would this fix the ZOE

Discussion in 'MAX' started by ArcKnight, May 1, 2013.

  1. ArcKnight

    increase the speed to be faster than the charge ability
    while active the VS MAX generates a small pain field ( making physical contact is like getting hit by pikachu's volt tackle )
    all weapons get an AoE effect
    RoF get a 10% increase
    reduced CoF
    I'm not a VS player so I can't go into detail
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  2. Van Dax

    thanks for trying but they have said before that it had to be balanced vs charge (kinda ******** imo) and I think most vanu would prefer COF reduction over ROF.
  3. BigMacDeez

    How is the ZOE broken when its not even out yet?
  4. ArcKnight

    faster than a MAX yet slower than infantry sprint

    defense stats are reduced while ability is still active
  5. ArcKnight

    thanks, just added the CoF reduction
  6. Quiiliitiila

    Yeah, they just nerfed the speed for the ZOE on the test server. It's half the speed of what it was...
  7. Jkar

    Personally they should just get rid of all that +/- damage nonsense on the ZOE, make it an ability that makes you move faster while sprinting than a normal infantry and just as mobile as regular infantry when on, in addition makes you jump one story high so you can flank better.

    Still no jet pack but finally some needed mobility, I'd also take the NC MAX shield if they can't make ZOE work. AA MAX laughing at lib and pod spammers? Yes please!