Will PS4 share servers/accounts with PC?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Merix, Dec 26, 2013.

  1. Merix

    I just received a PS4 for Christmas, and will probably play some PS2 on there. Will they share servers with the PC and will I be able to keep my same account or will consoles have their own servers?
  2. Sordid

    Of course not, the very idea is silly. PS4 players with gamepads would just be cannon fodder for people playing with mouse and keyboard.
  3. Merix

    I dunno about you but in air combat gamepad>M+KB, but on ground, yes.
  4. Sordid

    I tried flying with a gamepad, couldn't hit anything for the life of me. IMO what you need for good flying is a good joystick. One of the basic ones that twist to give you rudder control would do nicely. Sadly, I don't have one of those and I don't feel like hooking up my flight sim setup with separate throttle and pedals just to play a first person shooter. ;)
  5. L1ttlebear

    I don't need the same servers, I don't even need the same game name, but if i am allowed to carry over my certs and unlocks via my station name (ie NOT have to re buy and recert the same exact stuff for a second time) than I am going to buy a PS4 the day PS2 hits it live in order to recruit as many friends as possible.
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  6. CrashB111

    Game controllers actually do work best for the flying in Planetside 2 and in Battlefield 4.

    Joysticks aren't really neccesary anymore, the controls are more suited to game controllers now.
  7. DashRendar

    I really can't imagine doing a reverse maneuver followed by reverse oneclip using anything other than M + KB. Maybe it feels more intuitive for new pilots in more standard flight, but the M + KB doesn't feel that strange to begin with.
  8. HadesR

    It's been said that it will be different servers .. But there might be a chance of transferring characters over, that's not been 100% confirmed though
  9. Zazulio

    Actually, joysticks aren't much help in this either-- but that's mostly because Planetside 2 doesn't support proper gamepad/joystick control mapping at the moment. I'm sure many pilots out there are hoping that changes soon!
  10. Captain Sierra

    Basic? What's that mean? Saitek X52 Pro FTW baby! Go pro or go home.
    Unfortunately, PS2 is currently ******** and does not support axis binding, so using one requires some serious work in the profiler to get it working and even then, it's not perfect, especially given the lack of analog rudder control in this game.
  11. Pikachu

    People who are used to controller are always worse? Are Halo players worse than average players on PC? We had a guy in Space Marine who played with controller and he was as in the upper third I would say.
  12. Hatesphere

    mouse and keyboard has the potential for higher skill use. someone with a game pad can still be just as good at knowing how the game works and getting themselves into optimum positioning and using the right strategy for the right situation. when it comes down to it, two players of equal skill, one with a pad, one with a m/kb, the m\kb user will always have a slight advantage once combat starts due to the ability to more easily take advantage of their twitch skills over a pad.
  13. Winfield

    Yep, Slight.
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  14. Hatesphere

    that's pretty much what i meant. give someone a mouse and keyboard and bring them into full open combat with a pad user, and the pad user will feel how little control they have with those sticks. thank you for the illustration.
  15. MFP_TK_01

    When compared to a KB/M user, yes. Sure you can give us the anecdotal story about your friend but all you are describing is the small margin of gifted players, and that 2/3's of you suck. However, on average it has been proven that KB/M players have higher response and reaction times than that of controllers. It's part of the reason why consoles have auto aim assist. I would also like to point out that Space Marine is specifically made for a controller. I know, I use one when I play it. It's ported directly from console. I also use it on games like Dead Island and AC.
  16. Pikachu

    The explosion sprites looks better than those of PS2. I always though PS2 effects were under the bar. :L The lightning beam is pretty. :) The railgun beam is so underwhelming in Quake 3. Quake 2 established video game rail gun aesthetics with a spiral beam.
  17. Winfield

    Have to agree. The explosions in PS2 look horrid for today's standards.
  18. Hatesphere

    i still never got that, rail guns dont need to spiral.
  19. Pikachu

    I don't play many games, I stick to one instead so I don't know what most look like out there, but I always thought L4D had nice fire. Second game had better not surprising.

    Not the best video but go to 1:15

    Unreal 2 had a really nice flamer. Go to 5:08
  20. Sordid

    Are they always worse? No, not always. Are they worse on average? Hell yeah! Especially if they're used to aim assist, which almost all console FPSs have (and I'm only saying "almost" because there might be one that doesn't, though I don't know of any like that).