Windows 7 vs 8/8.1 performance

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  1. Aelyn

    Hi. I am currently running the game on my i5 2500k, GTX 660 8 GB ram machine and I've been considering upgrading to Windows 8.1 for a while now. What I am wondering is if anyone have any experience with Planetside 2 running on the same machine but with Win 7 and then 8/8.1. I've heard games like Battlefield 4 can gain a lot of FPS in Win 8/8.1 compared to 7. It would be fun to know if anyone's gotten a big buff to FPS or performance in general.
  2. RubberFur

    Windows 8.1 doesn't like PS2, You have to go into Compatability mode for Windows 7 to make it run properly without crashing.
    Once you've done that though, the game does run ALOT better.
  3. Octiceps

    Patently false, unless you're going for the tongue-in-cheek there, in which case, you got me. ;)

    I can say from personal experience, having own several Windows 7 and 8 machines, that this game crashes a lot less in 8 than it does in 7, most likely due the improved memory management in the new OS. I crash once in a blue moon on my main laptop running W8, I'd say maybe once or at most twice during a week of heavy playtime (3+ hours daily). On my main desktop running Windows 7, I crash every two hours or so like clockwork. Both have 8GB RAM and a super lean, mean, and clean installation of the OS and other software.

    CPU load is also distributed more evenly among threads in Windows 8 due to the improved scheduler. Upgrading to 8/8.1 certainly won't hurt your gaming performance, if anything it'll increase it in some titles because W8 does have some nice under-the-hood performance optimizations on the CPU and memory side. The only question is whether or not you can stand the rest of the OS being sh*t.
  4. Bruno Puntz Jones

    I have an i7 / 8GB RAM / GTX560 2GB VRAM machine that I had Windows 7 64-Bit Pro on up until a couple weeks ago. I wiped it and did a fresh install of Windows 8.1 64-Bit, and reinstalled nothing except PS2 and the Logitech and nVidia drivers (332.21 > 337.50 . . . no differences, they all black screen constantly).

    The game ran like **** before the OS upgrade, and it runs like **** after. If there was any improvement from the OS replacement, I haven't seen it. It still crashes and black screens about as often, and still struggles to make more than single digit frames with all settings cranked into the basement in any nontrivial battle. I get 55-60 FPS capped by smoothing while standing in the warp gate staring at the sky. Other than that, it sucks everywhere when actually playing the game.

    According to the FPS meter in-game it is continuously [CPU] bound any time it is at low FPS and under a nontrivial load. So the GPU definitely is not what is holding it back. Before the recent killcam and Liberator patches, I was able to run comfortably on High+ settings, and flawlessly on Medium.

    At this point the only way I could get the graphics settings any lower would be to just turn off the machine and walk away. And the game still is unplayable about 50% of the time due to single-digit frame rates.

    To be fair, I haven't played it yet since today's patch. So I don't know if that has fixed anything.

    But to your question, I would not expect to see any tangible change from an OS upgrade, unless you were stuck on 32-bit Windows 7 only on a 64-bit CPU or something.
  5. Octiceps

    ^There is no difference between W7 and W8 in this game, but you should try BF4, Crysis 3, Far Cry 3, etc. You know, games that are actually multi-threaded properly.
  6. Fatal1o1

    Not trying to dispute what you're saying but, I run win7 and have been using it since PS2 came out. I have had very few crashes. There has to be a different common denominator here. I will go on a limb here and say I believe it's a memory issue and the more memory the better. I have notice many people's specs , who are having the most problems have only 8gb of ram or less. Just my observation. There are some display driver issues also but majority of them are nVidia.
  7. Octiceps

    It makes no difference if the game is a LAA 32-bit application that can only access up to 4GiB (3.73GB RAM) without crashing. SOE has stated multiple times in this forum that the game crashes around the 3GB usage mark.
  8. Fatal1o1

    That is true. Explain to me then why I'm not crashing like many are? Not that I want to mind you. But if something I am doing helps one person , then I am all for it. I did have one hard crash with the 64bit patch. Then they repatched back to 32bit.

    Intel 4770K@4.6
    Corsair H100i
    Asus Z87 Deluxe
    16gb Gskill PC-2400 Trident X
    Asus 290XDC2OC 14.3 Driver
    Thermaltake 1200w
    Creative X-Fi Fatality HD
    Corsair 240gb SSD x2
    Asus VG278HE 144hz
    Corsair 750D Full Tower
    Win7 64bit
  9. Octiceps


    How am I supposed to know if you yourself don't even know? Do I have magic powers?
  10. Fatal1o1

    wow? I just know how to build systems bro. Been doing it along time and have built many. As far as this game goes, ya got me. A lot of people having a lot of problems with this game. There has to be some reason? I just know how my stuff runs it.
  11. Octiceps

    Beats me. You should ask SOE these questions. Good luck getting a response though.

    All I know is that this is a very poorly optimized and QA'ed game, but that's common knowledge at this point.
  12. Fatal1o1

    I don't need to ask SOE anything. My box run this game very well.
  13. Octiceps

    Um, good for you? You jumped into this thread just to get that off your chest? How 'bout actually answering the OP's question?
  14. Fatal1o1

    How about you learn how to talk to people? Letting people know this set up works is constructive. These threads are also public. you don't want anyone in them , then make your statements in private. Are You the forum security gaurd? I am trying to help and you are just being confrontational? You win ....what a jerk. no reason for you to act like you are. I answered his question that was why I posted ...duh! Win 7 ring a bell.
  15. Octiceps

    And what setup is this exactly? You spent 5 posts going after me and didn't even bother to post system specs. You wanna take this outside? My ring's the street son.
  16. Fatal1o1

    Really? Now you wanna go there? You replied to my post first tough guy. In the streets you would be out of your league kid. You are so narrow minded you think you are the only one who grew up in the streets. Well that's enough with your ignorance. Have a nice life tough guy.
  17. Octiceps

    Good riddance.
  18. baka

    I've been playing on Windows 8 (now 8.1) since I built my machine over a year ago. The only issues I have had have been video drivers (nVidia, I am looking at you!) or game crashes (SOE.... shame on you!). WoW, EQ2, DCUO run just fine. LOTRO ran fine once I broke down and installed Net 1.1 (Turbine.......bad form!).
    One thing you might consider is installing ClassicShell ( as soon as you can. Just gets you back to a nearly normal start button and is not really needed.
    Also consider a better antivirus solution. Microsoft Security Essentials (now integrated with the OS) has been coming up lower on the protection results lately.
  19. Octiceps

    Yeah a Start Menu replacement is the first step on the path to a more usable Windows 8 experience. I recommend StartIsBack as IMO it's the best one. Unfortunately it doesn't address the crapload of other things that were removed or hidden in the transition between W7 and W8/8.1...
  20. JGDK

    I am currently testing this on my rig. I can dual boot windows 7 / windows 8.1 on two samsung pro 256 gb ssd's. On both systems i unparked the cores, and use the same nvidia drivers. (Game is installed true steam) Before todays patch, it was rock stable in both win 7 l win 8.1 . The perfermence in windows 8.1 is about 15-25 frames more than windows 7, and the fps drops in huge fights are a bit lower. My frames goes from 190+ in warpgate to lower 70's in huge battles.

    After todays patch, i keep crashing in windows 8.1 - and not one single crash in windows 7. Played a couple of hours at miller server.

    In the end, i think that windows 8.1 is running the game more smooth than windows 7. I will trye to find a workaround for the crashes.
    If you choose to run windows 7. Unpark your cores, it will almost give you the windows 8.1 experience.. Almost though.

    Link to coder bag core unpark :

    I hope this is readable, english is not my main languish :)

    jGDK / Miller
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