[Suggestion] Will you ever be a rocket launcher?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Zica96, Oct 8, 2014.

  1. Zica96

    So Striker, will you?
    It still isn't buffed enough god damnit!! The damage is way to low, it takes like a full mag to kill ONE infantryman, the rockets go f*cking everywhere and you can't even kill that one dude, not to mention there aren't enough rockets in the mag, there should be like 10 or more not 5, just enough to kill a flash, A GOD DAMN FLASH.

    The damage should be the same as before the Hall patch which is 335 or even 350-400 if there's 5 rockets in the mag, if their's 10 it should be 335, i think that would be fair, and their should be some kind of accuracy buff, because the rockets LITERARY go where they want, half of the time.
  2. MotionBlured

    It takes 1 full mag of every other rocket to kill 1 infantry unit, and being able to kill infantry is more than it used to be able to do.

    But that's beside the point, IT'S NOT MEANT FOR SHOOTING AT INFANTRY.
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  3. Hatesphere

    seemed fine to me while i was using it, great at punishing low flying ESFs, and good for ambushing tanks. I dont see the need to level it at infantry targets.
  4. Klondor

    I'm perfectly happy with the current version of the striker. in one battle i actually killed 2 MAXes, a heavy, 2 sunderers, an infiltrator, and critically damaged a cocky scythe who thought he could make a high speed - low altitude PPA run. Give it more time, and start using it as it's intended to, soldier. KILLING VEHICLES.
  5. Zica96

    Did you use Munitions pounch or what? And idk if it's just me but it's hard to kill freaking vehicles, and the infatry thing was just an example, but i'm gonna try it out some more then, since a lot of people are saying their ok with it currently.
  6. sL360

    Patience, comrade. It's still a WIP. This is definitely a step in the right direction.
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  7. patrykK1028

    How to become Rocket Launcher and escape life forever.
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  8. Klondor

    In my personal opinion, munitions pouch is the only way to go with the striker, it keeps your sustainability high, and helps deter enemy vehicles from attacking you, it also allows you to remain aggressive and hound the enemy vehicle to death.
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  9. Zica96

    Yeah i agree with you, i tested it out a little bit and it's actually good against aircraft, not perfect, but pretty good, againts vehicles it's decent-good, but i would still increase it's damage to 250-335, just my opinion.

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