Would you be happy or upset if they removed AV Mana Turrets from game and refunded certs/sc?

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  1. Lamat

    Make the turret more like an enforcer ML85 or halberd, give it a zoom scope.
  2. Reverend atx

    Since it's not faction specific I don't have a problem with it. At long range it is difficult to be proficient with (at least for me). And the lack of a shield makes it an easy target for HA & infiltrators. The tanks should be used to shell from a distance to take out artillery for the assault not farm infantry. These kind of weapons stop the zergs of 20 tanks rolling over a base without a chance of defense.
  3. Wayfar

    Leave them in. Just make them show up on the mini-map each and every time you fire like any other gun. Just give it a larger area that it is noticeable too like some of the add-ons for guns do.
  4. RageMasterUK

    Eliteeskimo you are still approaching this subject from the POV of the tanker, assuming that you should be given an equal chance versus the engi AV turret at range. I'm sorry but tankers already have targets they can dominate easily. AV engineers should not be one of them.

    1. Tankers think they should get a fair shot at taking engineers at range. I disagree. If you have entrenched engineers, send infantry, do a gal drop, pull a lib, GET CREATIVE. Tanks just seem to be under the impression they should be effective at targeting EVERYTHING. Engi AV is a hard counter to you. Get your vehicle out of LOS. It's not difficult.

    2. Still a valid point. Tanks don't have to depl oy on flat ground to fire. They can move and fire. An engi who spends a few minutes setting up AV is removed from elsewhere. Entire pay in time to set up in a good location.

    3. The game disagrees with you currently. AV turret. AV stands for ANTI VEHICLE. AV turret IS A HARD COUNTER TO V.

    4. Combined arms means 'not just vehicles'. AV turret creates a combined arms open field war, whereas it would just be vehicles otherwise without this threat. Nowhere dies it say that the open field is vehicles only combat area, nor should it be.

    5. This is the most pretentious statement in this thread. It's like saying that Air should not have to avoid AA. All players should have to a lid the enemy who has spec'd to target your spec. That's the whole nature of combined arms games. It's obvious to me that you just don't like the idea that there is an AV weapon out there which is highly deadly to you. You have to deal with it, like everyone does.

    6. You perceive it as game breaking because you are a tanker. AV turrets are my targets, and they are easy for me to kill because I'm not a tanker sitting in LOS like a newb. I change class to suit my target. The rage against AV turret is indicative of those who don't. You don't square up against AV weapons in a vehicle and expect to have a tangeable advantage.

    8. To solo an MBT column you need to have the foresight to remove yourself from the battlezone early, to spend up to 5 mins running into position getting 0 kills. you may get sniped my a passing ASF casually, and fail again to an unforseen sniper. for every AV turret that kills a tank ankther engineer got oilled setting up his turret. AV turret is not an OP toy, like the MBT is. You can't camp a spawn point solo with an AV turret. There's plenty ways MBTs can get killstreaks, AV turret has one use against advancing armor columns, so its only fair that such activities should yield killstreaks. I wasn't being sarcastic. I think maybe you are. If you are mad at AV turret, stop fighting near AV turrets. Drive somewhere that gives you more vulnerable targets, instead of becoming one.

    9. Here's a tip. The players who know what combined arms is actually play all classes including engineer. Not just tank. So if you'd like to approach your combined arms counter argument to include perspectives that aren't from a vehicles only POV we might get some more constructive output from your replies.
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  5. RageMasterUK