Worst gun in the game?

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  1. Tentakewls

    I just finished getting Auraxium on the Solstice SF and it was one of the most painful things I've done in this game. This weapons is supposed to suck because it has underbarrel options, but after the UBGL nerf there's very little reason to use them anyway so you are just left with a crap gun that's outgunned by everything, everywhere. Anyway, I think this is by far the worst gun in this game, so I was wondering, what are other terrible guns? Are there guns that are actually worse than the Solstice SF? Why is this purple garbage allowed to exist?
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  2. doombro

    You should get the underbarrel shotgun. Not even joking. You might be pleasantly surprised. I tried it on my TRAC-5 S one day as a joke of sorts when I had a lot of certs to blow, and I was almost as blown away as my enemies when I saw how well it worked.
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  3. Tentakewls

    I was thinking about it but I was close to auraxium today and didn't want to waste certs on it. Im saving certs ATM >.<
  4. Astealoth

    TRAC-5S is just as boring to use as the Solstice SF. Suffers from the same issues, it's a really lackluster carbine because it can take smoke, grenades, and shotgun attachments. I usually pull it for smoke.
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  5. Paragon Exile

    Without a word of exaggeration, the Phaseshift sniper rifle is by far the worst gun.

    It combines;

    -Slow RoF (You can fire quickly, but it depletes too quickly)
    -Horrible "Clip size" (it recharges)
    -Slow bullets (A death sentence for a rifle that's used for long ranges and needs to hit small heads)
    -Niche role

    It's a rare moment of perfect badness
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  6. Riddlley

    The duster. I don't think anyone has actually auraxd it yet.
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  7. Arcturus314

    The beamer. I've heard people use it effectively but I haven't learned how. I just use it to plink people past smg range.
  8. ColonelChingles

    The worst performing infantry small-arms in the game are the Mercenary, Solstice VE3, and TRAC-5, all with an average KPH of 13.

    The next worse are all the Battle Rifles, which are rather poor performers at 15-16 KPH.

    The Solstice SF is an okay weapon, at 17 KPH. It's a little low for Carbines, as most range from 18 to 22.

    So not the worst, but at the lower end of things. If it makes you feel better, the TRAC-5 S and the Gauss Compact S also weigh in at 17 KPH, so at least it's equally bad. :)
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  9. minhalexus

    The worst gun is the one in the hands of the worst player.
    That being said, all guns are pretty good in this game.

    There are literally 1000s of copies of each and every gun.
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  10. GrymMSK

    Those are the default carbines correct? They're pretty much only used by beginners and low BR's, and carbines are relatively lackluster in general really when you're first starting out, especially considering the classes they come on (engineers are engineers to drive, LA takes a pretty steep learning curve). Not to mention KPH is really only a measure of how much a weapon is used, which most people that would actually get kills have moved on to other guns regardless of how good the defaults are.
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  11. Paragon Exile

    Those stats are likely heavily biased towards being 'bad' in statistics by being the starter weapons.
  12. LibertyRevolution

    expected a beamer thread, left disappointed.
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  13. M2_Bradley

    –°85 –°annister
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  14. Gritmo

    The ghost... bolt action sniper rifle with a largest magnification of 4x.

    The thing's rather useless.

    The beamer ain't bad, comparable TTK to the other handguns but larger magazine.
  15. GrymMSK

    It's weird because I always here people defending this thing even though it really is just the worst pistol in the game. It's a burst pistol that is semi-auto instead. That being said, the inquisitor and the cerberus are both not fantastic either.
  16. GrymMSK

    I actually like the ghost, mainly for the no scope sway and quick rechamber time. That being said, I normally play terribly with it, but when I do get a kill its very satisfying haha
  17. LibertyRevolution

    I also use the ghost, with iron sights, and I only engage targets under 50m.
    Most of the time I use it is from inside a spawn room to clear the guys trying to camp me.
    I don't sniper much, but it seems to fine to me.. I mean its a OHK and its cheap.
  18. Shuguard

    The VS Cerberus pistol? Not many people have an auraxium with that one.
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  19. Baracuda

    If you haven't considered the C85 as the worst gun in the game you prolly have a poor idea of a bad gun.
  20. gunnner10

    Don't spend certs on the deimose shotgun. It's not just my bad aim that makes it terrible. It takes way too long between shots, and I'm usually dead before I can get that second shot