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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Bulltahr, Dec 29, 2014.

  1. Bulltahr

    Going to have a play with wraith/fury combo. What are people using in performance slot? Fury the best option for anti inf huddles? I would guess at yes, but open to ideas.
    Cheers Bull
  2. breeje

  3. SpruceMoose

    I use surger gets places tanks wouldn't think you can reach, auto repair because I see no need for stealth
    just auraxiumed fury and renegade, woken on kobalt now
    the renegade with aim can drop people in one shot, I'd argue its better at pure AI work than the fury
    fury allows you to damage vehicles and vulture hurt tanks
    fury's also good at infantry, kills a bit slower but has splash and in some situations would be better than the renegade (medic balls and such)

    the problem I have with is that I need a stronger angle than I would with the renegade because of the slower kill time
    renegade I can drop people in one pass and I'm much more confidant attacking people on steep inclines
    with the fury I sometimes need to turn harder or make another pass and I don't like to risk shooting at people on those inclines

    2 cents
  4. Ander

    Fury wraith cloaking is the way to go.
    You sneak up, run people over, kill tanks or lightnings. Even harassers got to be careful around you.

    As for config.

    Fury for anti-vehicle and dealing with infantry at range
    Shotgun for anti-infantry shortrange and Sunderer strafes (when you run people over, over and over and over).
  5. blzbug

    After a couple thousand vehicle kills, I have settled on Scrapper over Surge or Racer. There are always times when you have one and wish you had another. But overall, the thing that irks me the most is getting hung up on obstacles, or hitting bumps that mess up your traction. Scrapper gives me the extra quickness to avoid that tree root; when hitting the root means stalling and death.

    I also prefer composite armor to auto-repair. Composite helps you survive. Repair just helps you get back in the fight *IF* you survive. When I run auto-repair, I am always disappointed with how much more often the flash gets destroyed. Better to prevent the damage in the first place, imo.

    I auraxed the Fury a long time ago. I just can't bring myself to work on aurax for renegade or kobalt. When I drive out with them, I inevitably encounter a vehicle and feel like an impotent dork. With my fury, I'd be all up their backside. With shot or mg, I have to slink away like some pathetic noob farmer. Just can't do it! Fury or nothing! :D
  6. Vaphell

    i never did vehicles but since i started fury wraithing (i love humiliating mech, it's so good after 2 years of near complete impotence against vehicles) i can't understand why the upgrade system doesn't allow mixing, eg given 3 alternatives A B C, doesnt allow for
    A lvl3
    A lvl2 + B lvl1
    A lvl1 + B lvl1 + C lvl1
    much more wiggle room to have your stuff configured just like you want it.

    How much more survivability does the composite grant? I find myself instagibbed all the time

    PS. i hate harassers -_-, you can't lose the bastards once they smell your blood.
  7. blzbug

    Composite varies against damage type, but in general it is about 40% resist at max level. So anytime I look down to see my damage under 40%, I know composite saved me from blowing up. At that point, auto-repair might be nice, but hey...I'm alive :) Besides, most of the time I get shot off the flash rather than the flash itself being destroyed. Even more reason to favor composite over auto-repair.

    Harassers are such a pain in the azz. They must have a flip down visor that lets them see wraiths like they were green hippos. And even friendly harassers...jezus...flying around like a rabid dog on crack.
  8. Spoprockl

    I used auto repair for a long time, but since i've started to hunt down smoking tanks and harassers i switched to vehicle stealth.

    With it i can go out of cloak when i'm behind obstacles without them noticing me, and save some precious seconds to sneak up on them in plain sight.

    I also won't light up on their minimap as soon as i come out of cloak, but just when i fire shots.

    And ever since the resource revamp there's no chance in hell i'll ever have to wait to pull another flash, so i don't care if i get blown up.
    I just pull another one at the next base and resume the hunt.

    In the performance slot i'm using Scrapper, for that extra grip and turning speed. Losing control of your flash equals death in most situations.
  9. Liewec123

    i find it very rare that the flash gets destroyed before i get killed, if composite gave the rider some damage reduction then it might be worth it, but currently its like getting armour plating for your shoes to try and stop people from shooting you in the face.
  10. Moonheart

    Same than Liewec. The amount of times where I can survive longer than my flash is not accountable enough for me to worry to improve its resistance.

    However, auto-repair prevent you from smoking when you drop under 50%, which is deadly.
    You drive a bit farther, uncloak, let the auto-repair du the job... and come back.
  11. blzbug

    A recent patch has made me change my stance on composite vs repair. Previously, our smoke auto-magically disappeared when the wraith cloaked. In a stealth nerf to our stealth, now the smoke still billows even when the wraith is cloaked. I can't honestly complain about the logic of this, but it does mean that auto-repair is now a must. If you're cloaked but still smoking, you might as well be carrying a disco ball and wearing a red dress.

    Speaking of flash and trash...another tip for my fellow wraithers. Do not use an animated hood ornament! I tracked down a BR100 last night who didn't realize the flaming skull ornament was still visible even while he was cloaked. The flaming helmets from the October event had the same problem.