Will there be a Linux version?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by MatthiasK, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. MatthiasK

    I heard there would be a MacOS X version sometime soon. Since that is either utilising OpenGL or Wine wrappers, a port to Linux from that would be very simple and might even increase performance on some PCs.
    Since NVidia has made some new drivers and AMD drivers generally *do* work, this should be easily possible.
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  2. Hael

    That's adorable.
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  3. MatthiasK

    Whatever you mean by that... I don't quite get it.
    It is possible, considering the way the sytems are built. Both are Unix systems and both can utilise nearly the same executables.
    Both only have OpenGL support, if you don't put a DirectX wrapper in place, DirectX isn't going to work.
    And yes, I'm already playing the game, I'd just like to be able to play it on Linux so I don't have Windows running and generally being in the way of performance and thus FPS.
  4. Rahabib

    I wouldn't count on it
    yea... I am guessing you aren't very hip with all that "new fangled" operating stuff...
  5. Hael

    Listen, I use Linux every day at work. I'm currently typing this from Firefox in Linux with my eclipse IDE open on my other monitor. I'm well aware of how Linux works, believe me, and I'm sure it's relatively trivial to make Planetside 2 work in SOME flavors of Linux compared to having to rebuild from the ground up.

    I said it's adorable because we're talking about Sony here. Even assuming the game isn't absolutely littered with OSX/Windows specific libraries, they have zero incentive to port the game to an OS nobody uses to play games. And yes, I'm sure "you" use Linux to play games, but the cost to profit ratio for such an effort is really, really bad.
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  6. Ironsand

    I've seen it mentioned somewhere, just had a quick look but couldn't find it, thought it was in the FaQ but nope, it's not.
    Your answer is
    Mac: yes
    Linux: no plans to implement it at this stage or in the foreseeable future.
  7. MatthiasK

    Cost to profit ratio... isn't really that bad. There are a lot of people wanting to use Linux to play games and will do so when nearly any AAA game comes out to fill that gap. If SOE decides to do this with Planetside 2 and makes people ware of it somehow - BAM! - another 30-40 000 players. Just look at what interest the Valve Linux blog got - it's a lot, to say the least.

    But yes, it's Sony after all...

    @Ironsand: just like all the other developers we know - pretty dumb move from SOE. This game could make some big money if made properly for and introduced to Linux (bugs or not - won't matter that much).
  8. SalsaDoom

    Mac, pssh. Hipsters don't play games, unless they are obscure or hip somehow.

    I'd love to see a Linux version now that we are just starting to see some Linux games finally showing up thanks to Steam. Linux has pretty much no native big title MMO's of any kind really. But yeah, SoE has never made anything work in Linux AFAIK. Then again, not so long ago Valve never did either, and now all their titles are coming over. If you haven't seen it yet, Steam for Linux (beta) does work fantastically well, exactly how you'd expect it to work on Windows honestly -- just install and play.

    Maybe someday, when the platform has done well. It seems a bit early to expect anything now though.
  9. Hael

    I have seen zero evidence that there are "a lot" of gamers who also use linux who also don't dual boot windows and/or have a seperate gaming machine. That claim only ever comes from Linux users who want to believe they have a significant enough market share to warrant notice.


    This is your reality. Accept it. There are 5 times more iphone users than Linux users, and that 1% includes corporate Linux users and non-gamers.
  10. MatthiasK

    How was the data collected?

    As for the iOS users outnumbering Linux users... nothing new under the sun.

    There's also the thing that there are a lot of windows users who just use their Windows for work, so factoring that in we have...
    a bigger iOS market share.
    I'd really like to know what percentage of the people using those OS's are gamers... I'm not saying that it'd turn out much more Linux-sided, but it would at least be interesting to know.
  11. dr_Fell

    I would like to see it for Linux. Currently I am using Win mainly for this game.
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  12. PsychoBat

    If steam gets going on linux and attracts some attention, I consider the SOE devs thoughtful enough that yeah, they will consider it at some point. They'll only do it if it pays off though, which is only rational.

    P.S. Using Mint as my primary OS and windows for playing so I would certainly welcome it. It's hell of a lot of work though if the engine hasn't been designed with that in mind.
  13. ThreeXH

    Whilst its valid to throw a pie chart of Windows users out there, in the context of gaming this is really a chicken and egg scenario so the pie chart isn't totally relevant. Speaking for myself, I use Windows and ONLY Windows on my PC. Why? Because I HAVE to use Windows to play games and why on earth am I going to bother dual booting when I had to buy Windows anyway?

    I am hoping, wishing, praying that Steam for Linux will help to push the Linux gaming movement forward and developers and publishers will start to follow suit and release more Linux products. Why? So I can once and for all ditch the ball and chain that is Windows and CHOOSE which OS I want to use! Heck, I only play PS2 at the moment anyway so if there WAS PS2 for Linux I would probably erase Windows from my system right now!
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  14. Elbryan

    I'd imagine it might be possible in the future.

    Valve seems to plan on supporting Linux and I'm all for it.

    With Valve's support Linux just might be able to compete with Windows support for games in the future.

    I don't like the way Microsoft seems to be taking Windows in. Any competition is welcome and I'll jump ships as soon as a decent option is available.

    Ps2 is on Steam. Steam = Valve. Valve supports Linux (hopefully).

    But for now Microsoft is unfortunately pretty much monopolizing the PC gaming OS. Hope to see a change in the future.
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  15. Dr. Allcome

    I'd like to see it for Linux, too. I hope Valve kickstarts Linux as a gaming OS.
  16. dr_Fell

  17. Achmed20

    android devices alone have over 50% (phone) marketshare worldwide.
    so please explain me how android ended up there with just 1% and having even less then iOS?
    and please dont say "it does no include phones/tablets etc" because the iphone and ipads clearly are included.
  18. b0ru

    I don't know if any one of you has actually written software for Linux that needs to interact with OpenGL or Xorg, but the API provided by these two libraries alone is terrible, and with no other viable alternatives (SDL/Wayland -- yeah right), I don't think you'll see a mass migration of gaming studios to the OS. It was just never meant for it. So besides the whole market share argument, this is the reality.

    Having written software for many years, across many platforms (x86 , ARM, bare metal etc) and OSs (BSD, Linux), I can absolutely say that Linux is far from ready for being the gaming OS that everyone wants it to be. I think that we'll see a few companies like valve venture down the Linux road with the monstrosity that is windows 8 on the horizon, but for the most part, it's just never going to happen.

    I'd really like to see Linux ports of the likes of PS -- I keep a windows install for gaming and nothing else; when I want to get some work done, I'll boot BSD -- but unless we see another John Carmack or Michael Abrash, no one is going to invest the time getting it to actually work.

  19. Hael

    Uhh... the chart is for the US only? Google it yourself. Those numbers are CONSISTENT across every OS survey I can find
  20. Rainfey

    Personally i think its too late to consider linux for gaming, developers are too entrenched on windows and the available tools/libraries reflect that. (Yes there are many libraries available on linux, but b0ru makes a point on their quality)
    If they were truly considering having a linux/osx port of PS2 then they would have factored that into the initial designs, and actually built PS2 on top of opengl to begin with. Far too much work involved now, and the playerbase gained from doing so is questionable.
    (Also - look at the linux port of Left4Dead, even with all the work they have put into it the performance is massively lower than its windows counterpart)

    It would take a SERIOUS shakeup in the desktop market to force game studios to migrate to linux, and the current trend seems to be towards game consoles.

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