WTF is going on?

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by BlackDove, May 31, 2013.

  1. Hoseheadsux

    I already wrote a ticket thinking my account was hacked or some garbage... but now I feel better besides the damn ticket I wrote which will probably get my account banned now... lol gosh darn!
  2. darkphilli

    I though, hay no problem, I will play PS1 until I can log back it. PS1 is messed up too. NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU
  3. Xind

  4. Voraen


    higby tweeted that just a few moments ago.
  5. Avenntador

    Ah SOE, the last time I dealt with you was in Star Wars Galaxies. Good to know that you haven't changed :)
  6. Ultramarine

    Hey guys guess what...... There's already a post on this forum telling you exactly what's wrong, they're working on it. I'd check official threads before you start to post things.
  7. BlackDove

    Hey guess what. It wasn't posted when I made the thread!
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  8. Neuromancer

    Jackhole. The OP posted before that message was up.

    Besides, who the hell decided the proper error message for the login server being broken should just be "user name or password is incorrect"? No wonder people are confused when that stuff happens.
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  9. NoctD

    I think anything SOE created is messed up!
  10. DrunkenDoughnuts

    I was going to spend my night playing Planetside 2, but playing Forumside 2 is going to be SO much more interesting.
  11. Lazaruz

    To be fair, last weekend was double-xp. So now they are trying to balance it out with a 0-xp weekend.
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  12. ChampagneDragon

    And I was thinking it was my ticket re; AA max flak not working yet again. I *might* have said a few things in there I shouldn't have.
  13. usages wnbgrintooth

    just a hint...I can not log in unless I have my account here open...then I can log in. If I close firefox or not have this site open it says I have the wrong username/password...try that...may help you as well. I was also banned for a while...even from here for a little while so they are having some kind of issue...that is for sure...I suck to bad to cheat :D
  14. Ultramarine

    No i was responding to the people who were continuing to post in here confused. It's in the forum rules, search for information before asking a question.