Worst gun in the game?

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    Desperado FTW!!!
  2. z1967

    I probably should have put an 'excluding pistols' bit in there. Burst pistols are actually pretty good.
  3. MostlyClueless

    The Duster is definitely a contender. It is pretty awful.
  4. Giggily

    This forum needs a laugh track.
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  5. TeknoBug

    Worst gun(s) in the game? Log in your TR and there you have it, most of TR's guns are terrible. T5 AMC, TAR, SABR-13, MCG and now Cougar are the only ones I find worth using. T16 Rhino I don't mind but I don't play heavy much.
  6. Yaesu

    Bought the Trac-5 S. Added the grenade launcher. It was great for a couple weeks. Suddenly, after a patch, it wasn't killing anybody! You could unload an entire 40 shots into someone...NADA! Most often the case was, you were wasted before getting 30 shots off.
  7. Planetdoge

    Don't talk **** about the Beamer bro.
  8. Yaesu

    I don't know TeknoBug. I rather like the T5 AMC. Of the guns I have bought thus far, it seems to do the best at long, medium, and close range. The Trac-5(default) of course sucked from the get go. The Trac-5 S sucks now, after a patch that was released like 3 weeks ago. I bought the Jaguar thanks to a YouTube video. It's awesome at close range, but sucks at medium to long. I went back to my first purchase, the T5 AMC, which seems to be doing the job. I hear good things about the Lynx, but hesitate spending the SC or CERTS, in fear that they'll nerf it a couple weeks later, like they've been doing with everything else.

    I'll stick with the T5 AMC, even with the slower RPM. It's velocity is one of the quickest.
  9. Ghosty11

    I haven't tried the rest, but how can you call the TAR terrible with out doing the same to the H-V45 and GR-22, which are TAR knock offs with 10 less rounds in the magazine.
  10. ADUILO

    Where did (s)he say the TAR was terrible?
  11. Ghosty11

    Ah I misunderstood his post.
  12. Kanil

    Semi-auto scout rifles probably are worth mentioning. Now with scope sway being scope based and not gun based, their one real edge over semi-auto sniper rifles is gone.

    At least the battle rifles can be used by heavy/engineer.
  13. TheBlindFreak

    I disagree. It's got a fast re-chamber time, and works pretty well for aggressive, close range sniping. I'd prefer to use the Vandal in those situations, but a Bolt Action is a lot of fun to use to change things up.

    I've been using my Sasser (SAS-R), the NC variant a lot lately since 2 body shots aren't all that hard to make with that fast refire time. I expect it to be easier now that we have straight pulls.
  14. Vixxing

    Haha, well gonna be a year or so to auraxium that piece of ****... i rather snipe with shotgun and slugs :p
  15. Revanmug

    It would be seen as: "considered non-constructive. This is just a reminder so that you can avoid these types of posts in the future, and we encourage you to take a moment to review our Forum Guidelines."

    And your post, like mine, would be remove.
  16. TeknoBug

    Why the **** are you two misreading my post
  17. Tentakewls

    But the ROF, Bloom and Recoil of the SF and the NS-11C are the same o_O
    They are both very similar altho I'd say the 11C is better since it has 5 more bullets and faster short and long reload with .75x ADS. That being said, I'm sure as hell not paying 1k certs for it.
  18. Tentakewls

    Beamer doesn't even count as a gun, just like that flare gun or the snow balls one.
  19. control-z

    Cool, I'm about 200 kills from Auraxiuming it. I found it to be the best long-range LA gun.
  20. NoInstructions

    I just bought that gun on my Connery alt and I love it.