Worst gun in the game?

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  1. DashRendar

    Your description matches the AC-X11 very well. And with the AC-X11 you don't get the luxury of being able to cloak or engage very well from range. The AC-X11 is so bad that the DasAnfall stats website has a special achievement for anyone that Auraxes it.

    Put it this way: I'll admit I don't think the AC-X11 is a "bad" gun. It kills things and sometimes it does so very well. However, it is in all likelihood the highest skill/practice-required primary in the entire game. It's just not easy to use well in any situation, and even in its strongest niche, is easily outgunned by easier to use weaponry wielded by a lower skilled player.
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  2. ajma

    All people here should try the Beamer.
  3. Badname707

    Your data is pretty badly skewed. For one, the first set of weapons you list are all engineer defaults, meaning a lot of people have them equipped while in vehicles.

    The battle rifles are actually also pretty legit for long range combat as an engineer. Of course it is also the gun I have equipped while driving or piloting a vehicle, which often ends in a long range engagement.

    And the S weapons are the worst guns at everything by design, but are compensated with attachment options.
  4. lilleAllan

    the c85 makes the kobalt look amazing

    the railjack is absolutely terrible. my worst purchase across all characters
  5. Larolyn

    After UBGL nerf I just slapped a laser sight on it. Surprisingly good hipfire for cqc work with that on it. Oh and an Underbarrel Shotgun is too much fun. Try it.

    Worse guns that I have Auraxiumed but have later been buffed but I will not try out.

    EM1 - terrible damage. Awful gun. I did not enjoy this.
    AC-X11 - ... I can run faster than the bullets from this thing. Some love it. I hate it passionately.
    Full-Auto Scout - It has been buffed. I have not tried it out since the buff. It was mediocre at best. It may be better now.
  6. OldMaster80

    For me it's Trap M1. It should be renamed CRAP M1.
    It's supposed to be a sniper rifle but it lacks precision and range. Even as scout rifle that's very poor because only the three-bullets mode deals a decent damage but still it's outperformed by a simple semi auto scout rifle (which cost only 250 certs instead of 1000).
  7. KnightCole

    What? Is it a OHK at 50m? Annoying *** PA type shotgun....uber deadly....ugh.
  8. SuperMedicated

    Gauss compact s, mercenary's twin brother that was shot out on the wall when born
  9. Vixxing

    You should try to Auraxium Phaseshift... worst gun and worst idea in the game! *DECLOAK* Chaaaaarge! AND *HS* (only bad thing its 95% that the headshot is on you) Even more so now with straight pull bolts taking away the very small niche it held, being able to HS 2 AFK targets in one go...
  10. JudgeDeath

    Its not ment to be a long range sniper. It is the short-medium range one with quick shots and reloads while still being able to drop with one headshot.

    It is a great gun.
  11. Kristan

  12. Itzhaki

    Loved the beamer, auraxiumed it and had a great time with thsi cute pistol. Ghost is cool, but you need to learn how to use it well.
    I'm currently at 30 auraxiums, and so far the hardest to auraxium for me are the Equinox Burst (solstice burst was so much better) and the new MKV smg - this thing simply does not do any damage.
    As for the phaseshift - It's on my to-do list, next one after I finish the V10.
  13. ADUILO

    If you're looking for a vehicle weapon, try the C85 Canister for the Vanguard. IIRC only one person ever auraxiumed it.
  14. Caserion

    The flare gun...
  15. eldarfalcongravtank

    battle rifles

    they arent even effective for their designated mid-long range role
    they have bad horrizontal recoil
    they have bad rechamber time
    they have bad damage at any range really
    any longrange lmg/carbine/assaultrifle is better
    they cant even be used by medics/lighties
    the fact that it took so many patches to make them at least semi-decent tells in what bad shape they are
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  16. Prudentia

    ??? The Solstice SF is a straight upgrade to the NerfSystems NS11 Carbine!
    It's actually pretty decent with a ROF that works really well with the Bloom and Recoil.
  17. MrK

    CME. The AR without purpose, and nothing good for it.
    It's not even good at being average
  18. Goden

    Battle rifles - SOE keeps buffing their velocity and recoil in hopes it'll make it useful again but they fail to understand the reason they suck is because they shoot frozen peas. With no damage falloff they still require 5 body shots while Inf equivalent only requires 3. The TTK is insanely long compared to...well everything.
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  19. sindz


    While its not bad per say, its pointless since there is NS11-A at the same cost.
  20. z1967

    Burst weapons. I tried using the Trac-5 burst with a suppressor and grip (hindsight says laser or flashlight might have been better...) and it is about the most annoying weapon to use in the world. The first two shots are always accurate and on target whilst the third bullet shoots off to the right. I want to make it my first auraxium but it is doing its best to get me killed. Best way I have used it is camping from the support struts in tech plants. One of these days I will auraxium it *shakes fist at desk pointlessly* one of these days...