Will PS2 EVER have an Endgame?

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  1. WaitShift

    Capturing even an entire continent is practically almost pointless.
    There is currently nothing to entice players to stay long term, and without that the game will consistently and constantly lose players.
    New players will join, but very few will stay without something worthwhile to engage their time beyond the thrill of a few kills and explosions.
    I'd love to see this game not run itself into the ground the way it currently has been doing.
  2. insane2170

    In the end, we all make smelly peace and have a huggles party with the care bears.

    Hows that?
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  3. WaitShift

    That depends, what's the cooldown on the huggles?
  4. Revanmug

    I'm kind of curious as to what people expect as "endgame" in a FPS.
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  5. Radioactive Bomba

    Well You know, Call of Duty has managed to do the same you know. Same ****** multiplayer with some new gadgets. Ever since CoD 4 And they even charge 60$ for it.

    But oh well, you never know.
  6. jm20

    Does CS:GO or Battlefield have an end game? Just shoot people and have fun.
  7. nukularZ

    The end game of PS2 is the same as any other MMO out there - to make your character as awesome as possible.

    But... I really think the developers should have special events. I'd love to see developers take on the role of something like The Reapers from ME3 and invade Auraxis one weekend. It would be them with their stupidly overpowered "things" versus the entire server population. It would make for some amazing PR if executed well. But it would probably require too much manpower to pull something like this off.
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  8. Crashsplash

    In PS terms the endgame is what we otherwise describe as the metagame and it's in the works.
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  9. ent|ty

    The endgame is taking as much of your $$ that they can. They do it by dangling a carrot on a stick in front of you, and every time you think you're about to grab it, they raise it a little higher, while robbing your pants of your hard-earned cash.
  10. Revanmug

    Well, that's people using wrong terms though. End game means that, the end of the game. A progression in power to achieve so you can reach the end portion of a game. In PS2, that would be certs in some way since the game is always the same. Only the player's own objective change.

    Metagame isn't the same thing at all. Just saying. They also have work to do about that yes.
  11. Dixa

    this is an mmofps, not an mmorpg. it does not require end-game content because the end of teh game is exactly like the beginning of the game.
  12. The Fizz

    war...war never changes.
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  13. SLiCKRiCK

    Instead of an "End Game", I always thought they should implement instanced style matches, that keep score (like tickets in battlefield). So for example, 20 TR, 20 NC, and 20 VS could all "queue up" for a match. Once all players are set, the game is locked, and then then all the players are moved to a small private instanced continent where they battle for control one team "wins". Those players are credited with points, achievements, certs, etc... You could even have a ladder, to rank the best players/outfits in these instanced battles. It's a lot like how traditional MMOs do instanced PvP battles.

    IMO This would be a good way to change things up from the endless battle that is Indar.
  14. Gavyne

    There should be an endgame battle before a continent locks or a faction is given bonus stats. It'll give people a sense of accomplishment, the bragging rights, a sense of defeat. Standard FPS games like CS:S, BF3, CoD, etc.. they can get away with having no endgame because each round ends with a specific condition. It could be that the tickets have run down for one side, so one side wins. It could be that one side ended up with higher score and win count after 35mins. Either way, these games give people something to strive for within an allocated time frame or condition. There is a clear winner or loser after each round.

    That's missing in this game, because obviously, this game doesn't have rounds. It does not have a timer, does not have conditions that tell you one side won. Flipping a base isn't endgame, it's just a part of the game. Taking over a continent isn't endgame because taking over a continent involves doing the same thing you've done before with regular gameplay. So I would argue this game needs an endgame being a MMOFPS. Developers want to call it a MMOFPS, then let's see a bit of that MMO in the game.

    You look at massive scale 3 realm vs realm games like Dark age of camelot. Warhammer online, and Guild wars 2, you see that they all have endgame mechanics. In DAOC, you had to take a realm's keeps and towers, and once they're all taken the relic fortress are open for assault. The relic fortress are hard to attack, it definitely favors the defenders, but it's because it's hard, that makes it an endgame gameplay. In WAR it's the cities that actually open up for siege, a place that's normally blocked off from enemies.

    I wouldn't open up warpgates to be sieged with the current design. But if they were to put fortress walls around the warpgates, and make it into a facility type of place, then yes I would say if a continent is owned by 1 faction, then the warpgates of enemies should most definitely be open for attack. And if the attack is successful, the continent should lock, and fights should move on to the next continent. Now that, would be considered endgame. Some would call it meta game, but meta game can be something as small as base flipping mechanic to something like how hexes connect. But endgame would be the final siege before a winner is declared, a clear winner, and the fights move on elsewhere.
  15. Mustakrakish

    Planetside 2 is unlike a lot of MMOs in that your character's level (or BR, in this case) doesn't have any bearing on what zones are appropriate for you. The only determining factors in that respect are how many enemies are present in a hex, how many allies you have with you, and how organized each force is.

    That being said, instead of dungeons, raids, etc., Planetside 2 has different levels of organization: solo, squad, platoon, outfit, and faction.

    I'd consider the "endgame" to be content that encourages the outfits of each faction to strategize and coordinate across multiple continents simultaneously. In my opinion, any system intended to be "endgame content" would have to resemble the global lattice from Planetside 1, or at least accomplish a similar function.

    For those of you who are unfamiliar with the global lattice, in Planetside 1 Warpgates would link two specific continents together. If you wanted to travel to a specific continent, your faction had to capture a Warpgate that would lead there.

    A picture is worth a thousand words, so here's a map showing which warpgates were linked. Yellow lines represent links between continents, green lines represent links to a cavern below the planet's surface (these were only open at certain times), and white lines represent links to a Sanctuary (an uncapturable "home base" for each faction).
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  16. bPostal

    Then in that sense you're playing the end game right now.
    There is literately nothing a BR 1 can't do that a BR 100 can. Sure the BR 100 may have rocket pods, c4, tank mines and the like to blow up a bus but the end result is the same. A BR 1 simply uses their rocket launcher (or a vehicle or whatever) to blow it up.
  17. Kedyn

    Players are the content within the framework of the game's rules. There is no endgame. Make friends, create memories, and have fun.
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  18. Udnknome

    Forget which game you are playing???

    a Raid is not a bunch of people banning together to kill a dungeon king. --- even if there was, he would drop no loot

    For endgame you can come and try and take me down -- I'm a boss. --then again, I dont' drop loot either.

    What do you want here?

    ::wait:: this is an april fools joke!
  19. Forkyar24

    its endless war you dumb people there is NO endgame ever in planetside stop asking.
  20. TRguy

    How does a fps have endgame?
    I think people are stuck in the concept of "endgame" being grind for gear in the same dungeon 1000 times.
    As long as the game has good gameplay people will come and stay.
    Joining an outfit, upgrading your char, having input on games progression and having a good fight is not enough?

    I am curious as to what op's "endgame" is?
    The ref to PS1 by mustakrakish is the only bit i think would fit proper here.