Will Heroic boosts stack with other boosts?

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by zu2, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. zu2

    As the title says. Before I, or anyone, purchases a heroic boost, we need to know if they will stack with other boosts, such as a weekly boost, premium membership, alpha squad, etc.
  2. huundar

    can only have one boost active at a time, or I should say one additional one over the bonus for being a member.

    But you can purchase it and not activate it until the previous boost wears off.
  3. Josh Developer

    The Heroic boost is usable like all other boosts. You may have only one at a time. HOWEVER, the membership benefits (i.e. increased XP gain) stacks with all boost items.
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  4. Ash87

    If Huundar is right, you can have the heroic boost stack with your membership boost.

    Also, any situational boosts will stack. So you get those boosts, ontop of Double XP, ontop of 15% for defense or whatever.
  5. Isila

    Heroic boosts are just boosts, and work like any other boost. Put it in your boost slot, stacks with membership and any game mechanic bonuses like defense or double XP events.

    Membership + Heroic boost = 6 months of double XP, double resources. Quad XP on a double XP event.
  6. Fishy

    is it per char or account wide?
  7. huundar

    it is per character unfortunately
  8. SgtScum


    If boost time only ran down during active play then sure but not with as infrequent an amount of time I get to play the game as it would be a masive waste.
  9. BlindIvan

    passive XP gain stack too?
    6x months member gain 48 per day + 50% (+24cr) Heroic?
  10. Punk Panther

    Where can I buy the heroic boost? Can't see it in shop at least. Or am I just dumb? :p

    SOE sees thread that can make money. Instant response. Every other thread? Ignored.
  12. WalrusJones

    This was a question, aimed up.

    The other threads are complaints (saying something can be dangerous for your in-studio reputation, or spark a inferno whirlpool,) balance discussions (saying something gets even more people claiming they know the will of god for this game,) and ideas for recreational drugs in planet-side (saying something can be a let down, or it could kill off the uniqueness of your fan idea.)
  13. Zeke342

    To be clear, are you asking if XP boosts stack with the passive cert gain?
    If so, I believe the answer is no. I don't think there is any passive "xp" gain.. there is passive cert gain though. AFAIK there is no way to bump up your passive cert gain though.
  14. Splort

    If I buy a heroic boost, and don't use it before it "expires" in the store, will it still be there for me to use?
  15. Laraso

    6 month 50%+ XP and resouce boost = $50
    7 day 50%+ XP or resource boost = $5

    $5 = 500 SC
    500 x 10 = 5000
    $50 = 5000 SC


    Pay $50 for a boost that increases both your resources and your XP for 6 months
    Pay $50 for 10 boosts that increase only your XP or only your resources for a total of 2 months

    It's an amazing deal. Nothing about it is a "waste".
  16. TheEvilBlight

    The Alpha Squad boost is probably one of the most cost-effective investments of Alpha Squad (along with free guns on accounts). Not sure if the heroic is going to be worth trumping the six-month alpha squad boost.
  17. SgtScum

    Its amazing if you play the game on a daily basis for at least a few hours.

    For me with my on again and off again real life schedual that laughs at free time it would be a total and absolute waste.

    Now again if it only depleted time when you are online then I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
  18. Laraso

    Regardless of how long you play, the Heroic boost is still a better deal than the standard 7 day boosts.
  19. SgtScum

    I don't use any boosts or premium as I don't play on a day to day basis so for me its a total waste.

    If you do play on a daily basis however then by all means buy as many as they let you.
  20. Laraso

    Why would anyone need to buy more than one of these?