With the big 3x SC deal coming up, here's what's worth the SC

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  1. Fellgnome

    #1. AI MAX weapons. They're expensive but MAXes are great for getting lots of easy kill streaks and thus good for your XP/min. Having dual Blueshifts, Mercies, Mattocks will be a huge boost to your power to influence fights.

    #2. Lightning AP / HE. Lightnings can be pulled from many more places than MBTs, they're cheaper, and they're stealthier. Great for farming. The Viper is still "okay" for AI work but HE is more versatile I've found, since Viper is donkey at range.

    #3. One or two good camos and helmets. A lot of people go crazy but I found that I CBA swapping through several camo options, mostly just use one for everything.

    #4. A second burster. For ground AA, a burster MAX is still the best, or at least the least situational - they're smaller targets than any vehicle AA and can be pulled from spawn rooms. You can also swap back to AV or AI weapons at terminals, unlike with the Lightning's Skyguard which you're stuck with once you pull it. Having 2x good AI/AV/AA weapons on a MAX is probably all you really need in PS2 TBQH.

    #5. NS-7 PDW, since infiltrator class without an SMG sucks and they're all expensive. If you're dedicated to a single faction, you might choose a one of the faction specifics though I'd still recommend the PDW or even the MKV for TR.

    #6. NS Commissioner. Particularly if you're VS, as TR / NC you might use Repeater/ Desperado instead.

    #7. Flash m40 Fury. It's fun and hilarious and you can pull it at any terminal. I wouldn't recommend it without wraith though, as you're very very vulnerable and need to be sneaky.

    That's all the non-faction specific-ish things. For faction specific, all I can really recommend is the NC stuff I hate and think is overpowered - Ravens, Phoenix, Jackhammer. Of course VS has the PPA, but the PPA is relatively cheap and not worth buying with SC. As for TR, well... TR's empire specific unique stuff mostly sucks. There is the Banshee, but it's only 100 certs and not many people fly.
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  2. CorporalClegg

    Good list! I'd include ESF components as well since starting to get into the flying game with a nosecannon and level 1 afterburner tanks is..... problematic.
  3. Fellgnome

    Eh I don't fly so hard to make recommendations there. I also wouldn't recommend anyone try to get into the air game at this point in the game unless they're a dedicated masochist.
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    The new voice packs, although pretty dang expensive, are well worth it. The only bummer there is is that the sound files are in english, which is a bit weird if your game runs in any other language. (Personally I think that it should be either one language across the board or multiple languages in the mix, not only two. I would like to hear characters speak in english, german, spanish, italian...whatever people have installed with their game. Maybe not french but some kind of fictional alien language for VS would be cool.)

    Saron HRB
    Supernova FPC
    Hornet Missiles
    Horns Horns Horns!
  5. Rovertoo

    Pheonix OP? It's fun to use, sure, but OP? I'm lucky to kill anything with it unless it's under fire by lots of other friendlies.

    Hopefully TR's Striker is getting buffed soon though,so you might recommend that once it rolls through.
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  6. Ronin Oni


    What 3x SC sale? o_O

    I'd like to see a source on that.
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  7. TwwIX

    Also, keep an eye on Planetside 2's Steam page. Steam's Thanksgiving sale should be around November.


    I got those three packs for a heavily discounted price during the summer and they're definitely worth it.

    As for purchasing stuff with SC. Anything that unlocks cross-faction. That's the only thing that i have really paid SC for and the occasional cosmetic item. The cross faction vehicle bundles are by far the best bang for the buck. I unlock empire specific weapons/items only with certs.
  8. AssaultPig

    I'd be pretty surprised if there were another 2x SC sale, let alone 3x.

    Also, if you want the PDW don't spend SC on it. Get the 'fresh meat' bundle and you get the PDW, a camo and a small boost for two bucks.
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  9. Ronin Oni

  10. [EoW] Poseidon

  11. Ronin Oni

    Best one is the first one IMO...

    But the only thing I don't have are the pistols :p (well, I have the other VS pump shotty but BFD)

    Package with Underboss would be "good" for me since I only own the camo already... but the NS15m isn't exactly the best LMG

    NS11C + Commissioner is the a good package... BUT there's a better package that includes the Indar Dry Brush for 199SC in game bundle IMO. That said, if you get it for < $2.50 it's prolly worth it for the Commissioner alone, and the NS11C is a bonus. I already own the Commissioner AND the camo though :p

    They're pretty good bundles if you want the items in them anyways, and don't own them already of course :p
  12. vsae

    What makes all of you think there will be 3x sale? :)
    There wont!
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  13. LightningWolfTigrBer

    This. Google just brought up a few articles from the 2011-2012 sales and I didn't see anything about triple station cash on the SOE main page.
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  14. Ronin Oni

    Yeah, they've said they won't even do 2x anymore.

    You might get bonus 500SC on 1500SC retail cards...

    They might do 30-50% off/bonus as some special promotion.

    But mostly, they're just going to rely on game specific sales. SC is multi-game currency.

    ie; during XMas they'll have 1SC daily items for members, 99SC dailies for everyone, and category wide 50% off sales to get whatever you want.

    They'll also have sales on their Cash for items bundles.

    But discounts on SC will be rare indeed if ever seen again. I'm seeing more and more bonus item SC card codes rather than bonus SC even, and that used to be the most common method of discounted SC (which would even stack with 2x/3x SC so a $15 card could land you $60 worth of SC if you did it right)

    Since their payouts to PlayerStudio creators are based on SC spent on transaction, and has nothing to do with cost of the SC used in the purchase, that would mean that, particularly since PStudio items are the most popular these days, SC sales would actually COST SOE money. There's NO WAY they'll ever have those again.

    Pro? We have player studio.

    Con? That means they can't do SC sales. Logistically... Economically... it just doesn't work.

    In game sales are twice as good though, so it's all fair IMO

    PS: SC sales also encouraged mass purchases and hoarding SC. SC on players accounts factors as money on loan in their books until the SC is spent/used/redeemed. So even before Player Studio it was a bad method for them economically. It made them look bad to investors.
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  15. blackboemmel

    3x SC?
    Phoenix OP?
    Smells like troll-spirit...
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  16. Bonom Denej

    This topic have been covered many times, there won't be any 2x or 3x SC sales ever. They mentioned why a year ago, IIRC it's a decision made from way up in SoE's hierarchy. So yeah, don't get your hopes up on anything like that again.
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  17. Goretzu

    It does seem to be. :confused: