Wrel asked for questions on the stream...

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  1. RabidIBM

    But chat was spamming so he couldn't see the questions which came through because they were on screen for less than a second.

    My own that I tried to ask twice: Are you aware that the reinforcement modules worked? I ask because the patch notes referred to them as defunct. I had that thing making sunderes available when other sunderers in the same territory were unavailable. I know this because I embed with a platoon when I build, the platoon isn't always on the front I'm building on and have to redeploy over to defend me. They tell me what spawns are and aren't available, and this is how I know that that module was working.

    Don't get me wrong, the Reconnaissance module will be nice to have, but you didn't need to remove the reinforcement module.

    Mithril, if you are reading this I would really appreciate any acknowledgement so that I know I'm not talking to the wall here. Thanks bud.
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  2. RiP0k

    Yes, it worked. And yes, the developers didn't even try to understand the Construction System.
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  3. H4YW1R3

    Wrel and the developers have no idea what they're doing when it comes to construction. Sky shields that strip armor. Pain fields. Auto-AI turrets, and now radar. And then people wonder why no one wants to fight at a construction site. On top of that, they allow them to be build in place inaccessible to most vehicles, and half the places that are accessible, vehicles are sitting ducks on PS2's teflon coated terrain.

    Whenever I see a sh-tt-r village, I just go around it. If it's in the way, I blast it with 2 pocket orbitals and proceed on by. Not wasting time on something the game was never designed for and is so poorly implemented.
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  4. RiP0k

    I do not mind ridding the building of all this, provided that all buildings are immune to everything, as long as there is a cortium in Silo. Also, for balance, so that Silo could be replenished a maximum of two times, or 1 time at once for 100k cortium. And after I exhausted the replenishment and supply of cortium, then the building would explode or quickly collapse.
  5. vonRichtschuetz

    Can confirm, worked on Sunderers. Although I'm almost certain it didn't work on Elysium Tubes.

    Let's hope they reach out to people with construction experience when they do the changes.
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  6. Liewec123

    Well he asked for questions and everyone was asking for more info about ASP2 and he was like 'end of the show, bye'.
    he paid about as much attention to our questions as he pays to our feedback.
    I'm not even sure why he asked if we have questions when he never planned to answer them.
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  7. RabidIBM

    Spawn tubes don't need it, as they are universally available. They are an effective way to get defenders into an over-defended base. Once the defensive pop is 50% the hard spawn becomes unavailable for long distance spawning, but the spawn tube is available.
    I am happy to trade my cortium and nanite for your 150 blue and 30 purple, so go for it bud. Bases aren't that hard to fight if you know how to fight them. People complain about the auto turrets, but they are usually down within 2 minutes of a real fight starting. Auto-turrets are speed bumps with buy time for defenders to spawn in, they don't stop the base from falling. Sky shields pop your shields? Ok, bunker down for 5-10 seconds after landing. I will acknowledge that the current form of pain fields are unfair, but I have already advocated in other posts that the pain spire be merged with the spawn tube. This would limit them to 1 per base as an anti-spawn camp mechanic. If they were placed aggressively then the spawn point would be aggressively placed which is risky.

    Please no, across the board. Active functions add interest to the game. We've had invincible buildings in the past and they were gotten rid of for good reason. There were some builds which were possible which were actually impossible to attack. Making buildings destructible by opponent players prevents this from happening. If the construction team who made the base are still active and upkeeping the base, why limit their ability to upkeep it? Why take it away from them just because a timer says so?

    Look on the bright side: We learned about sound files!
  8. BlackFox

    Who needs help or feedback from the players when they have Wrel? Would only cause unnecessary work and prevent unfailable game design choices.... /S
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  9. RiP0k

    Then they need to remove the current walls and buildings. Make different combinations of ready-made bases that the player can build so that they can put Silo inside. And then invulnerability won't be a problem.
  10. RabidIBM

    ...are you trolling? What would be the point of a player made base if the base layout is pre-made?