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Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by Dinglebuttz, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. Dinglebuttz

    if Infiltrators could fire from cloak? I hate trying to stealth somewhere and find a guy in a vulnerable position and have to unstealth first (usually giving myself away cause of the loud noise) and wait the second or so for me to be able to fire as I come unstealthed.

    Naturally, shooting would take you out of stealth but really, why can't I do that? There's been multiple occasions I've died when I need to take my shot but I can't because I have to wait for the stealth "cooldown" to allow me to shoot.
  2. Tnsr

    Actually a very good question, it wasn't asked 1000 times before.
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  3. Jeroam

    because that would be completely unfair against the other who has absolutely no chance of counter-attacking that strategy whatsoever.

    its the same with HA class when shields are on, there tougher, but they get to be slower, so this gives a chance for other ppl to be able to counter-attack, by running away until he drops his shields.

    snipers can 1 headshot kill opponents, but the enemy can counter-attack it by running and jumping zig-zag etc.

    so all strategies need to be allowed to have a counter-attack
  4. Kaisuke7

    I think the counter for it has already been put in, its that 100 less shield damage that would give them a disadvantage at close range and long range to. Also the huge down side is the cloak sound is preposterous, and anyone with a quart functioning ear will hear and get on their guard. So if you can fire from cloak but deactivate cloak this will still be fair because all the other factors imo.
  5. Dinglebuttz

    That's what I was thinking. The sound, plus it's not very hard to see someone in close quarters stealthed, let alone people playing on low settings D:
  6. AngersRevenge

    in my opinion, you should be able to fire while cloaked but it will uncloak you and prevent you from recloaking, for say 2 seconds. I don't know how many times I have come around a corner and get the jump on an enemy only to realize i cant fire because i'm cloaked. Then he sees me and kills me as I am uncloaking.
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  7. Dr. Euthanasia

    It would only be overpowered if it also wasn't possible for people to see us even while cloaked. As it stands right now, we're more than visible enough that anyone who would be in a position to fight back, would also have no difficulty seeing us before it was too late.
  8. KnT47r

    Assuming the high/low settings crap gets fixed, giving the the ability to shoot while cloaked should either;
    a) Halve your remaining energy level so it becomes a risk/reward thing. Do I shoot now and be forced to uncloak earlier or uncloak now so I can cloak for longer after the shot has been taken?
    b) Pause the cloak temporarily. Nothing major, something like ~0.5 seconds or so of fully visible + the transition from uncloaked to cloaked would give ~1-1.5s of visibility per shot. Giving a flashing effect, thus rewarding accurate fire and punishing inaccurate fire.

    Typing that gives me an idea for another ability or 2 :D
  9. Jeroam

    once the high/low settings for cloak get fixed, its a bit too easy to crouch hide in a shadow or a corner, especially at night time etc. So ur first victim would get no chance to defend himself. thats just going to cause rage quits in other classes. so i still think its bad even if it deactivates and makes noise after u've killed ur first victim.
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  10. Soylent

    This. Add a cooldown on cloak after a shot from cloak and we're all good. That way you have the choice of uncloaking yourself before the shot and being able to cloak immediately after the shot, or being able to shoot from cloak but being unable to cloak yourself for a period of time after the shot.
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  11. DemoniWaari

    Make a cloak that disables your shields when it's on, but you can fire from it. Don't know whether it would actually be a good idea, but might be fun!
  12. Anvildude

    ...hmmm... So in return for being able to fire unseen, it increases the danger of the ensuing bullet hose turned in your direction? Maybe...

    Could have it 'run off' the shield capacitors- it drains shields instead of its own thing- maybe decrease weapon damage from inside it?
  13. Doctor?

    Back early in the beta there was a 1-2 week period where the cloak was "bugged" (I wouldn't doubt if the devs did it intentionally to test just this), and you could stay cloaked while firing. As someone playing an infiltrator during that time... it was all kinds of not fair for anyone you were shooting at. It took longer for your target to discern exactly where you were to return fire, and even the most situationally aware players had usually already lost ~3/4 of their health by the time they were able to return on target fire (they would have to wait for you to fire again most of the time to see where the tracer's point of origin was). I also of course experienced this first hand fighting other infiltrators doing the same.

    And then the shotguns were added in... And oh boy was that a slaughter fest. Single shotgun toting infiltrators were taking out 1 - 2 enemy squads at a time, directly in the center of a fight. At least I know I was. This was really one of the biggest reasons why infiltrators lost the shotgun... as the community went mental when their faces were being blown apart by an infiltrator which they still couldn't really see that well even after being shot.

    As interesting side information... I decided to test out the idea of infiltrators being able to shoot while cloaked, but the shot would drop us out of stealth during this same bug period (yes, this idea was still floating around way back early in beta). I would get ready to kill my target while stealthed, and would hit F to drop stealth just as I was firing... so no delay. The result was still pure slaughter for my (multiple) targets. It wasn't what I would consider balanced. Granted I was also using this approach/tactic with a shotgun, but looking back I wouldn't consider it to be all that different from doing it with an SMG today instead. Just a somewhat lower TTK.
  14. Contrasix

    I agree with Doc here. The problem with infils and shotguns during the beta wasn't entirely due to the shotgun. The problem was with the ability to fire immediately after uncloaking. When it had no delay, you could simply push F to uncloak and blast the hell out of your target. It was seriously overpowered, as there was absolutely no chance to react to them. On the dying player's screen, the infil only became uncloaked after the first shotgun shell connected.

    Being able to fire while cloaked would negate that entire balancing action, so I don't assume that there will ever be such a patch.
  15. Cynosure

    I think this would be overpowered; however, I think they should make it so when you fire it disables the cloak for you (still making you wait) automatically. I hate seeing an enemy and trying to fire... then realizing I'm still cloaked and having them get away because I have to hit the button to uncloak and try to chase them down (giving away my position).
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  16. TheEvilBlight

    I'd be in favor of letting infils shoot while cloaked if it had a fairly obvious distortion (whole body shimmer or glow?). Thus an infil could sneak into a battle, and while the enemy is distracted, hose people down while cloaked.
  17. TheRanged

    In planetside 1 it worked because the time to kill was relatively long. The TTK in this game is really quick, and limits any reasonable reaction to shoot back. So I would unfortunately argue it is to overpowered in the current state. :(
  18. Ronin Oni

    uhm, its comin... but no primary weapon (pistol only)..

    and shooting will cause you to shimmer/become more visible

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