Will this game ever work right?

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  1. Yuki10

    when someone shoots and lands a shot, will it be instantly noticeable to the target or will we always have to deal with lag between hit, its detection and signs of it to the target?

    Is this even on the table of possible fixes or do devs consider this unfixable issue that PS2 players just have to live with?
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  2. MotionBlured

    When everyone has Google Fiber, and servers are equal to supercomputers, then they'll do something about it.
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  3. Yuki10

    it's not a connection issue, its their software issue.
  4. MotionBlured

    Game works great on my end, so keep telling yourself it's not your fault.
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  5. Yuki10

    there are videos of this. It is also proven by fact that people die inside spawn rooms after they just ran in. it's been a garbage for a long time.
  6. MotionBlured

    For you maybe, runs great for me, and my good computer, and my awesome connection.
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  7. Yuki10

    i dont have problem running the game. it's not an issue on my computer. I've got 50Mbit down and 25mbit up cable connection. PC is 4.2Ghz Intel I7 with 16GB ram, etc, etc...so I'm really glad you've got a PC that you like..
  8. MotionBlured

    What did you hope to accomplish by making this thread? We both know devs aren't going to answer, so what was the point?
  9. quatin

    Client side hit detection. Look it up, it's not the games fault, more like the ping between 2 players computers. Not too much you can do about that.
  10. FateJH

    If you're going to go that far, then it's not a software issue, it's a design and implementation feature. There's no way the server (which already suffers, at times) can do all the ballistics for all of the players on it and porting it out somewhere else is going to create slowdown anyway. To solve this issue, the game only calculates physics for a given player on that player's client, and then that client tells the server and the server tells each other client about how to visually simulate the same results. It's sort of like distributed computing.

    That, of course, means the performance in respects to network traffic is only as good as its parts.
    If the server is stable - and you KNOW when the server destabilizes - then the only possible things at fault can be you or the person you were engaging with gunfire. The game can't bend the law of physics and process FTL network packets anymore than it can process everyone's ballistics on the server.
  11. Yuki10

    I guess all the other game designers can bend the laws of physics. DBG needs to take "bending laws of physics 101"
  12. FateJH

    I don't even know what kind of "other games designers" you're comparing with.
  13. Tbone

    The answer from the master.
  14. MikeyGeeMan

    For every one of you having am issue, there are 10 of us without issues.

    Why nit post to tech support forum and see if you can get some help.
  15. Wargrim

    The entire "The game is just fine, its all your computer" - narrative is and always has been complete ******** as far as PS2 is concerned. When i read stuff like this: "For every one of you having am issue, there are 10 of us without issues." , my thoughts are: Yes, as far as people still playing the game this is might actually be true ( apart from the incedibly bad server side lag being around since december and affecting a whole lot of people ), but i can as easily claim that for every 1 player still playing this game fine, there are 20* that have quit playing the game a long time ago over technical issues. This game has seen some of the worst stability and performance issues over the course of it existance that i have seen in a released product ever. Dismissing people on the forums that from time to time raise the issues again is easy, but as a part of a gaming community that had way over 50 people active in PS2, and left me as the last one playing it, i can say for sure that technical issues have played a MAYOR part in early population losses. While the situation has improved overall, and i really apprechiate the effords that went into stability and performance improvements, the game is still far away from an ideal state. Just walk into a serious Biolab fight on any day of the week. Or look at things like the vehicle ejection bug, the spawn in air or under ground bug, the spawn at a point you did not select bug, the bugged out personal shields, the bugged out ammo pack, broken region chat, c4 doing no damage, explosives generally not hitting moving vehicles, general hit detection, all damage being delivered in one chunk/burst, people teleporting visually past ~ 75 m, and so on and so forth...

    Blaming the issues of PS2 on people's computers or network, just because some are lucky and have no issues is not helping to overcome the REAL problems that do exist and can be seen every day if you just play the game and pay some attention.

    I am looking forward to the PS4 Launch, and how appologetics will find a way to blame the ( highly possible also server side caused ) new and old technical issues there on the player. Maybe along the lines of "Its your fault for plugging your PS4 into a potato dialup modem you yerk!".


    * The number is obviously pulled straight from my **** and unverified. It is used to make a point.
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  16. customer548

    What are your pings ?
    Do your computers can handle the graphics settings you choosed ? Or do those make your Frames per sec. slow down ?
  17. BIllyGG

    I'll watch that wrel video, but is there a good tutorial to reduce this? Because I would like to be on the favorable side of this for once.
  18. Klypto

  19. Yuki10

    For those wanting my spec:
    Intel Core i7 4770K @4.2Ghz
    16GB DDR3 ram
    240GB Intel 530 SSD 6Gbs
    ATI 7950 3GB OC (1920x1020 screen)
    Win 8.1 Pro
    connection: Cox cable 50/25Mbit
    ping in game: 40-50ms (ping to Google.com is 35ms average, ping to sony.com is 48ms average)
    PS2 settings (mostly medium)
    FPS in PS2: 45-110 depending on size of battle and location

    I've seen Wrel's video, I know about the issue... I just don't like the premise that we have to accept this. It has been swept under the rug as if it is just a matter of fact, just how it is. But i'm really annoyed by making into spawn room with 50% health and then dropping dead on the floor from 2-3 shots that were made when i was outside. I'm tired of seeing an ESF in front of me teleport 20 meters at a time. Tired of coming as HA with shield ON around a corner only to instantly drop and find out i was killed by light assault with default gun before i could even see him
  20. Calisai

    That is the nature of packet time... or ping and client side hit detection. He is killing you before you enter the spawn room.... on his screen. Most games that are clientside hit detected have ping limiters or don't let you join the server if the ping is too high... When you have a game that has many many small servers you can do that, there will always be other servers to join with better ping. Its very noticeable in PS2 because they don't kick you for having over a 300-400 ms ping... (or even higher in some instances) That's why you notice it so much.

    The only way to "fix" this issue is to limit people connecting to the server to like 100ms pings or something. The trouble with that? They only have 5 servers to support the world and they want to have as many people on those servers as possible... it's PS2's "thing". If they were to limit pings... it would kill Briggs Cobalt and Miller instantly and probably drop half of the US servers pop as well.

    It is what it is... If you cannot live with it... then play a game that has smaller but more numerous and geographically diverse servers.