Woodman Nc is a dieing species

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  1. Simferion

    I think this game lacks a proper introduction and a real tutorial.
    Casual gamer enters in and he's instagibbed for a countless number of times until he learns to play. Provided he's not stopped yet.
    So if you are new you die a lot of times with your 1st char, another lot with the 2nd one of a different faction, then you stick to 3rd one just cause it's of the most populated faction and you follow a bigger zerg and this makes more difficult for you to die.
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  2. Dvine

    Oh come the **** on..

    Stop the frickin tears this is tragicomical! All that is happening that you got the dumpy SE Warpgate Curse! People apparently do not fancy that place and they will play other factions till that changes. When VS got it a few months back our numbers gone down to barely 20%, then TR got rotated and they ended up the same, now its NC's turn. Deal with it! Its not like you got the best maxes for any imaginable purpose, AirHammer and tanks with a frackin Invulnerability Shield.

    Stop the tears, suck it up, put on your big boy pants and big boy shoes and deal with it!
  3. Pivke

    says the forum general lol
    awfully loud and smart... not once have i seen you or anyone with your outfit tag on the field. must be one of those special undercover force outfits which only deals in capturing empty bases. sorry bro, but your words cant be taken more seriously than common trolling. :)
  4. Herrick

    As opposed to the mighty and noble g0ds lemming brigade that can't even fly from one base to the next without half of them crashing into each other?
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  5. Armchair

    Fixed that.
  6. Bankrotas

    Woodman is EU
  7. gudman591

    Remind me again what you have that's been nerfed in any way?
  8. Chiss

    Connery is US, Woodman is EU.

  9. Armchair

    People have been crying for nerfing pretty much everything blue. They haven't succeeded in most areas, but they've been crying up a storm.
  10. gudman591

    Everyone's crying for nerfs. Every faction equally. It doesn't even worth bringing this disgrace up, it's like... a natural environment.
  11. BlueJohn

    We just don't organize enough with each other. The main outfits only do joint ops every second week. In the past couple of weeks the TR I feel have been very organized. 2CA/CORE have always been close but the other outfits like YAAR and what not seem to be very close now or they just have a lot of joint ops.

    IP are IP(which isn't a bad thing, I love fighting you guys) The new FVK clan(can't remember there name) are pretty big as well.

    We did loose NCCT but we still have numbers we just don't organize enough its simple. In the past couple of weeks FHM have now started to play regularly with 2 other small outfits. This would get us to over a platoon size now on ops nights.
    We just need more joint ops nights its really that simple. Like look at Sunday! We had something like 25 gals at WG full at the end of the ops night.
  12. Klyka

    IP gotta IP, what can I say!
  13. fludblud

    Faction power waxes and wanes over time, its the nature of such a player driven game when the fate of your faction depends on the organisation of its members, if one side is well organised they should win and therefore another would be no doubt on the losing end. Just a few weeks ago it was the TR on Woodman that were suffering badly but they have gotten their act together and have been seriously performing well during the last few alerts.

    NC Woodman is currently going through a rough patch right now as one of their major and better organised outfits has imploded on itself due to internal issues, this means we tend to avoid alerts right now as many of us dont want to be curb stomped by a giant KOTV zerg. However in recent days I have seen PTG get a cont lock on Esamir and 151 doing more ops days, as usual the mighty G0ds zerg can still hold their own through sheer numbers but we tend to be very one directional in our advance and need others to cover our rear. Hopefully the outfit that rises out of NCCT can fill the void and we can get back to kicking *** once more!

    Ultimately the success of a faction depends on the orginisation of its players far more than it any weapon or vehicle. If you want the NC to succeed then you must be willing to stand up and take a leadership position and fight your way to victory, ******** about it on the forums will not do ****.
  14. Ganelon

    We don't fight NC that much anymore, they're more likely to crush their own zerg. We've started focussing our efforts on the VS, a real threat.
    And no, we're not big, but we most certainly are not ghostcapping.
  15. Klyka

    You guys really do love fighting us.
  16. Loegi

    Last night there was an alert on Esamir I think. I started it when the continent was full, so 33/33/33. Started against NC because they were doing better against us than VS at the moment, but about half an hour in suddenly VS revs up to own mode or something (like almost always happens) and NC just kind of leaves.

    NC seriously has enough to be competitive, it's just that they're quitters. You lost the alert with a measly 14% or so while you started with the same numbers.
  17. Ganelon

    We like a challenge :)
  18. Charlie

    Watch this space ;)
  19. Pivke

    reason? somebody wrote "everyone to the crown!" in orders chat lol. just joking

    i think some platoons went to amerish during the last half of the alert to defend continent lock
    edit: or maybe im on the wrong timeline XD
  20. Skunkworks

    Before the rotation the Terran Republic often dropped down to 20/(VS 35 /NC 45) but even when it was more even it was ALWAYS lower populated than the other 2 fecktions.
    As a previous poster postulated, it is down to the 'unfavourable' rotation as we all take it in turns to start at the warpgate we least like.
    My point however is not this, my point is that I LOVED being the underdog, continually warpgated and losing everything.
    Being battered to buggery and holding on by the skin of your teeth is sooo much more fun than victory through superior firepower (or soldier numbers)!!

    I earned more certs during that time than the other two so called favourable Warpgate locations combined.

    I'd always chose the least populated map as that map was always the one where we (TR) were being completely over-run and I'd jump in my tank and give it the Stalingrad routine, holding points often being the last man standing.
    Great fun.

    Try it, you might just like it.