has survived by the engineer sitting in the back eating a shot either... human shield ablative armor.

    Viper imo the best anti-Harasser gun a Lightning can use, 6 shots per reload which can be brought down to around 4 seconds and you can usually kill a Harasser if you hit all 12 shots so unlike the other guns you can actually kill a Harasser in about 5 seconds. Main thing is that the Harasser cant so easily just go in for the kill if they get the advantage in the fight because your DPS is so high in close range, gives you the opportunity to turn around fights or even get some repairs done yourself since if they come close you can dump 6 hits on them, almost killing them with just 4 seconds to the next volley.

    HEAT/AP sits on around 10-12 seconds to kill a Harasser while Viper only needs to dump the first 6 shots and then wait on the 4 second reload to be able to kill one.
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  8. Booface

    Lightnings absolutely crush Harassers (even 3-manned Harassers) as long as you don't miss. And at any range where you might miss, you should have the space and cover to reset the confrontation or repair if things aren't going your way. Whenever I'm in a Lightning with a AP or HEAT loadout and I see a Harasser, I'm looking to catch them or bait them closer because I know I'll win a straight shootout. MBTs can do the same with even 1 of the 2 players paying attention, and absolutely murder Harassers if both players set their attention on it. I'd bring up numbers to back it up but other people in this thread already have.

    The only thing Harassers have is the ability to do some damage and then repair on the move while they reposition with their high speed to try again. You can finish off damaged vehicles, or wear one down if it's in a bad position, but that's fair considering you are investing 2 or 3 players' time to do so.

    Honestly, the only issue I have with the Harasser health pool is that while it's balanced based on the role of the vehicle, it's unexpectedly high based on the appearance of the vehicle. It looks less dangerous and armored than it should from a purely visual perspective. If you've participated in much PS2 vehicle combat you kind of get it, but if you're coming from another game you are left wondering why takes several HEAT rounds to kill what looks kinda like an up-armored buggy.
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  9. Vordrakis

    I normally do not agree with most complaints, but yes the Harassers are wildly unbalanced.

    I often, every time I play, see a single Harasser capable of being the scourge of MANY tanks at the same time. Often, all the tanks and AT infantry have to focus-fire a single Harasser for a few silly minutes... Its name is appropriate anyhow.
    • They can repair with an Engineer while on the move : tanks and planes cannot
      (exiting, stopping, to repair, so you lose the fight).
    • They can destroy my tanks quite fast (from faster than my tank to really fast, depending on what gun they use).
    • Some can even destroy my plane at lightning speed ; on the other hand I would barely dent it if I targeted it first.
    So, lesson ? - I have to abandon investing in my tanks and accept to play the OP vehicle. I have not yet, just the rational conclusion though.
  10. Vordrakis

    To be specific : SOME tank guns can damage Harassers at a decent rate. Saying that tanks can easily destroy Harassers is ********: it depends what "kit" your tank is using.

    In practice, again, I see Harassers fighting many tanks at once and they survive... and no we are not constantly missing.

    If your opinion was founded. Harassers would not go toe-to-toe, face to face, with tanks, but they do. I mean I see Harassers not even needing to move or dodge and utterly go face to face! (DPS) One versus one, Harassers often destroy tanks (there are exceptions depending on what tank weapon you have).

    AGAIN, it totally depends on what weapon you are using. Declaring that tanks eat Harassers or the opposite, both are partly wrong. Both happen depending on the weapons (skill, lol).
  11. Werkitten

    The claim that lightning has more health than the pursuer is incorrect. Let me remind you that only tanks have damage multipliers in the stern and sides. That is, the lightning has only 2000HP equivalent on the back side, since the damage is doubled.
    The superior survivability could be said before the damage system was changed. As far as I know, before the armor reduced damage, in different ways from different sides. Now this is not the case, the tanks no longer have armor, there is only the absence of a damage multiplier in the frontal projection.
    That is, on average, harasser has no less health than lightning, having significantly higher speed.
    Lightning has only two advantages - invulnerability to light infantry weapons and the presence of more effective anti-personnel and air defense weapons. Therefore, lightning bolts are still used by players, there are situations when harasser can not replace them, despite the obvious advantages.

    Changing the damage system requires a global adjustment of the balance of characteristics, but this has not been done, and now we see the characteristics of tanks calculated for the old system, which is actually a significant weakening of them.
  12. nagibator

    show me how break full life vanguard or prowler with av weapons on harrasser? even with vulcan. dont cry about easy harass lightings. its one pilot vs 2 or 3 boys in harrasser.