Will We Ever See Melee Maxes?

Discussion in 'MAX' started by YellowJacketXV, Jul 10, 2018.

  1. YellowJacketXV

    Besides the NC Max there is almost no option just to go in and smash people's faces in with a huge suit of power armor. I don't know about the rest of you but, honestly I'd love to shout WH40k memes in a TR Max while smashing in some rebel skulls.

    If all melee maxes were given shield capabilities (like the NC Max) what would be a good trade-off back to the NC Max?
  2. SomaKun50

    Well there have been ideas like this in the past bye the community for MAXes to wield melee weapons with faction specific designs that, if you ask me, are quite good. But hey, only time will tell.[IMG]
  3. brutes359

    Perhaps the irony here is that a melee build wouldn't be all that far off from what the NC MAX's play as normally anyway. Short range shocktroopers intended on heavy armor and weapons. I see it being helpful for killing vehicles quickly as well as instant killing infantry in CQC but with the MAX's rapidly depleting value under the devs endless Nerf assault. It may soon lack the armor or mobility to be useful in that role.

    Perhaps make the melee MAX's More heavily armored then their traditional counterparts with a higher level of explosive resistance. I certainly see the Vs MAX making full use of ZOE with such a weapon to bring sunderers to ruin. And an NC Hammer Max would just be downright fun. It would even give the TR more versatiilty in close quarters. Something their MAX's generally suffer in. And lastly if the swing of the weapon is in an arc rather than a specific target reticule. it would be surprisingly helpful in countering Ambusher Jet Spam and other pesky maneuver focused play-styles that have been dominating the console community lately.

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