Witnessing what a truly organized Outfit can do.

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Necron, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. Necron

    Last night I dusted off my TR toon. I had been growing more and more frustrated with the NC on Connery since my old outfit disbanded. I had tried a few NC outfits but never really got that feeling that we were working as a team towards a common goal.

    So, as I said, I got out my TR toon just for a change.

    I hadn't really played him in quite a while... at least a month or so since I played him for any more than an hour or two. I dropped in a at warp-gate and started to look for a public platoon to join up with. I found one host by the Outfit XPIV, and dropped in.

    Well, colour me shocked. In I drop and am greeted by the platoon and squad leaders giving clear and precise instructions on where they wanted us and what they wanted us to do. And not just go here do that, but little things like splitting the 4 squads in half and having us assault different targets. All with overarching goals in mind: Establish a control point at location X and then branch out to buffer that zone with the surrounding zones.

    It may sound like nothing, but it was something I had never really seen much of in NC travels, as most platoons were just "pull armour and zerg A" kinda instructions. it was very refreshing to see leadership that knew what it wanted to do, and tried hard to get that job done. We rolled pretty hard for the time I played. Attacking and counterattacking until my game finally crashed (WTF SOE) and I had to head for bed.

    Hats off to all you guys in XPIV, your Outfit is first class. I am glad to have run with an Outfit that set real and attainable goals for itself beyond just zerging points for XP, and it shows me what a really organized group can do.

    Kinda makes me want to play my TR toon more if I can find this kinda gameplay all the time.
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  2. FocusLight

    The saddest part of posts and stories like this is that, if even just half of them are true, then NC in general, across multiple servers, are generally lacking in tactics and strategic insight, and it's costing them.

    WHY is that? How can one faction out of 3 in an online game happen to get the bigger brunt of incompetence and inadequate people who don't organize effectively enough across the board to make a serious difference?

    I'm glad to hear you had fun OP, but seriously you should have found this in NC with ease.
  3. Locke

    SOE needs to add a lot more support into the game for outfits and team play in general imo. Successful outfits really make this game more than just a zergfest and I strongly suspect that a lot of long term core players are here primarily for their outfit community. Successful platoon and faction leadership also needs some sort of reward tied into it even if it's a cosmetic approach such as command exp that unlocks titles and emblems etc or just a +xp% "command bonus" when leading a squad/platoon.

    There was something for outfit recruitment that was road map scheduled for last month and then delayed (for optimization I suppose) but there have been tons of good ideas on different forums of how to improve on outfit and platoon leadership functionality. Even a much better in game outfit interaction system would be a start (an outfit MOTD that displays for 5 seconds when you log in, useful stats on players(activity, joined date, made rank date), a calendar with built in functionality etc).
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    you're delusional if you think there's a difference in playerbase and skill between factions. any difference in performance is due to raw population and equipment balance, period.
  5. Necron

    I never mentioned weapons at all. I said I was impressed with the leadership of the platoon I was in, and that it wasn't a thing I saw a lot in my NC play.
  6. Locke

    I find this interesting also. NC as a faction seem to be really lacking in big well organised outfits that take the game seriously. It is pretty telling that despite having a decent population across most servers I haven't heard of a single one where the NC is a dominant force at present and it also shows up on the outfit leader boards where only 11 of the top 50 are NC.

    I do have some ideas why that is that I dont want to go into (as forumside will no doubt descend to debate and tell me how wrong I am with no way to prove either way) but I do get the feeling that people stick with TR and VS characters more than they do with NC and again the leader boards do seem to back that idea up (43 players/21% NC in the top 200).
  7. Accuser

    The faction with the most "free" and "individualist" philosophical backstory also attracts the people least likely to coordinate with others. Not particularly surprising.
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  8. ytman

    I know my Outfit is solid on Mattherson. What I do notice, however, is that Mattherson's NC is composed of many 'small' outfits. We are certainly one of these. This means that generally speaking most of the organized outfits are running at near or about full with just their membership and a few friends. Getting a second platoon requires a significant amount of work and is often unable to be done effectively. I also know other people also find it very difficult and tiring to manage what they classify as 'smurfs' or 'blueberries' and otherwise lock them out.
  9. Hoki

    umm no, good leaders can make all the difference. lack of discipline has destroyed more armor columns than anything else.

    a 12/12 galaxy honeypot can bait the entire enemy air force into a skyguard surprise.

    Just having trivial infantry organization as simple as "Bill and Mike, guard the sunderer and nothing else" can completely change the course of a fight.
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  10. Fenrys

    I wonder if it has to do with the psychological profile of the sort of person who thinks "tyrannical oligarchy" is synonymous with "freedom"? ;)
  11. Kid Gloves


    TR's general flavour is militaristic and disciplined. NC's general flavour is individualistic and rebellious. While both factions no doubt have a mix of all types, there will be a tendancy and this is going to be enough to sway the odds.

    It will shift, though. Disciplined outfits looking for a challenge will start taking a subset of their members across to weaker factions looking for 'the good fight'

    lol. as if other factions somehow magically don't possess people capable of the same actions. then again coming from a waterson TR your hubris isn't surprising.
  13. Hoki

    This might be the case but I doubt even 5% of players even read the lore or backstory. I picked my server first, Jaeger, because of the delicious drink its named after. THEN I piecked TR because (when I joined) it was the lowest population.
  14. Hoki

    I didn't say that. You've clearly got something you want to get off your chest. It wouldn't happen to be striker related would it?
  15. Locke

    You do know Jaeger means hunter in German right? ;) I'd hate to think someone is wondering around thinking Jaeger's Fist is some sort of auraxian Jägermeister brewery facility :).
  16. Bill Hicks

    NC is full of people who wiped all day on Moroes.
  17. JudgeDeath

    Look at the factions from the perspective of a new guy joining the game.

    You have VS with the control and tech worship of sorts. "Technology is mankinds only salvation"
    Then there is TR with the militaristic and highly structured organization outlook. Professional army.
    And finally the NC with the rebel attitude and rock&roll. Murica **** yeah being the motto essentially.

    Those sides appeal differently to different kind of people:

    VS: I want to give orders and make it happen.
    TR: I want to follow orders and make it happen.
    NC: I dont give a **** about orders and i'll just shoot things to make it happen.
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  18. LordCreepy

    Actually "Jaeger's Fist" sounds like a por_n title if you think about it..
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  19. Phrygen

    Its easy to be a winner on a winning team. (TR in this case)

    Its hard to convince the defeated to keep trying. (NC in this case)

    My point is, you shouldn't be shocked that a TR platoon leader is giving good orders when winning, and that his team is following him when he is winning. That is easy. Doing it when you are losing is hard.
  20. miraza

    NC is the 'default' faction. It is therefore the one most likely to attract the people who aren't that invested in thinking things through and just want to log in asap and get some quick shootmans action in. Nothing wrong with that - it's just a game after all - but it does cause more frustration for the organized people on the faction trying to herd them somewhere useful

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