Will you use HEAT/HE after the changes?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Alarox, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. Alarox

    Now that everyone's had time to see the changes I want to know. Will you use HEAT/HE after the changes?


    HEAT: It seems like HEAT will only be effective at killing already injured infantry and you're better off going for direct hits when you need to defend yourself. AP is just better for self defense and HEAT isn't nearly as effective at shelling infantry as it used to be.

    HE: HE is in a place where there's no reason to use it. If you want to farm infantry then you're wasting your time; the new HE is worse at killing infantry than the current HEAT. If you're a tanker who wants the ability to kill infantry effectively, HE barely gives you this but takes away all your tank killing potential.
  2. Scr1nRusher

    They are screwing up the Tank and infantry balance so much with the Tank and rocket changes.....

    its going to be annoying.

    If only HE rounds never existed imagine where the game could have been.
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  3. WTSherman

    I'll kind of have to for a while because I don't have enough certs for an AP gun right now, so I'm stuck with HEAT. :(
  4. Alarox

    I want to know whether or not people will actually use the weapons. We can complain somewhere else.
  5. BadLlama

    I'm confused, weren't all those changes instantly reverted?
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  6. Scr1nRusher

    as the cycle continues.
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  7. Rigsta

    I'm actually warming to the changes.

    MBT: I can still see a point in using HEAT in conjunction with either an AI secondary or accurate shots from an AP secondary, eg. Halberd or Saron HRB. This weakens the one-man MBT but retains HEAT's versatility for a dual-crewed MBT.

    Lightning: I probably won't use the Python HEAT any more, but honestly I'd need to use it for a while to be 100% sure. It still has a larger splash and significantly faster reload than the Viper. But I really like the Viper for it's burst damage and ability to take multiple attempts at taking out infantry per reload, so it's highly likely that I'll continue to use that. It's largely a difference in play-style though, so chances are the Pyhton HEAT will still have its advocates (eg. Moukass likes the current Python HEAT).

    I've never been a fan of HE MBT primaries or the Python HE, so I won't be using them :)
  8. Odamit

    I don't think HE now has any tank killing potential, unless you find an abandoned tank / sundy and sit there pecking at it for too long, or you get the last shot in the rear to a burning vehicle.

    As far as farming infantry goes, at this point so long as it's not base spawn farming, or waiting at a specific building / door, then it's free game. Finding a sundy with a high infantry spawn rate before you get spotted is tantamount to finding Christmas presents under the Christmas tree, only, you don't care if they're all the same, maybe a few maxes mixed in. :D Don't forget the niche support role that a half or full AI tank brings to sundy defense in large scale base assaults. They might not see much action until it gets over run, but still.

    Liberators would roam the sparsely covered landscape in droves, eager to farm the next massive foot zerg by splash damage alone, when the infantry didn't pull sunderers or can't find adequate cover on their slow migration to the next base.

    Sadly I probably won't be using HE. If test server had the HE turret changes implemented along with the Directives this past weekend, then yes, I'm not a fan of this malarkey.

    So essentially HEAT's getting knocked down to HE status (good luck killing anyone even with direct hits not wearing Flak) and HE's just going to get implemented for next year's 4th of July celebration - Weapon Grade: Sparkler; it looks pretty, but has a ways to go and it doesn't do much.
  9. NC_agent00kevin

    I guess Ill just keep Python AP sniping.

    I am going to keep using my HE Vanguard (with Canister) till I get the Aurax, then I will switch to HEAT (with Canister) till that's Auraxed. Then I will go back to HE (I like blasting engiees as the rep sundys).
  11. ShortRovnd

    I'll probably quit PS2, the InfantrySide pandering has got out of hand.

    If you died as infantry to a tank round then you were probably doing something stupid like running straight out of a spawnroom door without checking your surroundings or running across an open field without cover. PlanetSide used to be a combined arms wargame, now it's turning into a TDM on a huge map.

    Stop pandering to mindless infantry lemmings!
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  12. Verviedi

    Nope. If they get added I'll go back to playing BF4. The games will be identical after the changes anyway.
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  13. LodeTria

    On my NC I only use AP, and have barely used my HE/HEAT at all.
    On my TR I have used HEAT more due to the two barrels, but now I have AP unlocked I probably won't bother anymore but I haven't played my TR much at all.
    On my Vanu I only use HEAT because I haven't unlocked AP yet.
    In Lightnings I always use AP, apart from the few times I have used HE because the enemy isn't pulling Armour to fight back.

    The changes will give me even less reasons to not use AP. The only other gun I'd use would be HE if I just feel like it, which isn't very often.
  14. Demetrios

    BR100 on all three factions, only just over 100 hours in the Magrider/Prowler, not so much in the Vanguard since I don't find it as much fun, but I'll run AP on all three if the changes go in, not that I use HE/HEAT aside from TR auraxium runs anyways.
  15. Scr1nRusher

    The Tank cannon and rocket changes are not good ideas.....

    but SOE knows then from all the feedback they have got by now.

    I've even gave them solutions/adjustments they could make as alternatives, but oh well. :p
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  16. Nexus545

    Less splash but faster reload. Looks great for people who can aim.
  17. Inex

    I really want HE to be useful, but the AV damage has to be brought in closer before you can seriously consider it (which it looks like they were trying to do with the AP damage nerf). You can't land rounds for reliable splash like you can with the Lib/Gal Bulldog, so you're trading 50% of your AV damage away for the ability to kill infantry slightly better when they're standing against a wall.

    I get they're trying to move away from MBT cannons being farm machines with the splash changes. But what else are they going to do? The vehicle selection is too shallow to consider something like AP vs MBTs, HE vs Harassers.
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  18. Alarox

    Why would you use it?
  19. Nexus545

    A direct hit or a close miss will still kill in one shot with HE and with the faster reload speed you're going to be sspewing out more explosives anyways if you do miss the occasional shot. HEAT now has a small kill radius but it's still the same due to faster reloads.
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  20. Alarox

    If someone wants to kill lots of infantry I don't see why HE will be that appealing. It is the best an MBT has yeah, but it no longer has the old room-clearing potential it used to. It is worse than the current HEAT at killing infantry. The reduction in splash radius means it is a precision AI weapon, but with 175m/s velocity it isn't precise.

    What do you mean here? HEAT no longer OHKs, has a worse inner splash radius, and isn't getting faster reloads. It is most certainly not the same.