Would like to set up a 1v1 Duel event

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by TwistaX, Aug 14, 2013.

  1. Sparrow

    Just be careful not to bring to many people. Last time we tried to make a community event test server had a heart attack XD
  2. TwistaX

    Once the event is filled, it will be a private event. We are only welcoming a filming crew and possibly the SOE staff.

    The location will not be given publicly, and only the participants are welcome.

    We will be stopping at 32 (double 16 bracket) max.
  3. TwistaX

    1 Tree has been filled, starting #2

    ALL SERVERS are welcome!! Where are the TR?
  4. Zv1deX

    Just throwing it out there, it might be cool to run a 2v2 tourney with the same participants. Potentially at a next door base at the same time. I'm thinking it could be a little slow watching 32 people 1v1 without any cool spectator mode, and all we'd need to do is pull flashes and coordinate between the two tourneys.

    Someone should also have Mortal Kombat theme ready for proximity.
  5. TwistaX

    I hear you.. if we hit 32.. we will be running dual arenas...
  6. Spookydodger

    Is this a 1 on 1 outfit (like 12v12) or more like mortal 1v1 kombat sort of thing?
  7. TwistaX

    1 v 1 (persons) the title on the thread is misleading, been trying to get it changed.
  8. Ronin Oni

    can we get server general discussion forum sections then? (peer to outfit recruit by server)

    For outfits to talk to reach out to other, talk about epic battles, etc. with specifically the other players that the discussion pertains to.

    Server discussions in general seems... I dunno.... irrelevant 9 times outta 10 (well, 7/10 for me with 3 factions on 3 servers :p )
  9. boldeagle3

    Was about to call you out for being a rude **** and trying to steal our idea, then you clarified that it is for 1v1's not for Outfit vs Outfit stuff, now that is cleared up I must say good luck and have fun.
  10. HMR85

    Wow, only 2 TR players. Kind of disappointing TBH as I was expecting a lot more.
  11. TwistaX

    12 spots left
  12. Sardus

    Signed up, but need to know date and time to commit for certain!
  13. DVSHostial

    Signed up. Hope to have some fun in another community run event.
  14. Zurilia

    Signed up
  15. TwistaX

  16. DVSHostial

    How close to having a second bracket
  17. TwistaX

    3 away. may take a few more people for subsitutes should the need arise
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  18. totalBimbo

    would love to see this started! especially if we at RCN6 (recon team six) gets a chance to force feed the PHX outfit on waterson to show everyone how terrible they really are. they have been all talk ever since they have started and its about time we get a chance to really expose their crap leader for what he really is. ;) all for the fun of gaming ofcourse
  19. TwistaX

    Well.. the title is wrong (my fault, been tryin to get a moderator to fix it). This is more of a 1v1 duel tournament.
  20. TwistaX

    UPDATE to the RULES:

    -NO EXPLOSIVES ALLOWED (ALL Grenades[smoke,conc,flash, frag], C4, Rocket Launchers, AP mines, anything that goes boom)