Would you be more motivated to play PS2 if it had a meta game?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Obscura, Aug 4, 2013.

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    I agree that there is a crucial ingredient missing in Planetside which causes players to stop being engaged in the game and eventually they get bored and leave. However I don't think it is easy to put finger on what exactly is it that is lacking.

    You think that issue lies in the metagame (or lack of long-term goals to be more precise) but in my opinion there is something even more important and that is lack of group cohesion and squad tactics.

    Majority of players(except few outfits) don't bother to implement any kind of tactics. As an attacker gameplay mostly consists of spawning at Sunderer and rushing to control point with little to no team coordination. And those who practice some kind of team coordination don't go beyond simple "everyone rushing at once tactics".
    Another thing is combined arms. It is pretty much non-existent. Tank drivers, aircraft and infantry are all playing in their own little world without much regard for supporting each other. There is nothing combined about it. That is why you can see bunch of "vehicles vs infantry" posts on forums where one side demands that other should be nerfed. But never in those posts does infantry player say "don't nerf tanks(or aircraft), they support infantry and make game much more fun". Instead vehicle drivers are only looking to maximize their killstreak without giving any regard for supporting friendly infantry(and vice versa).

    I've read one very good idea on this forum in which someone proposed a commander mode for PS2. In short, platoon leader should be given a "god perspective" and he should be able to give orders to other players like he is playing a RTS game. Those orders would only serve as waypoints indicating where player is supposed to go. Of course player would still have his freedom to play however he wants and to fulfill the objectives given to him by commander the best way he sees fit. I think this alone could massively improve gameplay experience and leverage existing content.
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    I absolutely agree with all of this. But I also think that one of the main reasons that people are reluctant to use more complex tactics and organize themselves as a faction is because their efforts are moot in the end, they contribute to nothing in the long term. The Commander mode is a GREAT idea, I think the PL should have a much more active role in directing his squads rather than being a just being there to lay down smokes/waypoints. It's also a chore to have to constantly look at the map while also trying to move around with your platoon and not die at the same time.
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    I thought this was the "player missions" concept that is slated for Aug or Sept? Maybe not the god mode view but we have a map we can zoom in and out of for that...
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    This is literally what being a platoon leader is like now. Press M some time when you're one and right click on the map and you can see a nice list of waypoints for you to put down. You can tell your squad members where you want them to go and what you want them to do from on the map. It's amazing!

    It's definitely not moot in the end. Actively directing your platoon as a lead is basically the recipe for success. Please see: GOKU's 600+ members and 250~ average XP/min. Good leading will keep members in the fight longer and get them to new fights faster with little to no downtime.

    What kind of leaderboards are we talking here, if we aren't talking about leaderboards?
  6. Obscura

    You may "win" the fight through superior tactics and organization but it still doesn't contribute to anything long term. A lot of us want the fights we win/lose to be a means to an end, something concrete to show for it afterwards.
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    Obscura, I understand where you are coming from. It seems a lot of people on these forums cant see the so called forest for the trees that is the "meta game". They see meta game and think EVE guilds DDOSing the EVE server just so the battle they are fighting can be turned in their favor. Meta game for planetside has always been about the strategies that players use to complete the overall objective of capturing a cont. In this case, the devs need to enable us to create that meta. Lattice is half-baked right now. The meta game created by the players just cant be done because we cant drain bases, lock conts, ect. That's the meta that your looking for and with the resource changes, Hossin, and BIs; it should expand what we can do as players ala Meta.
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