Will MBTs and lightings be viable on Hossin?

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by Phrygen, Aug 1, 2013.

  1. Phrygen

    Hossin is new, and looks fantastic from the small part to which we have been given access. The space for armor however, seems very limited.

    What are your guys thoughts on this? Do you think this will also effect sunderers and AMS placement?

    edit: bah... lightnings*
  2. gudman591

    From what I've seen when riding around the Hossin for two hours, I think I can safely say that yeah, lightnings, harassers are going to be very viable. MBTs though - doubt that. This contninent has very limited open space as of yet, so large tank columns (in which MBTs work best) are hardly going to work. But the abundance of roads, alternate paths, more or less hidden shortcuts will really work for some sneaky AMS planting, harasser attacks, flanking lightnings etc.

    The eyes of any coordinated force, the ESF are going to get seriously gimped in that department, as it's extremely hard to see in that amount of foilage. So we'll see a lot of surprises when defending or attacking a base.
  3. Van Dax

    We MAY see some the mag come ahead on hossin because of the limited access areas but its also pretty cramped so we'll have to see.
  4. TrainerS2

    If you Vehicle Lover :D dont play on hossin :p
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  5. Bohrir

    All the "water" on Hossin is ankle-deep swamp. And it perfectly hides tank mines in lots of random water crossing narrow paths...
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  6. Van Dax

    good lord.
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  7. MangoPunch

    The devs have been saying for a long time that Hossin will be most suited to infantry. Tanks will be somewhat viable, but not nearly as much as other continents.
  8. Takoita

    There are plenty of places to push a tank or ten through, don't worry.
  9. Phrygen

    apparently there is a bunch of water spots that just instantly kill you if you step in it.
  10. Stanis

    Once again some idiot decided to put a load of bases on lower ground and there are bases literally surrounded by accessible terrain higher than the base walls.
  11. Puppy

    If you have flora on expect to die from mines. If you have it off expect to see them miles away.
  12. CHDT65

    "Once again some idiot decided to put a load of bases on lower ground and there are bases literally surrounded by accessible terrain higher than the base walls."

    A dev who never heard of Dien Bien Phu ? ;-)

    Not a good idea to place a base this way, either in a game or in real life.
  13. Paisty

    Vehicles will probably be as limited on Hossin as Esamir. But at least the bases do not feel like mazes like on Esamir.

    Although less solid walls and more "picket" walls would feel less like a prison.

    Either way it's hands down more fun to play than Esamir, at least as infantry.
  14. Tommyp2006

    I think the vanguard will be the dominant MBT on Hossin by a mile due to how well the shield works at close range. There will be very little in the way of long range tank battles on hossin, at least the inner part we are in now. Harassers will probably work fine, tanks, I'm not so sure, though Thermal vision will be a must.
  15. Benton!

    Guerilla warfare will be a staple of Hossin. Guerilla tank battles...i'm drooling. :)
  16. Takoita

    Magriders with their 'I get in where no one else can' are gonna be better and you know it.
  17. Takoita

    Except for those ankle-deep patches of water that span the whole road...
  18. DeadliestMoon

    No the only place where water kills you is at the Dam.
  19. Pikachu

    We need a cert that replaces the threads of tanks with spider legs.
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  20. PurpleOtter

    Harassers rule on Hossin! Load up the test server, grab one and go mudding! They currently have the "surface" set very slick, lets you pull all kinds of silly crap! Hit and run tactics with Harassers and Flashes could really be fun.