Woodman Server Lag

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Locke, Jul 21, 2013.

  1. Locke

    Seemingly as with other servers Woodman has had issues of spiking lag for players over the last few days (I first noticed this on Friday). I personally have experienced intermittent problems with the health and shield bars not displaying correctly, consumables and explosives not functioning or functioning with massive delay and occasional player warping.

    This is not an issue unique to me as many in my outfit are also experiencing the same and it's been pretty much a constant topic on /yell chat. I've never had this issue before this weekend.
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  2. Orosian

    I first noticed it on Friday, and posted in another thread about it, and I'm going to post in this one too. It's ridiculous! It makes game mechanics like healing, repairing, resupplying ammo difficult/impossible. I can be at full health one moment and then dead the next - from a machine gun.

    It was ridiculous on Friday, and it was ridiculous today. I barely noticed it last night, and was hoping it was gone. It ruins alerts, it ruins battles, it undermines the game, and in my opinion it makes the idea of playing it strongly offputting.
  3. Naelyan

    Playing mainly light assault i can say this started at least Wednesday, this kind of lag issues is pretty easy to spot when the jetpack fuel gauge goes from almost empty to fuel everytime i stop using it, At that point there was already some other weird hit registration issue and at time aircraft warping but that was about it.
    But since Friday it became way worse; unable to resupply from ammo box, repairs/healing are being "rollbacked" everytime, one second delay on ability activation (if they even activate which is not the case at times), hit registration and kills.

    Then there is also that whole unable to connect to server happening some evenings.

    I don't know if it's a woodman/European issue or if it's the same for the other servers but this need to be acknowledged; maybe it's a Noobsieben issue and they need some serious spanking, maybe you're working on a fix but at the very least we need to have someone say you know about this issue and something will be done.
  4. NB88

    This lagg is hatefull.
    As said above, health bars not functioning propperly, repairing and healing slowing down/messing up the health bars, unable to resuply ammo from ammo packs, getting "insta killed" out of nowhere because the time lagg is huge.

    Is SOE even aware of this problem atleast? And are they doing anything at all about it?
  5. PostalDude

    This has been happening on waterson as-well, and connery.
  6. K4is0r

    I noticed the same effect on woodman and for me too it began on friday. Didn`t play much since then, because I can`t use my infi cloak without a 1sec delay and Med-Kits are impossible to use too.
    After getting angry about those latency issues I switched to esamir and there everything worked fine, so it seems that it`s an indar-server issue. Would play on esamir and amerish more often, but I have the impression that there are more people playing the game in the VR training center then on these two maps...
  7. NB88

    This lagg also makes AA flak unusable.
    Yesterday night i was using my AA max shooting vanutards... even when they were hovering ~40meters away from me and shot a full clip no damage was done but they still were able to kill me (same goes for the platoon members in the AA cannons, they could not do any damage at all and did recieve damage).

    This lagg has to stop ASAP, it is killing the game compleetly.

    P.s i doubt people were hacking because that would mean an entire vanutard platoon was hacking.
  8. Riku

    Yeah, the I experienced that lag on Miller / Indar every day when I played there. I noticed Woodman didn't have it despite of having higher pop, one reason why I stayed on Woodman. Now Woodman has the same issue on Indar. ;)
  9. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    I'm sorry you guys are having lagging issues. Right now, we are currently gathering more information to determine the cause of it. Please be sure to submit in a support ticket with your Dxdiag/Msinfo so we can begin troubleshooting this. We may be able to find a correlation between the systems experiencing this. Thanks guys!
  10. DFDelta

    I have the same lag related issues.
    Don't know when it started. Came back from a 4 day trip yesterday, didn't have those problems before that.

    - Health reverting back to red after a heal/repair. Not only when healed by another player, but also after using resto/medkits.

    - Not getting ammo from ammo packs.

    - 5-10 second delay between activating a terminal and actually getting the terminal UI.

    - Vehicles do not take damage and then seemingly randomly explode 5 seconds later.

    - Warping vehicles.
  11. Vishnue

    I'd say Woodman is currently broken. Everyone seemed to be suffering the same problems. It seems like the server needs a reboot.
    Currently unplayable... (not to mention I was just disconnected... fingers crossed to sort this very problem!)