Will ps2 have new vehicles and aircraft?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by soultrax, Mar 13, 2014.

  1. soultrax

    Anybody know if ps2 will get new vehicles and aircraft at some point? can't remember seeing anything on the road map about it. Had looked around but never really found anything solid.

    This looked amazing think something like this would ever make it in game?
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  2. Phukkitt

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  3. Robes

    Nope, game will be having no new vehicles added despite there being many places they've shown previews of said new vehicles coming into the game.
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  4. OneRedBlock

    Only for Vanu. The devs are currently implementing a "TR-NC Tear to Spandex Recycling Device", to arm the new Vanu conscripts with fresh spandex and spandex launchers.

    (That was humor, by the way, seeing as everyone on these forums are idiots.)
  5. M2_Bradley

    Can I have something like a BTR-90 in Planetside 2?[IMG]
  6. Tommyp2006

    Air flash when SOE? Doesn't even need to have guns.


    Lol just gimme new vehicles! Please!
  8. HLM

    Let's just worry about getting the current vehicles working and balanced before adding more problems.
  9. Fox234

    Good luck with that. If we waited for SOE to balance things before adding new content we would never seen any new content.
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  10. Zorro

    Looks like SOE has their carrier already built for them. Indeed, we need more vehicles, as the variety is currently lacking.
  11. Villanuk

    No likley. The Game is moving forward in the direction of COD, CQC. They would rather spend there time bringing things into the game we dont wont then listening to us.
  12. BengalTiger

    With a Basilisk and Wraith module it would make a stealth fighter - very sneaky, but would blow up in 2 seconds and would take 5x as long to kill an enemy.

    Might make for some good dogfight mechanics, where one side continuously chips away at the other while avoiding the quick killer blow.
  13. gigastar

    Sadly, as with infantry weapons, theres only so much you can add before you start creating redundancies. Except theres more room for redundancy in vehicles because the current lot already do pretty much everything you would want a vehicle to do.