Discussion in 'Player Support' started by DJStacy, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. DJStacy

    Same issue as last night when you click play you just get a loggin in mess for 5/10 mins before it returns to play, with no game start !!!!.

    This issue was the reason SOE rebooted woodman last night, does it need a fix again already ????
  2. DJStacy

    I have premium membership, and am raising the issue because I'd like to log and play pls SOE.
  3. Longstar

    Same problem. Logging in , then ...*.....*...*...
  4. olievlekje

    Same here stuck at loggging in
  5. Veratu SOE

    Right on time :) we've been waiting for this to occur, it's a known issue that we are trying to isolate. We're working on it right now and I will provide info soon.
  6. RoaRawR

    same with Ceres, stuck at login
  7. DJStacy

    There is another thread at the top of the tech section started by a dev pls post there.
  8. Cristari

    Lets hope that is quick I'm staring at the login screen same as yesterday!

    P.S. If i do get in I'll get dropped after 5 mins.
  9. Vepo

    I've been waiting 45 minutes to log into Woodman. I hope this gets fixed soon because I don't want to miss out on more of the Double XP weekend!
  10. Noppa

    Yeah would be nice to play , sucks to be stuck on login :)
  11. Rootington

    Seems to be affecting Cobalt too (again) . . . or it may just be me :(
  12. Pigletson

    Not just you Rootington ;)
  13. MrMojay

    I have the game running and I am stuck at the login screen. It must be affecting all the EU servers. :(
  14. Azzatai

    Also login problems, works after a few tries, but getting disconnected after a few minutes. Happened twice by now.
  15. ZakanSparta

    Damn it, why wouldnt they just fix it? Its not some side problem, that affects some part of gameplay, its literally killing the entire game for half of the population. And its happens at least once in two days, sometimes even everyday. Can't find words to express my anger enough...
  16. Cristari

    So much for the double XP period cant even log in and this has been happening since the start of that period.
  17. Noppa

    Okey time to boot the servers, fix this issue some other time when ppl arent playing this much ... -.-
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  18. ZakanSparta

    Its really annoying... had about hour and half to play with my friend, we both working fathers, and its hard to find that window of time even in weekend. Now Friday morning was maintenance. Today - same "logging in" crap... Maybe for people that can play every day for hours its not that bad, but for me its almost week ruining BS...
  19. ins1337

    guys its just gone back up! or at least mine just worked on woodman! Try now! :)
  20. ins1337