Woodman Nc is a dieing species

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Nariquo, May 8, 2013.

  1. iller

    So the VS-TR alliance will get twice as many people?.... and we'll only get 1/2 as many?
    That would just make it a 5 on 1...
  2. Chipskream

    impeccable math skills
  3. gudman591

    ...complete with a conspiracy theory.
  4. Klyka

    What about a VS-VS alliance?

  5. Ganelon

    Clearly there's a VS-TR alliance going on on Woodman. We never ever fight against eachother during alerts and gang up on the NC, which is why the NC won the last alert.....
  6. Klyka

    All we did yesterday was sit around Indar Excavation site and play cricket and drink tea.
  7. SyIar

    They won it because you guys didn't stop them in the east, vanu was doing just fine, you should've stop assaulting seabed listening, our last minute max crash got you good ;>. Also my crazy lib crashing into your sundys helped.
  8. Ganelon

    Thing is, our options were: attack NC and let VS win, or attack VS and let NC win. I went for the latter because the NC could use some better morale.
  9. Klyka

    So I take it you have taken it on you to actually get the TR to work together?
  10. Ganelon

  11. lilleAllan

    Wish the new cut throats outfit had chosen a more fearsome and less stupid name than "derpy dozen."'
  12. Klyka

    Well someone is certainly doing it cause you guys are not derping around as usual anymore.
  13. tigerchips

    What you guys saying? We won an alert yesterday.
  14. Ganelon

    Don't want to take credit for something most TR outfits are involved in.
  15. Klyka

    There's always one guy who starts the whole thing ;)
  16. Locke

    It's not a final name. They are voting on a final name for their new outfit.
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  17. Ganelon

    NC Corsairs?
  18. Farlion

    I blame Higby.
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  19. Ganelon

    Doesn't everyone? :p
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  20. Klyka

    New NC outfit name right there!