WTF people balance harassers!

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  1. ObiVanuKenobi

    It's an exaggeration, Harasser dies to 3 shots from most cannons.
  2. F20000GL

    do it try for some months. !!!! dude i went from my first dive to certified dive master in 2 month time ... you are asking me in a video game to get training for few month? who is going to pay me for that ?

    and the players who have jobs or schools should they finish their day and back to get trained to play the game rather than playing the game? are they going to get payed for that?
  3. F20000GL

    repairing from inside and jumping all around taken covers while running and repairing yeah he can survive even more shots
    that is why i'm saying just make it unable to repair from inside and don't change anything else
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  4. nagibator

    w8 colosus update and gather certs for it weapons.
  5. KingSnuggler

    Harassers have been broken for a long time now
  6. blackboemmel

    Wait, i played (= practised = "trained") this game for 7+ years and forgot to find someone to pay me for this? Damn, i missed another opportunity to get rich...

    Jokes aside, all i'm trying to tell you is that your opinion on the Harasser/Magrider balance seems to be like a person's opinion on how to dive best after (or maybe even before?) his first dive.
  7. ObiVanuKenobi

    If a Harasser is running don't chase, just take cover and repair, don't be stupid. By your logic tanks are immune to Halberd Harasser because you can outrepair it.

    If you repair anything can take any amount of shots, your argument is pretty dumb, sorry.
  8. Werkitten

    The point is that the harasser can be repaired without stopping moving. Also, being faster than all the tanks except magrider, it can easily leave for repairs, while the tank can't actually do it, it either defeats harasser in one go - or dies.
    As it was justly noted above, it is the possibility of repair that makes the advantage of maneuverability and speed over armor overwhelming.
    The balance of vehicles clearly does not take into account this element of gameplay, based on the false assumption that the battle in the game is similar to the characteristics in the training room.

    If the driver of a fast car observes at least minimal caution, in a battle against a heavy tank, his HP can be considered infinite and victory is only a matter of time. This is compensated only by the scale of the fighting, the firepower of several tanks is enough that harasser did not have time to leave for repairs. As well as the fact that most drivers harasser-beginners who just go at maximum speed somewhere forward, not always understanding where and why they are moving. Usually this ends up on mines, or they crash right into the center of a tank column and get stuck in it.

    The cause of the magrider's imbalance is exactly the same, but the situation is even worse there, since, in addition to its overwhelming speed and maneuverability, it has the same armor and HP as the other MBT. And also, a weapon whose DPS is equal to the Vanguard weapon, slightly lower damage, but higher rate of fire.
    As for the lightning, it is inferior to magrider in absolutely all characteristics and has almost no chance of either winning or saving.
    The situation changes only when there is a significant superiority in skill, or a lucky combination of circumstances, for example, if lightning meets a magrider that is already burning.
  9. McToast

    Backseat-repairs happen at a reduced speed. Just get out of your tank and repair it. A 2/2 MBT doesn't loose a fight against a 2/3 Harasser unless it gets seriously outplayed. The MBT has twice the firepower and more HP.
  10. Werkitten

    It looks like we're playing different games. The tank defeats inexperienced pursuers who do not retreat until they start to burn.
    In addition, you do not take into account many points. Not always MBT is 2/2, and lightning is always 1 player. Why do you think that an MBT with one person should not have a chance? Let me remind you that it is 3 times more expensive for nanites.
    You do not take into account that it is much more difficult to get into harasser and the tank crew needs much higher qualifications.
    The same applies to magrider, the argument that I have heard repeatedly "the tank is effective but difficult to drive" is a lie. In fact, on the contrary, it is much easier to implement the advantage in maneuverability than the advantage in armor. Heavy tanks constantly have to take into account factors that harasser and magrider ignore, such as losing speed on the ascent, avoiding small terrain irregularities, and much more in the same vein.
    One mistake and you turn into a stationary target, while the disgusting physics of collisions allows harasser to overturn the tank with battering RAM (obviously, we are dealing with a very low gravity, which coincides with the map, judging by the size of the continents, Auraxis is the size of a small asteroid).
    Also, the game has a terrible damage system, in which a small-caliber rapid-fire machine gun can penetrate armor more effectively than an AP gun. This makes the situation even worse, since one player needs to shoot ahead of time, given the ballistics, while the other just points the mouse and does "brrr".

    For some reason, the game made a complex and bad system with three types of damage, when you could do with the option "armor absorbs a certain fixed amount of damage per shot", which is both easier to implement and better to use. Most of the problems with the balance of weapons are related to this.
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  11. McToast

    It takes two salvoes of a 2/2 MBT to bring a Harasser down - IF you can hit. "Burr hurr, but Harassers are impossible to hit!" Yes, it's difficult to hit a Harasser that's in full evasive mode but guess what? For the Harasser gunner it's even harder to hit back in that situation. And he has to hit more than twice as often. If you loose that fight you got outplayed, simple as that. The Harasser crew would beat you up 10 out of 10 times if they'd pull an MBT themselfes, because they are just so much better than you.
    It's very hard for me to not get too condescending, but I play MBTs, Lightnings and Harassers. I do know each perspective. Yes, a Lightning has a disadvantage against a Harasser given equal player skill. It's a 1 vs 2. An MBT shouldn't be one-manned, the second gun is there for a reason. But still, you could even switch to the secondary gun and slug it out with the Harasser: As long as you hit, you will still win the fight because you have more HP. I have lost MBTs against Harassers, but that's because they caught me with my pants down - as they should (there also were some shenanigans with C4, but that's an issue with the way C4 works). I am not a godlike player, far from it, but in general I don't loose fights against Harassers while driving or gunning a 2/2 MBT.

    In regards to the nanite costs I agree, the Harasser is way too cheap. Up the cost from 150 -> 300, maybe even 350. It should be made clear that the Harasser is a light combat vehicle and not just a transport.
  12. ObiVanuKenobi

    If a Harasser is repairing you can repair too at a higher speed. Unless it has 3 people in which case you're simply outnumbered.
  13. Johannes Kaiser

    Vulcan go BRRRR.
  14. McToast

    Yea, that's an issue with the Vulcan though. Still, the Enforcer ML85 can oneclip a Harasser without FS.
  15. Werkitten

    Anyone can defeat anyone. For example, just yesterday I won a duel with magrider, piloting lightning with viper. However, this does not in any way mean that lightning is equal in strength to MBT.
    The question is how often this happens and how difficult it is to do it from one side or the other.
    As for the difficulty in aiming, I personally do not dislike harasser with a halberd. The problem is with rapid-fire weapons, which do not require high shooting skills, but still effectively destroys vehicles. In this version, the harasser does not need to slow down for effective shooting.

    I agree with you that increasing the cost would solve most of the problem, even without changing the characteristics.
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  16. TRspy007

    I saw a buzzard cloak flash 2 clip a near full health prowler the other day. It was truly a depressing sight.
  17. Johannes Kaiser

    Wait what? TWO CLIPS? I managed to - with sheer luck and earning a compliment from the enemy in the process - destroy a Harrasser with three...and I dind't miss more than one or two shots iirc.
  18. TRspy007

    yeah it was one of those bridge fights between mani and northpoint. Prowlers on one side, vanguards on the other. As I pulled my repair bus to farm certs, I saw a cloak flash 2 clip a prowler (from the rear) circle back to take out a lightning and finish off a damaged prowler before I scared him off with my bulldog. I was really surprised by how powerful that thing was - half the stuff came to repair was dead :(

    I guess it just goes to show how hard it is to kill harassers compared to mbts

    Oh also, when I hopped into a prowler to fend off air, the dude instagibbed us (we were half health). That's how I knew it was the buzzard lol
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  19. Johannes Kaiser

    Okay, seems like I have to give the thing another spin, didn't strike me as that good, tbh. Makes you a big target and the damage is merely acceptable.
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  20. TRspy007

    yeah you gotta go for butt shots, try to find distracted targets.
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