Will my PC run Planetside 2?

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  1. WalkingDead

    AMD 760K Athlon Quad Core 4 GHZ

    8GB DDR 3 ram 1333 dual channel

    Radeon HD 7850 1GB XFX Black super OC edition

    can I expect to run with things like Ambient Occlusion on etc?
    I have been away for a long time but just reinstalled PS2 thinking of giving it a go again. Sort of tired of Battlefield 3 but at the same time I hope PS2 is a get in and get out experience.

    I have school work etc and don't have much time for games so cannot commit myself so I have BF3 and Black Ops 2 and CS GO etc.

    Yes, your setup should suffice. PS2 is CPU intensive, a good card like that should handle graphics quality from medium to high.

    If you like the game, it will devour your soul, process it down into nanites, and offer it to other players for Station Cash to consume. And when that happens, there is no escape: You join the hivemind Zerg, and together march over Auraxis like locusts, destroying all you touch. Unless you face another hivemind Zerg army. Then the game begins.
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  3. Vamperial

    PS2 requires performance per core. AMD has been terrible at performance per core. The GHZ or number of cores matters much less in this game than the other games you mention. You can probably play it with Ambient Occlusion fine but you will be CPU bound no matter what you do and that will determine your FPS. Just make sure to play with shadows off and everything else on medium. The more you can offload onto your GFX card the better.
  4. WalkingDead

    ow ok thanks so shadows are a CPU thing?

    I find it strange PS2 won't run proper on my AMD, because my quad core AMD beats a haswell dual core Pentium G in Battlefield 3 on 64 player maps.

    I taught PS2 was well optimized for distributing loads across multiple cores as opposed to some games that claim quad core but its really marketing since it only does 1 core AKA Arma 3?
  5. Vamperial

    I'm not sure where they have ever said PS2 is well optimized for multiple cores. Most games are single threaded. Your also playing a game with 96+ players on both side of the fight. That's more than twice BF3 total. 64 players is nothing compared to PS2. You can try it and see how well it works for you.

    I don't know how shadows are calculated but I play with them off and that gives me a rather smooth experience with my system and seems to force me into a GPU bound rather than CPU bound.

    I don't think PS2 would run well with a Pentium either however I don't really know much about the Pentium brand. I do know that AMD hasn't been known for performance per core no matter what AMD CPU you have.
  6. Hatesphere

    Intel tends to run better then AMD in this game since they tend to have stronger single cores and this game has one hell of a CPU hungry main thread. shadows increase CPU load (not by a lot but it can help to turn it off) since there is CPU work involved in telling the GPU how and where to render them all.

    over all though the OP's computer should run the game alright at medium settings. might have to tweak a few things here and there to get it just right, but even my I5 at 4.4 ghz OC goes into CPU bound in some of the much larger fights, its unavoidable in most cases.

    as for just jumping into the game and out again, you can do it, its just not exactly set up the best for it so there is a bit of a learning curve. I spent maybe my first 200 hours (out of my almost 2000 now) only lone wolfing and I managed to keep a positive K/Dr as well as have a lot of fun, you just have to know how to find the right fights which takes practice. A mic helps to if you like to jump into and gun random tanks, or take random gunners with you that are willing to listen (obviously harder on the EU servers due to language barriers)
  7. CapEnTrade

    That CPU will do, not optimal, but you will be able to get some pretty comfy FPS sweet spots depending on your settings, I know I was able to get about 60 on a worse CPU.

    Now I rock an AMD FX 8370 that does really well, still not intel, but it was inexpensive and I needed the cores.
  8. OptimusPrime1234

    Will my PC run Planetside 2?



    Expect a maximum of 30 fps in fights.

    You are better off buying a PS4 and playing it on that, since SOE is entirely focusing optimization for that platform.

    Planetside uses only 1 core. Why? For PS4.

    Don't even bother getting into this game on the PC if you haven't already done so. The game's at its EOL. It's got graphics on the same level as the first Unreal Tournament. Worthwhile content rarely comes out. Whole games and their sequels get released faster. It's running on DX9. Again it only runs on one core. Do you really think SOE will invest any significant effort into making this game multi core at a later date? **** no. It's SOE we're talking about. Seriously.

    For the past year or so, performance has tanked significantly. Right now it is BARELY playable. Expect things to be worse for the PC version for the upcoming updates.

    You may hear some people come out and say "don't listen to this guy, I run a Haswell @5k and I never drop below 80".

    Sure. But for every one of these comments you will find 10 opposing comments noting that they never reach 40fps during fights. On respectable pcs too. Go see for yourself.

    But remember: this is a MMOFPS. Its success relies on a large number of players to participate at any moment. It is Planetside's core competency. Right now there are a lot more people who cannot run this game at a reasonable level compared to the ones who can. What does that mean for you and me, and a whole lot of other people? We can't enjoy it. And if people don't enjoy it, they won't play it. And when no people plays on a MMO, it's dead. Player base at the moment has now dwindled to a point that every other continent is literally a ghost town.

    Try it for yourself and see if you like playing at a constant 20 fps on the continent Hossin.

    Even if you have a 7000mhz cpu with a single core powerful enough to calculate dark matter distribution, the latency and connection issues from their servers would still be a problem.

    Play the PC version only if you have a quantum computer on LAN direct with one of their servers.
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  9. WalkingDead

    ^ you were right it seems. So i tried PS2 today and I must say the performance was pretty ok, I got around 30 to 40 fps for the most part with settings on High and textures on Ultra.

    But in terms of the so called huge fights? none were there. Map is also too big to have any kind of meaningful fun and the graphics are well certainly playstation 2 level from 2001. The guns looked non interesting, all the characters looked the same everything looks incredibly repeated.

    Felt like a life wasting drivel so to speak. With that said I am back to Black Ops 2/Zombies and Counter Strike GO.

    CS GO feels 10000 times more fun than all these games for some unknown reason. I particularly did not like how the sniper moves in PS2 its a stupid system like COD where it shakes. I felt nothing impressive about PS2 except a very high learning curve that only kept me away because like I said its best I focus on my education something that can help me in life than games like this.

    Atleast in COD and CS GO you can jump in and out as you please. Not so much PS2 at all
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  10. BlueSkies

  11. axiom537

    Too bad its one of the best games ever...you should have given it a little longer to grow on you, but I suspect you are probably a troll anyways, especially after listing those other games...
  12. WalkingDead

    lets see CS GO the second most played game on steam is trolling yeah sure......

    Black Ops 2 the best selling FPS game in the world is trolling yeah sure........
  13. ReconTeemo

    Can you run this game with,
    intel core i3-2120 cpu @ 3.30 ghz
    6 gm ram
    64 bit operating system

    yeah ??????
  14. axiom537

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  15. MasonSTL

    Justin Bieber has almost 14 million albums sold. By your logic he is a great artist.

    Advertising is a hell of a thing.
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  16. CapEnTrade

    Not even going to begin to explain how wrong this post is.
    Needless to say I could get above 60 (40-50ish mostly) on my terri-bad Phenom II 720 @ 2.8 Ghz and GTX 650, im serious. I did a lot of tweaking though.
  17. Keldrath

    Yes, expect unplayable framerates.
  18. Keldrath

    Yeah, an FPS gamer quitting this game because you can't get playable framerates (The most important thing for an FPS) must be trolling, that never happens. /s
  19. BlueSkies

    He said the performance was "ok". He is quitting because things like scope sway and not loading into a small map where you can fight for 5 minutes and then be done. He probably either didn't play during primetime or can't read the map as he couldn't find any large fights...

    So basically... its an MMOFPS and not a small map lobby based game... which is why no one gives a flying monkey that he is quitting... well you know... except for people who didn't read what he wrote
  20. iller

    TL;DR version:

    Neither one of these matter, so let's just ignore them completely for now.
    ...well... with the exception that your Ddr3 is probably not timed right, or it's underclocked/undervolted for AMD chipset...
    Good luck figuring out how to re-clock it. Though you might have some luck by reading Tom'sHardware Forum.

    Let's start with a few links on AMD's performance levels in general:

    As you can see.... AMD's are always weaker than Intels, and the number of cores a processor has, has almost NOTHING to do with its actual raw speed and Overclocking capabilities. even Octo-Core AMD's should actually be considered a budget tool only intended for Poser or Blender Modelers or some very veteran 3DsMAX users which obviously you are not in either one of those categories.

    Now the real problem with the model you just handed us, is that it's the generic chipset name from Windows7 or something.
    It's not the EXACT MODEL of the actual AMD you're running. For that you'd be better off going and downloading CPU-Z right now.
    ...which you'll need anyway if you ever want to Overclock anything.

    Next issue is... I'm betting your Model of AMD is something we call "Locked Multiplier" model that doesn't even have Level3 Cache... meaning the only way you can force overclock it (b/c I HAD a model exactly like that and I never got 48-man PS fights to ever run above 30 fps on it ....while this newer OC'd Deneb X4 965 is able to get 50fps by comparison up-to 96-man fights)... is to increase the HT-reference clock which is basically the Northbridge frequency which in turn also overclocks the RAM meaning you have to go back into Bios and change the RAM clock down as well by taking 1333 and dividing it half, and then picking the next bios setting below 600+ ....which would be 533. And If you start getting crashes or BSOD's, then it means either you RAM or more likely your CPU is under-volted. And you'll have to do tons of hardware forum reading to find out what are the appropriate Voltages to be running at. And here's the real catch: You can't even expect to go over 220 HT ref clock if you're using a Stock Air-cooler on it. AMD's run a lot hotter than Intels should but don't see nearly as much performance increase for even doing so. Hence why they are called the "Budget CPU's".

    EDIT: NvM, He already gave up .... confirming our well founded skeptic Bias towards console-market demographic....
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