[Suggestion] Would it be possible if Alen Lapidis worked on redesigning the current maps?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by karlooo, Jul 24, 2019.

  1. karlooo

    I saw the introduction to a new zone called Sanctuary. It looks amazing, Alen is great, I'm a fan but why, why did the devs decide to make this?
    Wrel explained that it will be a social area. I can't understand.
    Unless it's for his own practice it's fine but wouldn't it be better to give the players something refreshing to this game? -> An upgrade.

    Most of the continents in Planetside 2 are just bad. They encourage infantry combat. Anything other than infantry has it's won minigame outside the objective: Construction, tanks, aircrafts....they're all enclosed and unable to participate in the capture objective.

    Why not change this all just simply by redisgning the maps?
    The continents got like over 50 small bases/territories. Why not for example lower that to 15 territories with these massive bases, factories, fixture of facilities. For tanks, infantry, construction to all fit inside and cooperate together. Combine arms.
    Wouldn't that be amazing?
    Instead of a social area which I'm guessing will be empty cause ppl want to play the game lol.
  2. breeje

    i also think the sanctuary is a waste of efforts. but the basses you describe are not accepted by most players. back when PS2 started we had this basses, indar crown was the biggest and fights to capture the base lasted for weeks. these where very epic fights with over a 1000 players on this single base.

    after a while some players started tho whine on how everyone was playing on indar and where not able to capture this base.
    this was the best moment of my game experience out of all the games out there. and never have i found it again when they changed it to the PS2 from today.

    now most of those whiners moved on to new games and left us with this remnant of the former glorious PS2.
    i woud support DBG wel if they brought this base back for one moth every year on there anniversary. with no continent lockdown for this event
  3. karlooo

    If there was a problem then the devs should have tried to solve it instead of removing it. Anyone can remove.
    I don't understand the devs decisions often.

    Btw I noticed that some of my words changed in the topic. Fixture? I wrote mixture lol. F is no where close to m on the keyboard even.

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