Will we be able to buy any tier implants?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by zant91, Jan 9, 2015.

  1. zant91

    Hi, lately I've been seeing upset people because (I'm not sure) SOE is going to let us buy implants?

    Please can anyone explain this to me?
  2. FateJH

    Actually, I believe it is: people are unhappy because SOE does not let them buy specific implants of specific tiers. Also, dissatisfaction with the energy system.
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  3. zant91

    Oh, thanks for claryfing this, then I agree with the people, because I would like to buy for example a tier 4 implant, for maybe 1000 certs? or SC I don't care.
    I find implants really usefull, and also it's true the energy implants waste is too much.
  4. MasonSTL

    Buying implants out right would be P2W.
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  5. zant91

    Not if they give you the possibility to get them with Certs.
  6. BlueSkies



    That +5000% damage implant that I bought for €20 really comes in handy!!!
  7. MasonSTL

    buying the ability to negate a concussion grenade would be P2W. Buying the ability to negate EMP grenade would be P2W. Buing the ability to negate flinch would be P2W. Buying the ability to anything that the implants give you would be P2W, especially if you cold pick and chose exactly what you wanted.
  8. zant91

    Guys, I repeat, if SOE gives you the possibility of get any tier implant with Certs and SC, IT IS NOT P2W.

    Anyone can have the same implants buying them via Certs or SC.
  9. Wargrade

    You can buy the gambling lockboxes to fund Smedley's spa full of cherry jello.
  10. FieldMarshall

    You can buy a bunch of T1 implants and combine them. Thats like buying a random T4 implant.
  11. zant91

    Combine them?, what I do for now is, if I got 5 tier one implants, obtain 1 tier two implant, that is not useful when only a few tier three implants last for get them all.
  12. Rikkit

    all this guys, that see a thing that is at it's best nice to have, and cry couse they didn't get it yesterday for free. how about let implants be your long term goal something you want to have at some time in the future.
    and no matter how much bad luck you get with the crafting thing, at some day, you will ahve all the toys you want to have.
    damm there are games where you have to play for like a month before you can even think about getting the good stuff.
  13. iller


    Ppl are mad b/c all droprates for them and energy was slashed. Meaning that some have to pay money to play a SLOT MACHINE.
    And once they do this unwanted "Cert Economy" update soon, pretty much no one will have extra Certs to spend on the implant RNG which is the whole point for SOE: to get people to buy this stuff with real money.... And to have a major advantage over free to players. ....which for some weird reason, they then announced they plan to balance out later down the road by adding AI-NPC's that will also drop "l00t" so there's a non-PVP way I suppose to get more Energy again. (which is stupid, since they could just finish the ANTS & resource revamp to let people "mine" more energy that way in a non-combat method where running Implants doesn't come into the equation b/c there's far less PvP taking place)

    ...I don't think the game would actually be planetside anymore though after that point (Unless the AI was even better than what they're trying to do with H1Z1 & EQN .... but let's be realists here, there's a REASON almost every trip-A game still has dumb-as-Rocks AI
  14. K2k4

    The only thing i really dislike about the implant system is energy. I hate to buy something that won't be permanent on my character so I refuse to buy chargers ever. as far as actual implants, even with the reduced drop rates I am not obligated to buy them.. one regen 2 implant and the enhanced targeting you start with go a long way for me.

    Also regarding flinch/grenade immunity implants, I am not a fan and i've never used any of these (and don't plan to). Actually I did have the emp shield on one infiltrator loadout to protect me from myself, but they're not really an edge, just a convenience.
  15. ComradeHavoc

    Buying* could* choose*
    As opposed to what? You can already purchase weapons and chargers from the depot. Time is also money. I value my time, so I'm willing to purchase weapons so I don't have to grind for them. Same goes with implants, although I have so many of the damned things I don't need to buy any.
  16. PaidToWin

    I like to discuss the p2w aspect of various games at length, and I have to say that you're not correct about this. Just because you can get something with certs doesn't mean that it wouldn't be p2w if it was also offered for money directly. Why? Because of the random factor attached to the crafting system. It's entirely possible that you could go through tens of thousands of implants without getting the one(s) you actually want, with the alternative being the ability to purchase them for cash. And this would constitute a p2w system. In order for the system to not have a p2w component, the ability to acquire things for "points" has to be unconditionally based only on time and/or effort.
  17. TheMish

    SOE, being a Corporation is likely largely in favor of Free Market Capitalism.

    So very well, don't buy implants. Do not promote that garbage.

    They are hurting the game, more than they're helping it.

    They should stick with cosmetics, which I have paid for, and if nice things come out, will be more than willing to buy.

    Just ignore them, honestly, you get them anyway, I haven't used an implant since energy drops will cut significantly.

    And the game play is honestly better for it.
  18. PaidToWin

    The implant mechanic is bad, and has a proven track record of not turning out well in other games, such as Blacklight. If they really wanted to make more money, they'd drop the price of cosmetics (it's not like we don't have enough; even at a dollar per piece, the whole collection would cost many hundreds), and also allow them to be bought on-demand, as opposed to via bulk SC purchases. This would entice many non-payers to actually buy something, without affecting the profitability of the high-end player demographic.
  19. thethirdlore

    i currently have a tier 3 regen implant, and the amount of times it has saved me is unbelievable. don't mock them, most may be terrible but some can be genuinely useful