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  1. Leftconsin

    We had two pre-seasons. They were a year ago and eight months ago. When are we getting more? Or is this project scrapped in favor of other things? (other things like black and gold versions of the other NS weapons)

    Getting rewards for playing is still a cool concept. And the directive rewards are all hard to reach seeing as you get nothing until completing the lines. I honestly enjoyed the WDS because it gave us a little more of a meta beyond kill farming. Once pumpkin hunts are gone we'll be back to the same old banal meat grinder.

    Can we please get any word on WDS status moving forward? (or do I have to post on reddit to be seen by people in the know?)
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  2. TriumphantJelly

    Just some more long term goals would be nice :p
  3. KenDelta

    I would love another WDS , Cramps the farm into specific locations.
  4. DramaticExit

    This phrase makes me think og others like "I have a powerpoint presentation!" and "a whole raft of issues". For years it was management/business ********, and now it seems to have entered everyday vernacular. The world saddens me.
  5. Thurwell

    If SOE still wants to make planetside a competitive game they should forget WDS, and they should forget little 12v12 tournaments. Embrace the server smash, hype it, fly the command teams out to the studio, give out awards for winning it. Server smash shows what planetside can really be. WDS was just aimless zergs somehow accumulating disconnected points, and there are other games that to 12v12 or 24v24 better than planetside.
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  6. DrBash00

    I think Thurwell is right, WDS doesent seemed correct, it was so random on the first version the outpopping faction got a free reward for every thing they did. On the second version the underdogs won on every server, and they got more points even if they got dominatet....

    I would appreciate more goals in the game, IN THE REGULAR GAME and not on server smashes only!!! So i hope outfit directives, or even "faction directives" (weekly, monthly wathever) are coming so we can work together on something....

    WDS didn´t feel like working together.
  7. Axehilt

    Making the territory game important actually causes players to spread out more and rapidly switch between bases, if they're playing right.
  8. gigastar

    I think SOE stopped doing it since it essentially boiled down to giving free boosters every week, to everyone who bothered to make a token character on another faction.

  9. Axehilt

    Are you confused about how to play properly, or shocked that anyone would imply PS2 could be played properly (in a world where Emerald VS is avoided because it's too strong, and avoiding Emerald VS is exactly why they're strong.)
  10. gigastar

    Oh i know a fair bit of proper play from the chaps in my outfit who decide to run with the outfit scrims and Server Smash.

    So the latter. By all accounts ive heard it sounds like the bulk of Emerald and Cobalt NC play the game by rolling thier faces on the keyboard.
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  11. KenDelta

    Don't worry , we have a lot of choke-point-bases where fights drag on for LONG , unless the attackers/defenders bother.
  12. Axehilt

    That's actually the worst part of the game right now. All these potentially fun fights ruined by the fact that the game just auto-awards defenders with victory. It buys a small amount of strategic depth for the game at the cost of a tremendous amount of tactical depth.

    But even on a super stalemate-prone continent like Indar, there's still value to whichever faction can shove 60%+ pop at several bases rapidly, forcing the enemy to really be on their toes in order to react properly and defend everything. So it's not like the game is in a terrible place (but it could be much better without so many defender-biased bases.)
  13. EGuardian1

    I fly with my feet thank you very much. I only face stomp when i'm drinking (and even then i'm an above average pilot :p )
  14. Alarox

    WDS was terrible.

    As much as I like seeing 96+ zergs of purely aircraft avoiding each other all day long, I prefer the normal game.