Would you be happy or upset if they removed AV Mana Turrets from game and refunded certs/sc?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Kimble, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. Nexus545

    I wouldn't really care. Whatever the outcome I'll either have an AV turret to get kills with or a big cert refund to put into things that get kills.
  2. BadAsElite

    They need to redesign turrets and make them a two man set up with a few sandbags around the turret ;)
    A spoter that has to assume crouching position next to the turret gunner but can still use all his weapons.
    a bit like the "DoW IG" heavy weapon unit :)
  3. CDN_Wolvie

    I wouldn't be happy if it was removed.

    I would be happy if its effective distance was shortened to 300m.

    Hell, the maximum distance for anything just be the distance it renders at so it can have return fire sent its way, period.
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  4. Rigs

    I would be mad

    If they gave certs back to the whiny class that gets no nerfs.
  5. Peebuddy

    I'm all for T.O.W. guided rockets, just not those that can shoot across half the map. I'm all for flanking the enemy to expose his vehicle but atm the AV turret can flank something a mile away, nearly impossible to counter that. I can't tell you how many times I stumble across an engineer on top of some ridge miles away from the action shooting vehicles, even at infantry. Hell who would have thought the AV turret is a better sniper than a sniper rifle, doesn't even need a head shot!
  6. Lamat

    I'd be fine with it. The AV mana turret is the most annoying buzzkill in the game. High reward, low risk, bad design.
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  7. AssaultPig

    but then how would I finish my phoenix auraxium in a timely manner?

    but yeah, they're pretty terrible
  8. Nephera

    well some people would probably be upset since they spent ten dollars specifically for the av mana turret.

    Personally, I think there's no good way to balance it without it being a deathtrap tank shell/sniper magnet and that it probably shouldnt exist.

    edit: i am however totally getting one because i can do severe damage to tank columns either by myself or with a friend using it.
  9. LordMondando

    Prehaps that happens a lot on Dramason.

    On miller its so rare its barely worth mentioning. Anyone trying to put a AV turret up is an active firefight shot to pieces in seconds.
  10. Nexus545

    At the end of the day if you remove the AV turret we'll end up with even MORE Heavy Assaults. There's already a surplus of them.
  11. Alarox

    HAs which render in lock-on range and need to respawn to be revived if you manage to hit them. HAs should be the most commonly seen infantry class in open areas with vehicles and I personally think they're balanced.
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  12. Nexus545

    All on board for HeavyMedicSide2 in that case!
  13. Takoita

    While I'd like to see more weapons with a targeting mechanic like that, this particular implementation of AV MANA turret getting removed would only make the game better, IMHO.

    When I saw 'Engineer' in the class list the very first time, I thought of those nifty gadgets shown in PS1 videos on youtube. Needless to say, I was disappointed :(.
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  14. Alarox

    Each class has a role. If a certain role is more important than the others, what is wrong with pulling more of that class? When you need snipers and recon darts, you pull Infiltrators. When you need ammo and repairs, you pull Engineers. When you need revives, you pull Medics. When you need to fight vehicles, you pull Heavy Assaults.
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  15. Utrooperx

    I still haven't figured out how to shoot one from a out-lying base at a Amp Station, curve the shell around the big spire in the middle and destroy the Spear AV turret (that's on the opposite side of the Amp Station) shooting up the Enemy's Sunder parked outside the wall...without missing...at all.

    But I've had it done to me.
  16. Azarga

    I will be upset, very upset if they were removed completely.
    Back when engies had only AI-MANA I was one of those people who asked for AV variant.

    I never asked about wire-guided beyond-render-distance broken-hitbox-AV-Sniper-Turret, though.
    It can take a big nerf adjustment and still remain good. Parts that I find most fit for adjustment are in bold.
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  17. Acceleratio

    Dont remove them but completely change the way they are deployed.
    Instead of having an unlimmited amount make them cost ressources just like tank mines. Once its destroyed you have to get a new one from a terminal.
  18. SevenTwo

    I agree. While removing the turret wouldn't make me flinch one bit as long as the certs spent were refunded, I would be sad to see the tool completely taken out of the Engineer arsenal.

    In my opinion, playing foot Engineer in open field battles without access to a tool like the AV turret is just quite boring. You have very few options to affect the outcome of the battle beyond replenishing ammo and repairing vehicles, and both of these options involve either a mechanic which is xp capped (What the hell SOE? Why not cap rez xp too then?) or involves putting yourself at higher risk of getting run over by your own guys, than getting shot by the enemy.

    In that respect, the MANA AV turret allows an engineer to have some fun poking damage at the enemy to alleviate the oftentimes boring and/or deadly activity of keeping your own guys up to snuff, giving some much needed offensive potential. That being said, of course you shouldn't be able to snipe targets a mile away with pinpoint accuracy or do the same damage as an equal cost, limited ammo, non-guided, close range missile launcher. That's just daft design.

    I thinking the AV Turret could be brought in line by tweaking the damage to more tolerable levels (a little less than a default rocket launcher) and reduce the range to something more manageable for enemies to deal with - but please do not take it away.
  19. Bush82

    make them so if one is deployed and you're in its COF it renders from any distance. once its facing towards you, you should be able to see it.

    or make them a smaller version of the AV turrets in game already.

    the way they are now you can stop an entire zerg on your own if you're in the right position.
  20. RageMasterUK

    Well I'm going to play devils advocate right now... Im lining up for some hate I realise that but IDK...
    FYI I play all classes and vehicles.

    So come on. Its stationary. Its fleshy from the top and the back. It cant be fired on the move. It can only fire from flat ground. Totally vulnerable if you flank or get close with ANYTHING. It has a 45deg firing angle. Lets remember its a combined arms game, and that this engineer feature represents a hard counter to vehicles, thats OBVIOUSLY what its there to do.

    One sniper dropping in behind can completely negate that threat. A co-ordinated ASF pilot could. A lib. I appreciate that Tanks have a hard time taking out AV engineers... I really do, but in the same way Infils have a hard time taking out ASFs. In the same way Aircraft have to deal with AA. Theres a Paper Scissors Stone going on and IMHO I really think vehicles need that element of fear that AV turrets provide to stop them marauding almost unimpeded through bases en-masse.

    This game really tries to encourage the combined arms aspect, and AV turrets represent an OPPORTUNITY for players to express combined arms strategies within squads. The idea that you might have to communicate to others to send out a hard-counter to those AV engineers may be offensive to you, but that is what the game is asking of you. Thats what Planetside is. The same way Air has to identify and communicate hard counters to take down AA max or Skyguard. I realise most want to sit in their tank shelling at range with impunity without considering this, but gladly in this game currently, the player who gets to sit shelling at range is the engineer, who pays for it with less armor and less maneuverability. When it comes to threads like this I feel that maybe the vehicle driving demographic throws its weight in, perhaps with other sides less represented.

    When an engi gets a turret up and stops a tank column singlehandedly, well thats because he was a badass engineer who had the foresight to get to and set up in the right place in a timely manner, perhaps forsaking an ASFs worth of resources just to get there and removing his input in other places of the battle while he does so.

    I think the hate is mostly from the kills being 'cheesy'... but its no less cheesy than an AA flak kill on Aircraft. Travel time on the projectile is considerable. 20sec TTK atleast on lightnings. I do have empathy that you cant see the engineer render and I'd like them to fix that for you, but the hitmarker and sound should be enough to know when theres paper closing in around your gddmn rock and you need to back off while the scissors get in on the action.

    AV turrets help to stall the flow of vehicle combat, and quite often open up the field for infantry skirmishes.
    They help factions with drained vehicle resources get a chance at defence.
    As has previously been mentioned; If you change the function of AV turrets, you risk removing alot of unaware stationary ground targets that Infils and ASFs may be making their bread and butter from. The target-ecology will be changed by this move. The rather marginalised Infil class will wind up with even less to do, and I fear that VehicleZerg would re-emerge without balance changes elsewhere.

    My 2c.

    TLDR- Probably upset. Needs a few minor tweaks.
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