With the stabilization buff, the Prowler and Vanguard will be able to strafe 3x faster than the Mag

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Ztiller, Jun 7, 2014.

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  1. Vortok

    They could just make a different change - crosshair remains visible in third person for vehicles.

    It's practically a QOL change, since other tanks can already get a turret that stays relatively steady and doesn't spaz out over minor bumps by leaving first person mode. It's just that learning to shoot that way takes some time so it's not friendly to people that are just getting into tanking. Adding stability in first person will just lower the time needed for them to catch up.

    I think having a bit more mobility in vehicle fights will make them more fun, and fun is the most important part. Imbalances that arise can be adjusted by any number of tweaks in other areas.
  2. Flag

    Actually, for once they're not going for the easy solution.
    What we're getting now is better than just giving crosshair in 3rd person.
  3. Rhumald

    ... it's not about strafing. It's about where you keep your armor. the Magrider can keep it's front, strongest armor towards it's opponent at all times, and dodge attacks. Your opponents meanwhile, need to expose their weaker, side armor if they want to do the same, and they need to stop and turn, should they need to move towards or away from you (normally due to infantry routing).

    You will maintain the unique ability to move in all directions with minimal effort, while shooting other tanks. Honestly though, I wouldn't be upset if they let you strafe just a little faster, 25-30m/s seems a reasonable change, so long as it's only available as a part of one of the chasis (I vote racer, combat could let you change directions faster).

    Need I remind you that your magrider also maintains some of the best AI and AV secondaries, as well as the ability to climb to, into, and out of far more places than any other tank (and can at times run over vehicles, such as lightnings, others cannot)? you have strengths that you can play to.
  4. Mongychops

    Fun fact: The Vanguard has stronger side armour than the Magrider has front armour (65% resist Van side, 63% Mag front).

    You can make the gap even wider if you put extra side armour on the Vanguard (+10%) and extra front armour (+5%) on the Magrider, for 75% Van side, 68% Mag front.

    The Vanguard main cannon has higher DPS and velocity than the Magrider main cannon, the Enforcer / Halberd has higher DPS than the Saron HRB beyond suicidally close range, and of course the Vanguard gets its shield. So yes, if this change goes live as it seems to be said to, the Vanguard would be able to; strafe in a fight with a Magrider better than the Magrider, have better cannon velocity to counter the Magrider strafing, have higher armour to absorb the Magriders fire that does land, and if he somehow manages to get in trouble he still has his shield to gain +50% HP for 6 seconds.

    We'll have to see what goes onto the test server, but there are going to need to be changes beyond what has been suggested so far to maintain the MBT balance.
  5. lNeBl

    The vanguards side is significantly stronger than the magriders front. So what you said is not true.

    The only reason the mag can compete with other tanks CURRENTLY is because of the turret stabilization and its ability to shoot people on the move vs tanks that have to stop to fire accurately.

    This update will give the other tanks the two biggest advantages the mag has ALL the while having greater armor, speed, damage, bullet velocity and ES abilities. This indirectly makes the mag way weaker. Being able to turn sideways and strafe at 50+kph and fire on the move all the while having even more armor than the mag is clearly going to be superior to the mag's measily 20kph strafe.

    The mag will need a significant buff to compensate for this. No real room for debate.

    And I shouldn't have to say it but the enforcer is clearly superior to the saron.
  6. Rhumald

    The hell you talking about? I get insta 1/2 gibbed by the saron all the time. The key is to rapid fire it instead of charging, you have a lower TTK that way.

    I don't disagree that the mag could use a slight buff somewhere, just nowhere near as extreme as what's being chanted by the masses, given the strenghts already present in it's maneuverability. Everyone's overlooking the fact that they're trying to force tanks closer together, and the magrider really shines in close quarters. The only saving grace the vanguard will have against you is it's shield (Given that I do expect a slight buff to the mag somewhere). Come up with a tactic that makes it pop it's shield before you launch your assault, and you'll be golden.
  7. Flag

    If you take a vanguard without the shield, with a maxed out Enforcer and TitanAP, and face off against a magrider with the Saron HRB and Supernova FPC the Time To Kill will be close, but in the vanguard's favour under ideal conditions.
    However they're close enough to make initiative and aim the biggest deciding factors.

    .... that is if there's no shield, the mag can't hide and both sides are actually capable of aiming.

    Come the patch, this might no longer be true thanks to the sharing of one of the magrider's two main advantages (mobility and shooting on the move).
  8. Rhumald

    When I say that the Magrider excels at close quarters combat, I mean that it has the highest base turning speed by a large factor, and it can keep itself behind an oposing tank foolish enough to engage it in close quarters. There's a lot that factors into the current mechanics of tank play staying mid to long range engagements, and the simple truth is that either side is constantly trying to counter the other side's strengths.

    Case and point, I am not afraid to engage both a Prowler or Vanguard with my fully certed AP lightning in close quarters, because I'm good at working my way into that weak point, and then it only takes 3 or 4 shots to kill it (depending on if there's an engy actively repairing it) from full health. I'm only using nanite repair on my Lightning, so there's no armor boost there, it's simply a matter of properly placing myself. I've even intentionally rammed them sometimes, because I know they have a combat chasis, and I want to prevent them from turning their frame.

    I can't use the same technique on most mag pilots, I'm forced into more traditional engagements with them, even when I get the drop on them, because I can't keep in their rear or side armor without literally driving under them, and hoping they're not smart enough to drive off, or the terrain differentials not great enough that I take damage from them sitting on top of me.

    The mag rider can use the same techniques I use in my lightning in close quarters. With a more powerfull AP cannon (compared to my lightning), I have full confidence that it can and will take out both Vanguards, and Prowlers at that distance.

    Nothing's really going to change though, we'll all still lose our tanks to infantry most of the time, more so, seeing that SoE's trying to force tanks into the thick of combat, something I cannot see going well without huge boosts to their resistance versus everything, and I mean big enough to make them scarry juggernaughts slugging it out.
  9. vanu123

    The prowler is the best tank in close and the Vanguard has armor and sheer damage to bail it out in close. The mag has neither of those traits.
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  10. Flag

    As Vanu123 points out, compared to flat damage or durability advantages, mobility is nowhere near as potent, nor as reliable.
    And if it was, the mag would be overpowered because of how mobility works.

    Ps: Do you even know what the weak point for the mag (versus a lighting) is? I'm starting to think that you don't.
    So what if you drive under them? Guess what the mag can't do if you're there ....
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  11. Klypto

    Jesus. Stop talking to him then. I'm just trying to read this thread you both are driving me nuts.
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  12. Alarox

    The Prowler is the worst tank in close. The Vanguard is the best.
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  13. Klypto

    Have you tried doing it? IMO it's usually pretty hard to remain accurate.
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  14. Klypto

    I don't understand.

    You are not moving, so even if the effective range was cut down to 1/10th, he still would have hit you just fine. Short range tank to tank combat will make the game worse.
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  15. Klypto

    Please stop.
  16. Klypto

    The difference between that and the current Halberd is....?
  17. Phrygen

    so they are finally adding stabilization to the prowler and vanguard...

    Such a terrible idea.
  18. Ztiller

    Prowler worst in CQC? Have you ever seen what a Vulcan can do to your tank?

    In CQC the Prowler gets massive DSP, and the Vanguard can utilize his armor and shield. But in CQC the Magrider gets nothing.
  19. Alarox

    The Prowler gets eaten alive in CQC. It loses to a Vanguard head-on, and if it gets jumped (like by a Magrider) it has no defensive ability or escape tool.

    What the Magrider has going for in CQC is the massive burst damage of the Saron, and the fact that the Magrider is the best tank when it comes to positioning allowing for a higher skill cap in flanking.
  20. Bortasz

    Pleas people stop calling moving forward and backward strafing. English is not my native language and even I know this is wrong.
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