[Suggestion] Would you pay 400DBC a month for 24/7 Implants?

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  1. JojoTheSlayer

    Think of it like buying a "Boost", but for its own slot and it would work for 1, 7, 14 days or a month once active.

    While active you could use any implant you wanted for that time... Would "you" out there be interested in that and while responding to the question also state if you are or are not already spending DBC on implants in general, be it boxes or cans.
  2. ALN_Isolator

    Yup! I would definitely pay for an "infinite implant energy super mega ultra charger of the apocalypse" TM but DB would probably price it as $20-40.
  3. Pfundi

    Ir they could just add this to membership?
  4. Devilllike

    its P2W so no
  5. Klypto

    Why would I pay for something that I already have an overabundance of energy for?
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  6. Nody

    Well they could add tier 2 or tier 3 to still leave incentive to use the top tier implants (and for people to buy it).
  7. Pelojian


    they are probably making more money off chargers to disincline them to offer a monthly infinite energy item. a better idea would be to give subscribers a 0.5 energy per sec tick while an implant is active (essentially making tier 1 implants always on for members and higher tiers just consume less of the user's cahrger energy due to the energy tick)
  8. Iridar51

    You can already buy chargers with DB, what's the difference?
  9. FateJH

    You can buy three 5 T1 packs for 135 DBC each (I think it's still 135 DBC), a total of 405 DBC. You mix everything in two of the packs into a two T2 implants and then you mix those T2s with T1s from the third pack to produce two Super Chargers. Unless my math is wrong, or they've adjusted how much energy Chargers provide (and I don't pay much attention to implants so you'll permit me being outdated about it), that's about two hours of a T3 implant or about four hours of a T1 implant and somewhere within the time constraints of what can be called "a single session."

    If you feel energy is something that requires being paid for, 400 DBC for a whole month of "sessions" is out of perspective with implant costs, so much that it may as well be given away for free.
    They don't want to deal with energy management at all.
  10. Iridar51

    There's nothing to manage. Spend 5 minutes once every few game sessions to recycle implants into chargers, all there is to it.
  11. Taemien


    There is no point to membership right now. This wouldn't affect that much, but every little bit helps.
  12. Call-Me-Kenneth

    to run implants 24/7 you can do two things, either spend all your drops on recombines for the big chargers or spend certs for big chargers.

    its either one or the other, not doing either will leave you dry.

    i don't see a problem with doing one or the other. currently im running implants all the time using neither... but that requires you to play medic/engineer properly which it seems most people can bring themselves to do.

    btw, don't get me wrong, im not saying "implants are fine learn to play", i actually think the whole implant system is garbage and it should get revamped completely. implants need to have a toggle button and get balanced accordingly. as they are now, they are useless... all you need is BH4 and you are done. they bring only **** gameplay.

    but on their current form if you want to run them continuously, its possible. if you play a light avoiding fights for 10 minutes just so you can have a shoot at c4ing some tank, or an infiltrator shooting at targets at 400m getting one kill every 5 minutes, then my friend, you don't get to complain about implants.

    just play a more active role on the battlefield and get rewarded accordingly.
  13. OldMaster80

    The problem with implant is how they have been designed. Personally my problem is not I don't want to spend money, I'm totally fine with this and I understand why they've been introduced. As a high BR player sometimes I wish I had more good reasons to buy something on the shop and Energy packs could be very interesting.

    The problem is devs have to realize it's not fun at all seeing energy going down even if the implant is not being used at all. Having to look at the energy gauge all the time, even if I'm regrouping at the Warpgate is just tedious. It's like watching your bank account decreasing by 1 cent per second: it's so annoying I perfer to ignore implants at all.

    As far as I'm concerned they could make implants consume MUCH more, but only when they are activated or their effect is triggered. Why the hell do I have to see energy going down for Safe Landing if I'm sitting in a Sunderer?! Why can't I activate Enhanced Targeting just a sec before starting a gun fight? This would make the game even more strategic as one should save energy for specific moments and quickly decide to give a little bit of battery only when necessary.

    We told this when implants were a work in progress and our feedback has been completely ignored. They ignored our feedback, I ignore their ******* implants.
  14. JojoTheSlayer

    Lots of good responses, thanks.
    The reason I asked is because, while it would be "cheaper", ref FateJH:

    Implants are currently not a necessity. A 6 hours session I maybe use 1 can while tanking or similar.
    And in that context making them "monthly" would/could make them a necessity because more people would use them actively all the time and it would create a knock on effect and then. Despite bringing in less money pr user, that would outweigh by the increase of users. Ergo, more $$Money$$.

    That said, I dont have access to the actual numbers sold so this is just a theory.

    That to, but lets get real here. Daybreak needs to make a given level of money, period, and a "increased" amount to warrant player wanted development on Planetside 2. If this change made Daybreak more money while cutting out the "BS" for players liking implants. I would call that a win win.
  15. St0mpy

  16. eldarfalcongravtank

    why should i invest in implants/energy if EOD Hud which used to be my main implant doesnt work most of the time anyway...