WTF Just Happened - A Perspective from a Person On Break

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Verviedi, Sep 17, 2015.

  1. Villanuk

    Well the bias forum posters about nerfing still continue :D
  2. Hatesphere

    so god damn true.
  3. Verviedi

    As always, I am against nerfs unless a nerf is warranted, such as the old ZOE.
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  4. FateJH

    Having fun means different things to different people.
    For some people, that includes not skewing the odds of a battle so much in your own favor that your opponent dislikes fighting you.
  5. pnkdth

    Sure, but when someone makes a big deal over VS being "50%" on a continent because neither NC/TR went there, calling them tryhards for participating in an alert, isn't just establishing fun. More like making the point that "not caring" is the cool thing to do. I have no problem with sharing a story of an awesome battle but he couldn't resist calling VS tryhards for actually playing objectives within the game.
  6. Shatteredstar

    You claim to be NC and yet you don't realize how good much of your arsenal is. There are a host of great guns in the Nc mix and you also act like Ravens never existed as a powerhouse. If you think TR has a "host of op guns" you're going to be extremely disappointed. You're being willfully blind if you think at this very moment there are game breaking OP things because the stats and data don't support that. There are some thing that over perform but they don't do so at a rate that is so far ahead that it is game breaking. To claim so is again to be willfully ignorant or purposefully disingenuous. I have yet to encounter anything since even the most recent update that I cannot play against in some fashion or that cannot be beaten through normal teamwork and group play.

    My subscription isn't going anywhere and I appear to have been paid today so I may just buy something with DBC just to offset such hyperbole and knee jerk reactionaries a little.
  7. xSalt

    Yes, I was testing all the new weapons in VR. I tested them all against a vanguard to maintain consistency. And the Mjolnir, is no slouch.

    What I'm saying is. If the OP I quoted wants the only imbalance to be the skill difference between players. Then he is playing the wrong game. The only games where skill is the only factor, are games where everyone has an exactly even playing field and equipment. Otherwise you will always encounter a situation, where, no matter how skilled you are, you will die. Simply because the other guy had something you had no counter for.

    This game is asymmetrically balanced. Skill falls into that balance, with some classes and weapons having higher or lower skill thresholds. But as long as we are playing planetside, skill is far from the only "imbalance" on the battlefield.
  8. KnightCole

    What prolly hit AV nests is plane spam stopping tanks spawning and so AV nests are pointless to make.
  9. ModsFreeAreForTV

    Since when did Planetside become a social circle? Is this Facebook with guns now? The point of a game, any game, is to win... Are you trying to tell me that PS2 is just an FPS version of Second Life? Corny *** kids play this game I swear.
  10. CorporationUSA

  11. Ghosty11

    Had you stopped by two weeks ago the NC and TR Forumsiders would have had you convinced that the Orion/Betelguese were the bane of PS2, solely responsible for the dwindling server populations. This week it's the Gatekeeper, not seriously OP, but could use a minor adjustment so as not to be pinpoint accurate out to render range.
  12. Ianneman

    Yeah because when you play Planetside 2 you stop being a human being

    You must be fun at parties.
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  13. ModsFreeAreForTV

    Nothing wrong with talking to people. But to do it during some "big glorious fight" is unneeded. You can talk to other players during a Zerg as well, and besides that Planetside isn't made for talking.

    And I hate going to parties, by the way.
  14. Bearded Wall

    Good joke. You are #1 funny guy. A+

    "Gotta hit them where they live. Their wallets"
    - some moron