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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Kalari, Apr 24, 2017.

  1. Kalari


    im a little out of my area expertise like this and im trying something new
    so i had this odd idea for my rifle and while it seems fine to me i wanna see if you guys can add you 2 cents.
    i took my Longshot, loaded it with the default 6x scope, pull bolt and a supressor for fighting on hossin. I did this because i wanted a rifle that gave better zoom that my SASR but didnt restrict my FOV like the 12x did. i had considered the Gauss SPR kitted largely the same way but i the type that would rather take the extra 1/2 second to do the job in 1 shot.

    go ahead and grade me harshly but please explain why it would (or wouldnt) work i like to understand the "why" of things
    thank you
  2. BrbImAFK

    I love Hossin. Love, love, love it!

    BUT...... you're not generally going to find decent sized fights there and sniper-type characters (apart from CQC bolters) generally require a decent sized fight to get anything useful done.
  3. BartasRS

    What he said.

    To add, I love Hossin and I think that it is a nice place for an infiltrator/sniper but... IMO you will be better off either with semiauto scout rifle or fully ****** BASR. Supperssor is a nice idea but, unless you play VS, you will **** yourself with range and bullet drop. As BrbImAFK said you need to find a decent sized fight on Hossin to be effective as a sniper and this place offers many great sniping spots at mid range but to be effective you need suppressor or you will be flanked easily.
  4. Kalari

    Well i took said rifle to a large outdoor facility on indar and had some good luck with it so i guess it could work but would semi auto like the gauss spr work better?
    I picked the longshot cuz it had the highest velocity to compensate for the suppressor and mostly cuz i already had it. And now that im sitting here typing.....i wonder how the LA-80 would work.
  5. BoatsFriends

    What ranges are you shooting? What is the farthest you plan to shoot?

    I would approve it.

    There are 3 things i suggest to every Sniper:

    1. USE SILENCER (Sniping without Silencer is like making love without Condom - RISKY)

    2. Never ever 12x Zoom Scopes (you aren't a microbiologist who needs to shoot Bacteria in the Head)

    3. With silencer: 100m = 1 Milldot

    At least on Tier 1 and 2 Sniper Rifles.
  8. Moz

    Never suppress a bolt action. You are to far away for the blip to show, any spot blips your cloak hides, and it does nothing to hide the tracer (which is what gives most people your location anyways).

    I wouldn't recommend using a full blown sniper that way. Just use the SAS:R or the Imputus or even just get the Scouts out!
  9. Frightning89

    If you want to play close and dangerous (and sneaky too), Go with the SAS-R (or TR/VS equivalent) and use the 3.4x scope, with your suppressor if want to be that extra bit hard to find. Better refire rate, and still 1HSKs. The Longshot is meant for like 150-300m work (usable down to 100m imo), where a suppressor is basically just making life harder on yourself.

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