WTF people balance harassers!

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  1. F20000GL

    how come i'm in MBT magrider hit the Harasser 8 times with my main gun and it doesn't die ?!!
    Harasser can repair from inside that make it too hard to kill while MBTs are not which they are slower and should take more damage
    Harassers have become super weapons on the ground and we all know that time to balance this
    it make no sense to have something that small and able to have powerful weapons and able to run so fast and able to clime and able to repair from inside and able to run over mines and have to ram vehicles
    today it was **** show when it run out to be like 5 harassers took out a whole tank group and then the only way to kill them is other Harassers
    are you going to remove the rest of the vehicles and turn it only harasser war?
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  2. RblDiver

    I feel like they should take 3 shots (2 with AP or decimator) to destroy if unrepaired, but I think it's more like 5, plus then they run off and repair, which is just nuts.
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  3. McToast


  4. NotziMad

    I just thought of something.

    I was fighting a couple harrassers, and tehy would never ******* die. There was a lightning next to me (allied) and allied harrasser too, and In was on the guns of my sundy, and they just wouldn't die.

    But then I realised, they had an engineer on board who was constantly repairing them.

    That's maybe what happened to you.
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  5. Peebuddy

    My god what I would pay for a secondary gunner option to fire those new Havoc rounds they gave the heavy underbarrel in the upcoming patch that disables repair. They don't even do any dmg, they just prevent repairs for a short duration. That would be amazing!

    It would turn vehicle combat into rock-paper-scissors; AP-Tanks for armor, HESH-Tanks for infantry, and a Havoc-Tank for enemy fast attack vehicles. I want to see harrasers identify and avoid enemy Havoc tanks like the plague, just how air avoids skyguards. Because if something on the battlefield fears nothing then the games not balanced properly.
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  6. F20000GL

    where do developers actually see? do they never try to log into the game to see how fight is going?
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  7. blackboemmel

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  8. NotziMad

    Of course they do ..... and they drive Harrassers :)
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  9. F20000GL

    but right now the only real way to stop harassers is harassers
  10. F20000GL

    so developers making super weapon so when they want to wave their e-dick they use it themselves?
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  11. McToast

    Did you actually watch the video?
    If you loose against a Harasser while in a 2/2 MBT you got outplayed HARD. Lightnings are a different story, but a Lightning is a 1-man vehicle. Still, I'd love to see some Lightning-love. Harassers are fine though.
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  12. Statboy

    I remember a time when we would pull harasser squads. 3-4 with 3 people each. They could wreck armor columns. But an entire squad working together should be able to, this doesn't seem imbalanced when you think of it has a 3v1 vs a lightening and 3v2 vs an MBT.

    To those saying you can't stop a harasser, tank mines still work, place them in fields randomly. I can't tell you how many harasser kills i've gotten 30 minutes after placing a tank mine.
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  13. Johannes Kaiser

    I've seen Harries drive over mines without triggering them. Though it's pretty rare, so it might be a bit of a connection issue involved.
  14. F20000GL

    most mbts are solo .... yeah i know it's a lot easier to kill harasser if you have a gunner but that if he got greedy and stayed trying to kill the tank . harasser take 8 shots till it die that is senseless i was latterly running after him didn't stop giving him a shot whenever i have chance and his gunner was repairing it ..... vehicle able to repair from inside that is crazy
    another thing is you are outplayed hard the hell harasser push vanguard from the side of a mountain how come a harasser ram an ant and change it direction make it unable to move or a sundy or MBT
    and by your logic armor is useless because after all you have a weak point in the back while harassers have the same armor all around and able to repair from inside+it's smaller size and speed + drop C4 +drop mines while running ....the only missing things are flying and teleportation
    to make no sense cars can sock up more damage than tanks and dash more damage than tanks too
    and by the way even me when i pull out harasser with half decent gunner i kill infantry by ramming them or by my gunner i kill tanks easy ... i myself kill 3 tanks 6 players use the 40mm fury the guys didn't even put a fight and i was lone harasser's shouldn't be like that

    at least sensible fix is to make it 2 men machine and remove the back seat
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  15. MonnyMoony

    My biggest issue with the Harasser is that it can roadkill without taking damage, or without even affecting speed/direction - even Maxes.

    This IMO should be changed. Hitting infantry should cause a small amount of damage per hit (so mowing down groups would carry some risk). Hitting a Max should cause major damage and should cause the Harasser to slow down significantly too.

    Same goes for the Flash.
  16. MonnyMoony

    The problem is, even if they do trigger the mine, the mine delay is so long and the harasser moves so fast that the Harasser is often at the periphery of the blast damage radius by the time the mine actually goes off.
  17. Clone117

    from my experience so far mag vs harraser could go either way.
  18. blackboemmel

    I linked you a video that shows what decent Magriders do to Harassers.
    Specialize in harassing for a few months and you'll learn that it's better to avoid skilled Magrider crews as long as they are not in trouble.
    You'd also learn that even a low skill Valkyrie with a gunner eats Harassers for breakfast. And that you'll even lose to a single Lightning if the pilot is good. And to 1 or 2 smart Flashes... and, and, and.

    Do it, try it for some months. It can be great fun, but it's not the OP EZ mode that you think it is.
  19. Werkitten

    Magrider is the most unbalanced machine in this game. It is incorrect to compare it with harasser, since what it can do with harassers is not available for other tanks. Especially its ability to destroy pursuers in a single hit, falling on top of it and not taking damage from the collision, which is an obvious mistake that no one is going to fix. Not to mention the speed of 105 km / h under acceleration, the lack of a speed penalty for rough terrain and the speed of the hull rotation exceeding the maximum possible speed of the tank turret rotation.
    I would call it the number 1 problem in the balance of the game, harasser at least does not belong to one faction.

    As for lightning, Yes, lightning can beat harasser if it's an experienced driver against a novice (I don't have a 100BR, but I mostly specialize in lightning and win most of the duels with other lightning, so I can probably consider myself not quite a novice). I have done this repeatedly, this is done by knowing the area, you need to guess where harasser will go in a few seconds and meet him there. The driver of the harasser does not need it, he just cuts circles around the opponent, and even if loses - there are always 150 nanites, he just rolls out the second one.

    Only the air destroys everyone, but strangely enough, it is easier to fight against ESF on lightning than against harasser. This is not about skyguard.
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  20. f0p5

    8 times and it didnt die? Jesus..harassers was op back in the old days of ps2 but not now. Especially magriders are superior against harassers