Wraith Cloak Review (Best Part of Infiltrator)

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Wrel, Apr 9, 2013.

  1. Timeraider

    it shoots faster then the fury, thus making chances bigger that you hit someone with it and there is no chance you blow yourself up while close to your own explosions, which i have alot XD
  2. Timeraider

    its not like they would stop for an uncloaked flash anyway though XD
  3. Dragonblood

    I find it way too risky to go this close against enemy infantry.
  4. drNovikov

    It's for driving through enemy clusterfks and shooting while running them over.
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  5. Dragonblood

    yeah, but with fury you dont even go near that clusters and omg it rips them apart.
  6. drNovikov

    Just another playstyle. I prefer Fury, had a 87 killstreak with it, ended by a friendly tank that pushed me off a bridge (I was not in the middle of a road).
  7. Dragonblood

    these killstreaks always end with a friendly vehicle....most likely from someone with zebra or digital camo.
  8. Get2dachoppa

    So I've been having problems with the ATV & Wraith. Seems I can barrel into people going at a decent speed and....nothing. No kills or anything. I tend not to be in first person view while driving so I'm not sure my speed (and the bumpy terrain makes it difficult to maintain speed anyway) but anyone else have this problem?
  9. Wrel Developer

    This might help. Marked the time slot on the vid for you (19:13ish.)

  10. Get2dachoppa

    I dunno. Had a good chance to try running over a few people just now and I tried leading them and still nothing. After the first one, I figured maybe I lead him too much, so I compensated on my next attempt and tried it much closer and still no kill. Then of course I hit some terrain that threw me into a crazy jump that left me a sitting duck. Seems to be what happens everytime I try to Wraith my way through a crowd, no kills - crash on terrain - die. Its getting really discouraging.
  11. AceMF

    enjoy it , the fury will get nerfed. A no cooldown vehicle that costs a fraction of the resources of a MBT can one hit kill zergs of infantry before reloading while cloaked. Take it out and it will just be back again and again and again and again.

    seems balanced
  12. Dragonblood

    Just one tank or a sniper guarding the infantry mob is enough to counter this.
  13. TeknoBug

    The Wraith comes in handy at times, I haven't used it much but last night on Amerish there was a group of NC attacking our outposts so I ran past their Vanguards and Lightnings on the Flash while cloaked and found their AMS and proceeded to farm a few kills and notifying my platoon where the AMS was then ran up behind Vanguards to keep cover and kill drivers that jump out to repair the tanks, it was a good run.
  14. Fried

    Quoted for truth :)