Would the TR have subpar healthcare?

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  1. miraculousmouse

    They'd probably have crappy universal healthcare - as opposed to the Vanu.
  2. AdmiralArcher

    actually no......because the TR is an actual government that collects taxes, they might actually have a good healthcare system, the VS are a cult, they dont have the money to pay for that, the NC are rebels who are controlled by the corperations, if they corps are nice, they might provide healthcare benefits to their supporters/workers
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  3. Paragon Exile

    This is what I imagine Auraxis' healthcare to be like;

    Patient: "Doctor, I have the flu!"


    *Five seconds later*

    "Thanks doc!"
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  4. Hatesphere

    I'm pretty sure everyone has the same healthcare program in PS2. its called "take two bullets and call me from the re spawn tube"
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  5. Leftconsin

    The TR are the one true legitimate government on Auraxis. Of course they have healthcare.
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  6. pnkdth

    0/10. Try again.
  7. Leftconsin

    The NC are too concerned with their own profits to provide their bands of rag tag mercenaries with any kind of care.
    And the VS are more likely to dismantle you and put you back together. Who do they think they are? Aperture Labs?

    Nope. The TR is the only way to go on this.
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  8. miraculousmouse

    Yeah but the vanu made the immortal soldier crap

  9. Oddhermit


    More socialist countries seem to be doing better, not worse.

    It's hard to judge VS vs. TR though, since VS is all about going nuts with alien technology they might have some special medical stuff. There aren't any countries that align very closely with VS ideology in reality, compared to TR and NC which are a little more relatable.

    I think it's clear NC would have the worst healthcare though, being more like the US which is one of the worst healthcare systems of the first world in spite of being incredibly expensive.

    That said, the US does do a lot for medicine in the way of scientific progress.
  10. Einharjar

    Because everyone is made of Nanites, health care is irrelevant. Infact, most health care systems are probably obsolete.

    The VS likely take the cake as they are actively attempting to add to the human body by genetically modifying their genes/dna and utilizing cybernetic system inspired by Vanu Tech. Both of which can have possible GOOD out comes in terms of body performance, resistance vs ailments and environmental extremes and increased life cycles (I'd call them life cycles since everyone just... respawns from nanites.
    And I mean EVERYONE. the Entire planet of Auraxis is NANITE. All of it. Read about "The Bend" from PS1 and you'll understand more. I believe that story mentioned that the planet being entirely of nanite, is basically living thing itself, capable of self reconstruction. In PS1, there was a point where they changed the maps of the Continents to actually being entire planets with one of the continent acting as a battle isles (it splintered into pieces). This was "The Bend" and was possible because... Nanites.

    Nanites = Immortality through resurrection which means the need for health care services is moot.

    Population control however... now... yeah. That's a problem. be fortunate that everyone on Auraxis also craps nanite too; otherwise you'd have one hell of a cess pit of a planet.
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  11. NightEngine

    Lies, damn lies, and statistics.

    The US has top notch healthcare, some of the best and most responsive in the world, in fact, with very short wait times compared to the rest of the world and very high levels of medical research funding. The issue with US healthcare is that it's expensive and the people in general have unhealthy attitudes (lack of self control, dodging responsibility, and procrastinating).

    All of this seems to fit perfectly with the NC, too.
  12. z1967

    Likely they have very encompassing benefits as incentive for enlisting. Top notch military medics with the simple "Shoot until disease is gone" treatment styles. Or traditional stuff, cause that probably works, too :|

    NC probably just give you the money and tell you to do something with it. Private healthcare and likely similar treatment styles.

    VS don't get sick. I think that is a given of genetic engineering :p
  13. FocusLight

    You people need to be more consistent. On one hand the TR are basically the dark side, but on another we got horrible health care?

    Silly NC, your supposed to join the dark side because we got full medical.
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  14. Edenwolf

    Dude, nanites..
  15. Badname707

    Yup, nanites.
  16. FocusLight

    Live in denial all you wish. Reality marches on with or without you.
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  17. Canaris

    Say what!?! That's slander sir and I have witnesses, everyone who isn't misguided knows all the greatest inventions and scientific breakthroughs were all accomplished by the Glorious brains of the Terran Republics, we have like 30 Kim Jong Un's, there's nothing we can't do.
  18. Champagon

    Albeit funny thread, WHY is this here?

    just my opinion, but politics probably doesnt belong in the general discussion section.........That and good luck to anyone that wants to get into an internet argument over healthcare, on the internet, with a forum full of gamers..................
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  20. miraculousmouse

    You guys have awesome haircuts.