Wow, I didn't realize the Striker was THIS bad

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  1. Ryo313

    nope there is a difference between useless piece of metal ( which the currently striker is), usefull (grounder) and OP (orion).
    and yet ppl are ******** because tr wants a usefull striker not the piece of **** we got.
  2. sustainedfire

    Buff reload speed.

    Maybe increased rocket velocity, but decreased reload speed might do the trick to make striker a decent spray and pray TR specific.
  3. david06

    The striker doesn't gib anything, it takes a full three seconds to fire all six rockets. Any pilot that's not asleep will evade after the first 2-3 hits and the full magazine doesn't come close to killing an ESF anyway. It only works against truly dumb or greedy ESFs and to get it to work you have to hold proper lead for three seconds and hope that the cone of fire doesn't fling your rockets too far off target.

    No one is complaining that it's not the end-all, it's that the striker is far worse than the grounder against ground targets(suicide in most situations), yet also worse than the grounder in most AA situations as well. All for 1000 certs while the grounder is 250.
  4. vilehydra

    The main use of the striker is to smash ground pounding ESF's. Fire one clip on it's incoming vector when it gets too close to change easily, the second on it's exit vector ASAP. The lack of any lock-on reading makes it effective at taking down low altitude ESF's. However for deterrents and long range killing, stick with an annihilator. Bringing a second bud with a striker increase the effectiveness by over 100% by almost always causing single salvo kills on lolpodders.

    Also Valkyries, toss a single striker in the side seat and a competent wyvern gunner and you can win 1v1's and 2v1's with a Valk, 3 v 1's are still doable but get pretty iffy.
  5. QuakerOatsMan

    Decimators gib A2G ESFs.
    Strikers are just a convenience-based AA deterrent that nobody asked for, outperformed in AA metrics even by the 250-cert G2A RLs and by far the worst RL (aside from annihilator) you can use against MAXes. The TR does not need more AA—it needs more reliable, high-precision infantry AV, which neither the fracture nor the striker can provide.
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    If it could lock on to ground vehicles, that would make it both usable and special.

    Coyote against air, standard lock-on against ground. Reduce magazine size by 1.
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  7. eldarfalcongravtank

    just like the TR trait of high damage output up-close but inaccurate, the Strike should be a powerhouse for dealing with vehicles at closerange but should have a penalty at range (inaccuracy). i wouldnt mind if they made it the rocketlauncher with the highest dps output ingame because right now it really feels like a flare gun.

    i remember the (terrible terrible) days when the lock-on Striker was the bane of my Magrider tanking career as it dealt so high damage. however, nowadays it feels TR completely lost that advantage of being able to entirely lockdown an area
  8. Dalemir

    No, it shouln't, TR need long range AV.
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  9. Mxiter

    There is no point to fight vehicle at close range.

    Range is what makes infantry survive against it and what even makes it OP, especially when it can deal reliable high damage.

    I'm not asking for an OP weapons like certainly most of moderate TR players, but getting something decent and useful like phoenix & lancers are would be fair.
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  10. BarxBaron


    TR needs long range usable AV like all other factions have (Ravens, Lancer/Vortex). Your fac even has TWO non vehicle choices for extreme range.... with little needed skill required, to boot.
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  11. Nextronix

    If you play vs a tank (or any other target that is not done with 1200 damage) than you have to count the full time it takes to unload a clip + reload. So if that 1200 is true and time to empty the clip and reload does not matter than it's even true that the Grounder makes 2000 damage. Seriously: It just takes 2 rockets for this. And grounder is quicker causing that 2000 damage. The grounder got more DPS than T2 Striker. The default launcher even more. So if you play vs a target with counter-reps (e.g. some defended and repped sundy) where raw DPS matters which tool would use use? No... it's not the poor T2 Striker. And it's even not true that your head is save like with default launcher anyway... -.-
  12. Ronin Oni


    It has a 20m auto-lock range...

    It doesn't matter how far the aircraft is away from you. If the round passes within 20m of an aircrafts center point, it will hit.
  13. vilehydra

    I'd be fine wit ha short range brawler type rocket launcher, Faction diversity ftw.
  14. Zero Cool

    It supposedly has 20m lock on range, but its so hilariously bugged that is not the case. Most of the time it wont lock on at all.
  15. DQCraze

    Its not just the striker, theyve pretty much nerfed the TR into the ground and made us the punching bag of planetside 2.
  16. Ronin Oni

    Stealth apparently affects Striker now.

    Given that, I say make it work on tanks too.

    Stealth will just become baseline to fight TR though :p
  17. Nextronix

    It always matters. The rockets are too slow and have a noticeable drop. Even if you predict the enemies path he might just choose to fly somewhere else. It does not matter if he just ignored you or and didn't see your bullets because it takes seconds until the rockets might hit and you could not just follow the aircraft to bring you at a better angle or finish him like you would do with another ESF that got Coyote mounted (or probably a grounder rocket that follows him). If they hit at long range then most likely even many would fail if the aircraft moves fast and you need full 2 clips to do enough damage for ESF so many time to do something against that infantery (either getting closer and kill the anoying infantery because he needs few secs to unload a clip anyway or just move further ... or yes just ignore). You have a much better chance with Burster, Grounder, Annihilator, Walker to be anoying. If ESF is hoovering at the door of the enemy base than the T2 Striker might be of some tiny use. But looking at the overall killstats it's pretty pointless to sugarcoat this piece of crap.
  18. Tycoh

    That 20m detect bubble is hardly useful when the rocket doesn't even reach the target in time. As he said, the Striker is for close range AA deterrence. You literally have to turn about 120m in front of the target you're leading for it to actually hit; and the average ESF is usually either low flying behind objects or at 200-300m Altitude and going full speed when he can. There's a reason why TR isn't getting an insane amount of AA kills with the striker.