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  1. Foregone

    Hey there guys,

    got a problem with the current PTS client.

    As soon as I open the launcher and launch the game it gives me an error:

    I already read some stuff about it on the MS-help page but none of the solutions work.

    To be clear:
    I installed the launcher on my second SSD (so there are no problems with permissions)
    I granted full access to my own account.
    I run the launcher as admin

    Strangely enough, the main game works without any kind of problem.
    I am using Windows 10.0.18362
  2. Foregone

    So I had a look around. Apparently the Version of the Windows Insider Programme doesn't seem to be supported with the PTS client. The current live version does though.

    ATLAS seemed to have the same issue, which has been fixed by the developers:

    Is there any way to get attention to this? I would really like to test the new stuff out but can't, because of that error.

    Edit: It also states that BattleEye might be the problem and has problems with the new release.

    Edit 2: Rainbow Six Siege seemed to have suffered under the same problem: So, yes, it seems to be Battleye, that is causing issues here. After the devs are going to update it, it should work fine.
  3. Foregone

    Quick solution found:

    When I replace the ../BattlEye/BEService_x64.exe with the one of the live version, I can start the PTS client without any problems!
  4. Foregone

    Quick update here:

    Obviously you can't do that anymore, now that the new update has gone live. You will be force-kicked out of the game after about 5 seconds.

    So this issue remains.
  5. Tom3k

    I have this problem ?! (error) Needs windows 7 Service Pack 1 Platform Update ?!