[Suggestion] Wishlist - Faster Bann for Hackers

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by 3punkt14159, Oct 8, 2015.

  1. 3punkt14159

    Ok, i am pretty shore that this is not the first time that someone mentiont that DB should do something against hackers.
    Here the Situation: One TR MAX is flying in the sky killing all Vanu Vehicle whit auto aim and farms away hole zergs. In the last minute of the allerts he kills severel hundrets of players while playing infanterie. So TR wins the alert whit 1 % more then Vanu, damm unsatisfieing for all the other players.

    So why dont you set up an algorithm that banns players for 100 % unrealistic stats. he gets his 23 Battleranks all today, he actually got a k/d rotation from 87 to 1, and he earns 1400 xp whit out any booster.

    It couldt be that hard the solve an autobann for that kind of stats. Bann him for a day, until his char is checkt. So guys like he will not destroy the game for 1400 fair participants on all fractions!

    And sorry for my bad English ;-).
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  2. LordAnnihilator

    I cannot help but agree with this. I've barely been on the forum 2 weeks, and already there's been endless threads about hackers. And for once, Forumside can agree on something: Hacking is bad, and they should be stopped. This is ruining the game not only for new players, but for old, regular, and paying players. Want to keep the money coming in Daybreak? Solve this problem NOW. Otherwise, we will all leave, and you'll be left without any revenue as the Hackers have mid-air MAX dogfights without spending a penny.

    The three factions are united. The fourth faction couldn't care less. This is the fifth faction, the most dangerous of them all, and the one which must be stopped at all costs. I rest my case.
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  3. Goretzu

    To be fair DBG did something that seemed to make it better for a while, or conversely something has stepped up the hack makers rate of production/success (or both), because it was a lot better for a while, just the last few weeks they seem to have become endemic again. :(

    The flying MAXs and sundys stuck in rocks do very quickly ruin any battle.
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  4. LordAnnihilator

    To be fair, I don't believe I've ran into any hackers yet (and I play on Miller regularly), so I'm lucky, but from the frequency of these threads something must be done. Planetside 1 was membership style, right? And yet that got shut down effectively by hackers. It's a very real problem, for us who want to enjoy the game and invest time and money into it, and for DBG who want more people to come play to generate revenue.

    The so-called "Game Staff" who appear on this site don't even bother to read the threads or the replies before posting about how they're 'fixing the issue' when in reality there's a lot of evidence the issue is still very much there. DBG needs a proper kick up its collective backside in order to do something about this, IMO, and that's either going to come of:
    A) Prolonged and repeated issues with these hackers for a month or more until it reflects in money figures and DBG does something minor about it that doesn't really solve it.
    B) A hacker going above and beyond what we've seen so far and Jacking an entire server to piss on, which will immediately raise red flags.
    C) DBG actually doing something useful after hearing our pleas
    D) Us doing something to get their attention. A petition, a game event, a boycott, something needs to be done to solve this.
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  5. Liewec123

    make 30 reports by rank 20+ players auto ban someone.
    DBG can then saunter in (8 hours later like they usually do), and investigate the ban.

    Limitations and rules

    • if the ban was unjust (the 30 people were trolling someone they didn't like.)
    then the ban is undone and the 30 people get long temp bans.

    • after 2 temp bans your next will be permanent.

    • you get a warning that your account will be suspended or even banned if you abuse this function when you report someone.

    this seems fairly unexploitable and would give us a fast way of removing hackers without waiting hours upon hours for a GM to turn up.
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  6. LordAnnihilator

    Agreed, you get a like!
    We need a faster way of dealing with this than PS2 players screaming "Hacker! Hacker!" And GMs being all like "Huh? One sec... Maybe an hour... Or two... I'm going out, be back in half a day...or not..."
    It just doesn't work! :(
  7. Rentago

    I don't think they need cheat protection, they simply just need one moderator online to respond to cheat reports so they can go inspect if the report was some salty baby or a real cheater and ban them there.

    The process should hardly be a difficult one, mostly since reports of usually of blatantly obvious hackers, it shouldn't take a month for someone to simply do this.
  8. Shatteredstar

    I could see a system like League's tribunal or the old Everquest Guide program working for this as a first line review and escalation. Report comes in, volunteer can monitor and investigate, if found bad they make notes on ticket and escalate if no issue found, note and mark for closure.

    If an issue or multiple reports about a single player are escalated it gets a higher priority to be dealt with. This would help staffing side as like the guide program it was a volunteer thing, and would help weed through the reports
  9. Hatesphere

    it was all ready this way for about a week when the auto system first came out. the pulled the plug on that after legit players were being temp banned by the salty ****ters who pound the report button at the drop of a hat. its not a reliable way to preform bans by any means, and leaves its self open to false positives and geifing that could destroy an account.
  10. Darrh

    Getting tired of logging in and can only stand it for 10 minutes before I log off because some ofthe hackers in high pop/attack area's.
  11. Lemposs

    So right now DBG can barely ban a person several days into their hacking spree, and we are going to rely on this system to unban us?
  12. RedArmy

    yes, and no
    at this point in DBG finances they really need to give players more control over the game to help aliviate the Devs.
    but some players are vindictive and would ban people without justifyable cause reguardless of action.
    id suggest after 20 reports it autobans, but it has to be within a set timeframe and a warning msg needs to display against erronious reporting before clicking submit. and each report also tracks your chat logs to see what your doing if youve message them, or messaged from others in ways to conspire getting a player temp banned. If this was the case where it was done on purpose no second chances your gone. cuz thats not cool.
    bans need to happen faster, but they also need to be more legitimate. players need to be aware with great power comes great responsibility and you cant assume everyones hacking and just ban all the good players better than them.
  13. Liewec123

    like i said, its rank 20 only, so no making an alt account to tamp ban someone,
    plus the "salty" rager would get a long temp ban and if he does it twice more, a perma-ban, and it would take 30 people willing to jeopardise their account just to remove one guy for a few hours, i don't think it'd get abused with these limitations and rules.

    i doubt 30 people will want to jeopardize their account just to annoy one guy for a short while.
    if the temp bans aren't enough you could go straight to perma bans for unjust reporting.
    flying max with infinite ammo would be a thing of the past, and noone would be stupid enough to destroy their account just to give someone they don't like a small amount of downtime.
  14. haldolium

    While this would be fast, it's just too risky really. The only sustainable solution would be active moderation through GMs which would cost money that DBG obviously doesn't want to spent.
  15. Goretzu

    Have the completely pulled the auto-ban then? That would probably explain the explosion in blatent hackers if that is the case. :(
  16. Hatesphere

    A system like this is a can of worms you dont want to open. on one hand the system is asking players to use their judgement to pick out cheaters and use the report system to hopefully get him temp banned and investigated. on the other its telling the player if their judgment is off in the slightest they now risk a ban for false reports.

    as for the rank limitation I dont think thats gonna help much. a lot of the problem were simply mass un coordinated reporting on some legit players such as lib pilots. Until the have a GM on site 247 I think they should avoid report based auto ban for the most part, a lot of them are false positives on lucky shots or players with bad connections.
  17. Lemposs

    It isn't even that, you'd have to be completely sure. No reporting what other people say, and if one is smart enough a lot of the different hacks are easily hidden to a lot of people and even victims wouldn't be sure that it was a cheat. I mean 1500 hours and I have seen one flying MAX and one speed hack and one aimbot, the rest is hearsay and doubtful and not something I wanted to investigate in my play time.

    It is essentially leveraging the work force over to the players, where we'd need to look up someone's stats every time to see if it looks like a hacker, for the fear of being banned myself. It is risking punishing people for reporting, more than the hackers themselves.
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  18. WTSherman

    Speedhackers can go as fast as they want on the Autobahn. :p
  19. Goretzu

    I've seen more than that this week alone. :(
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  20. Liewec123

    then why not have both? suspicious and certain report functions.
    we could have the standard report for when someone may or may not be hacking, no risk of getting yourself banned, and these generally won't be ruining the alert for everyone so its fine that they get investigated at a later time.
    and then we could also have this "GTFÓ" version for those infinite ammo teleporting flying maxes. ;)
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