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  1. SClaw

    Lots of stuff wrong with the game, but this is the worst and easiest to fix (no need to repeat all the dozens of ideas the community has). We all shout whenever we see anything vaguely related to Woodman or populations but SOE does not appear to care about the quality of play on any server. We are wasting our pixels.
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  2. TeknoBug

    This is an issue with almost every server now, some vastly overpopulated TR like Waterson and somewhat Miller. A month ago Miller used to be a perfectly population balanced server, what the F happened?

    Connery is probably the best population balanced server now unfortunatley there's sooooo many bad players on there, I've been in so many god damn bad squads on there lately.
  3. SammySide

    Woodman is getting boring as hell from these pop imbalanced now. Sure, the NC had a small population advantage for a few months prior to June - but that's just it, it was small! The VS has a constant +10% pop increase over the NC and TR at peak times. Combined with the fact that the VS are the only faction that win every alert it makes this game almost unplayable. Fix this problem ASAP SOE or at least give us the option to transfer characters across servers, I am too invested in my NC to move faction or server.

    Such a badly run company to let things like this go on for so long...
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  4. Revenis

    Populations seem to be normalizing...the alert during prime time on easmir last night, has the most balanced we've had in almost a month. A lot of the newbies that joined in force last month due to that youtuber seem to be dwindling off...or joining other factions.

    Its worth also noting, gods have more members than kotv... though haven't seen much out of them in the last month, aside from the occasional squad here and there.
  5. Riku

    How rude! All this means is that more people experience enlightement while the unworthy who don't become the chosen cry...cry cry and cry to the great Lord Vanu to release them...

    Anyways -- Most of the time when I'm online, VS have 33% pop. Sometimes they have 5% less than TR, sometimes even NC has most.
    I see VS having the most at early night. But not during prime time.

    I agree tho that if there's a pop balance issue character creation should just blocked for a short time (for the overpopulated faction) to balance it out.
  6. Guadoc

    I'd like to believe differently but every time I looked at server pop over the weekend it was showing 40%+ VS and the other two mid 20s to low thirties (mainly NC with a bit higher pop but at one point I saw we were outnumbered by TR for once), maybe I was just unlucky when I looked.

    The joker on the first page who said VS needed more population just shows how bad players they must be if he thinks that with a 10-15% pop advantage over the other factions ;)

    BTW anybody think it is just a coincidence that there seems to be a lot of threads about VS over pop on various servers? Whether it is justified or not there must be a general perception that Vanu are OP at the moment, I can't see any other reason why there would be a sudden flock to that faction.
  7. Revenis

    I certainly dont think vanu is op at the moment, like the other factions, they have strengths and weakness's. Those who only play one faction, or only take their perception at the time of death, will rarely see that however...

    Take nc scatter maxes for example, running into one of those as infantry is probably going to end badly at point blank range... at long range however, they're screwed.

    In the first situation, the players perception in the victims case is "omg scat maxes are op", after most likely having been shredded before, he/she realized the danger. In the second, a HA player, would consider the scat max to be an easy kill.