windows xp pro 64 edition

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by No0T, Nov 28, 2014.

  1. No0T

    Its saying I dont meet the minimum system requirements when I actually do. I can play using windows 7 but I want to use windows XP 64. Is that possible? Has anybody done that?
  2. Bambasti

    Very bad idea since any support for that OS by Microsoft has been stopped. Nothing you want to go into the Internet with. I mean it's 13 years old. And supports only DX9. Would stick with Win7 or newer versions, anything else just doesn't make sense.

    (Win XP has under 5% usage these days -> - for some reason.)
  3. Grayson

    its still a great OS for old rigs man
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  4. Grayson

    i doubt that the game have XP support
  5. veselie

    Windows XP is mentioned in Minimum Requirements and since the game uses only direct x 9 , I don't see a problem . You should try it if you don't have more than 4GB of ram .
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  6. SGT-Bilko

    If you are running XP you will have hardware limitations, if my memory serves correctly. I do not recall what they were(RAM I think), but you may not be able to detect or optimize your hardware properly to run the game.
  7. vic007

    Works great for me core 2 duo e8500 3.16 ghz geforce 9800gtx+ gforce 4 gigs ram xp 64
    in xp 32 it stops soon as i hit the map did work for 13 20 something min before.
    in win 7 64 it works but i feel as if xp 64 gets just a bit more fps than seven . pluse you can turn off most services on xp but not as many on seven . i get down to like 6 services 12 processes before i launch game 3627376 mb free ram of 4 gig. its fairly playable in big battles and great every where else.
    under win 7 64 it does load game quicker like in 3 min but take 6 in+ in xp 64 but maybe i need new drivers or something for it. i also have 2 hd maybe making a difference.
  8. TSR AlexS Customer Service

    I'm afraid windows xp no longer meets he minimum system requirements to run the game. Please be sure to click the link below for the most updated specs:

    Updated Specs