Windows Kernel modification detected. Please repair or reinstall your system.

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  1. 4JlEH30CM

    seems like its my time to say good bye to PS2. after last Battleye update i can''t play because of my windows isn't licensed and i should install KB947821 and licensed OS but i will never buy windows! even for my lovely PS2.

    i hope it will be solved if you know how then please type
    bye for now.
  2. 4JlEH30CM

    i don't remember exactly because when i am play i am often drunked. i am bought just in PS2 on around 100-200$ its not much of course but i like to pay from time to time in games where i play. also problem is not in Daybreak problem in battleye.

    be shure i'll be careful with door
  3. 4JlEH30CM

    seems like i found solution, i'll buy windows! i didn't even know how much it cost before now)) it's cheap))

    i play in games since ZX Spectrum era one of which I soldered by myself since then i've seen how fast windows versions changed and how they oblige users to buy next. currently it's my eight windows and of course i;ve never bought them.

    so i guess problem solved. burn in hell Bill ! =))
  4. PhoenixFanatic


    You can buy it for as much as 10 $ today :'D
  5. Razeel

    Sure win xp
  6. ChUnKiFieR

  7. FateJH

    You can't get Windows 10 using the article's prescribed method anymore, not since December 2017.

    Some of the commenters near the bottom of the comment section posted links to other downloads (Ethan J and Tahir Shaad) but I'm not interested in testing those methods for legitimacy myself.
  8. Dueliest

    I just attempted to return to this game after a 6 or month hiatus. Naturally I had some updates, and just a few days ago there was a major one, so it was over 10GB to download. I waited a couple hours for the download, wasn't as fast as my connection, after which I pressed play to find a peculiar message I had never seen before, Battleye. Call me ignorant or call me naive but this was the first time in the 900 hours I have played this game that I EVER even acknowledged a program installed behind the scene's, opening a big ******* back door into my computer. I don't cheat, I wont cheat, I don't like cheaters, I have done nothing wrong, Daybreak has. Its a matter of principal over dollars and I for one choose principal. You trade one evil for another. You may have great intent, you may even be effective, but the means does not justify the ends, only your bottom line. You sacrifice basic human rights for every persons who wants to play your game. I wont be one of them.
  9. LordKrelas

    Battleye has been in the game for more than 6 months.
    As well, it's common across games; It's also not a backdoor: if you knew what it is limited to & does at least.
    You also agreed to battleye when you downloaded the game & played it.
    Your principle is nothing is allowed to locally scan a specific folder for modifications, to prevent modifications of the game files, to restrict cheating intent?
    The ends do not sacrifice basic human rights either.
    Unless your basic human rights, include the ability to modify game files for all intents & purposes, on a multiplayer-only title.

    Like, you only noticed Battleye now? Do you even know what it does?
    Or why it's there, and why it has to be there?
    Hell, the thread starter literally pirated windows for no practical reason, and was pissed that piracy was noticed.
  10. Shellby

    Reinstall windows because of the game? even if i love planestide 2 that's the dumbest thing you could make.
    I've spent a lot in PS, but i guess it's time to say goodbye.
  11. PhoenixFanatic

  12. Shellby

    Why the game's anti-cheat has to say to you what version of OS you should use? It's rediculous. Next time please don't put to game Microsoft's spyware that has no other purpose than to force you to buy legal copy of windows.
  13. FateJH

    Technically, you can't use Windows XP or a 32-bit OS because of the game's client so limitations are baked into the game anyway. BattleEye, meanwhile, is designed to add a measure of sanity checks to one's setup in the hopes of reducing expected avenues of funny business. If you don't like it, write to Support and complain.
  14. Towie

    Seems reasonable to me that BE checks the Windows code for any modifications and prevents a modified system from running PS2 (or any other BE protected game). After all, a modified kernel may allow non-legit software (eg. hacks) to be utilised.

    Not saying you are using hacks - but - you can't really question the logic, can you ?
  15. TheSunlikeOne

    If so, let's block the user if he has any software installed besides the game (because it could be HACKS!!!!!).

    The current solution seems to me too radical... like amputating the arm when you cut your finger.
  16. Towie

    BE already checks for programs eg. hacks both in memory (user mode) and on the users HD - my guess is that an exploit / hack has been found to load a kernel mode hack via Windows modification (MS usually prevents non-signed stuff from being loaded).

    Just a guess - but seems strange that BE should suddenly be interested in modified kernels.
  17. Shellby

    That's clearly has nothing to do with anti-cheat.
  18. Towie

    Kernel patching is very much associated with cheats - whether those who simply have a pirated Windows (you can buy a license for peanuts as stated elsewhere) to those who want to hook into a game or bypass / fiddle with the BE kernel mode driver.

    If it wasn't exploitable - BE wouldn't care.
  19. DarkStarAnubis

    Please, document yourself before spitting out those statements.

    BE blocks periodically Recursion Stat Tracker and a plethora of other applications, obviously by mistake...

    By the way, unsigned drivers are far more common that one may think.

    The CUE software I am using (by Corsair, they make mice and keyboards...) has 2 unsigned drivers which have to be patched to allow loading.

    This "highly illegal and potentially cheating" procedure is described in a sticky in their official forum.
  20. Towie

    I agree that Corsair make very nice keyboards and mice - I have a K70 / M65 combo and use CUE to setup the lights for the myriad of keys that PS2 uses - but have never patched anything ?

    BE seems to have whitelist apps that it knows to be good (such as Recursion) but when Recursion changes, BE tends to block it until it has been updated and knows about the new 'good' version. Whose problem is that ? BE ? DBG ? Recursion ?

    Either way, I still don't see why BE would be interested in a hacked Kernel unless it was exploitable. Not that they explain why they do such things; keep the hackers guessing is a sensible approach. I cannot believe that they've suddenly got a beef with those running non-legit Windows...